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Here's where I'm putting whatever art I've come up, as far as what I feel like posting here. Sometimes it's a bit rough. Beware of really ancient art. I am more of a programmer than an artist, but I do still try. I'll put the most accurate date I can find related to the image if it's not in the file itself. Each page here has many images on it, possibly a few MB worth, so while that might sound laughable to modern high-speed cases, I'm still warning in advance in case there's some limits. Also, avoid hotlinking (that thing where someone embeds an image hosted from another site), but feel free to save things if for some reason you want to. Try not to put my art anywhere else without credit.


What do you draw?
A variety of subjects, generally whatever I feel like drawing. A number of times, it may be something of an established subject. A fair amount of my art features Pokémon, as they have varied yet cartoonish enough designs that lend themselves to drawing practice, such as trying to capture odd details in simpler forms, and having a long experience with them in general. At times I even draw my own characters that I've come up with through whatever means. I'm very unlikely to draw anything explicit in terms of violence or erotica, but there may be odd things throughout.

Aren't you a programmer?
Primarily, yes. But I like to draw for fun. Plus if I'm making games and need art right away, it's gotta come from somewhere. I'm aiming at least a bit better than "programmer art" to the best of my ability.

What's your main style?
I'm constantly experimenting and evolving whatever my style is at the moment. I might be going between pixel to drawn and maybe even ASCII at times.

What are "Fart Skool", "Fart Bomb", "Doodle Pit", and "WikiHow-To-Draw"?
All of these topics stemmed from the ArtsyFartsy Twitch channel whenever I'd watched that. Fart Skool has been a mostly-weekly-ish art jam, Fart Bomb was a quick draw session to provide a set of gift art to a given art streamer on Twitch, Doodle Pit was another quick draw session where participants are given a subject to draw with the resulting drawn subjects put in hypothetical combat, and WikiHow-To-Draw is attempting to follow the written instructions read out loud, without looking at the accompanying pictures, on a WikiHow article involving how to draw something. Such topics and methods can be considered good art practice and I would encourage finding creative ways to practice art in whatever formats to expand skills.

Where is 2011 art?
I didn't find anything from that year that I drew or was willing to post here. I think it was a busy college year.

Why not post these on Twitter/Tumblr/DeviantArt/other image gallery website?
It depends. Drawings done as part of stream participation as mentioned above will likely show up in the stream at least before I post them here, but if the stream gets significantly delayed then it may just go up here first anyway. If I'm active on another site, I may post the picture there too, but I have to be active on another site to do that. Here, I have more control over the compression and format so I can have the full-quality images here. Plus I got tired of having to deal with all the rapid-fire and not-fully-thought-out changes some sites do. Many older items here were posted to other sites, such as the examples above, prior to me deciding to drop those later on.

What about written art (poems, short stories, etc.)?
I'll put that in another section if I end up doing that, but I'm probably more likely to write code than write stories currently (aside from the story in the game).

May I draw your characters?
Feel free if you're so inclined. I bet you'll do fine with them, and I appreciate seeing someone be that interested in my stuff. A selection of textual character descriptions can be found here, and any visual references made will be linked there as well (which most likely link to some art pages here).

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