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February 8, 2016 (Originally posted on Tumblr)

Super Bowl L/50 Commercials Review Type Thing

Now I’m reviewing ads? Why? I don’t know. I guess for the not-so-sports-inclined the Super Bowl is more of a show of commercialism that can be sometimes entertaining in that regard alone, and for someone with a lack of TV reception like me, at the very least the commercials are easier to pull up than the game itself without encountering massive legal issues. These aren’t in airing order because it’s not like I’m going to bother pulling up a chart on what aired when. It’s possible I might miss some but I’m going off of YouTube’s list for the most part so that should cover just about the basics. Also ads are short so I’ll try to keep my thoughts short. Also for the heck of it I made it relatively alphabetical.

Okay, that’s commercials. What would I call my favorites? That beer commercial with the British lady coming down hard on drunk drivers. Obligated to like the Pokémon one also I suppose since that is a bit neat and not entirely about buying games. The one with Walken because Walken even though I’ll probably forget the car thing. PIRATE VIKING COFFEE. And the Colgate one just because who the hell even does that with their faucet when they brush, stop that. Screaming car is still weirdly funny. There, my top picks. Yay, commercialism. Capitialism. Stuff. Buy things. Make ads worth it.

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