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May 9, 2016 (Originally posted on Tumblr)

2007 Song List Reviews: I Still Don’t Remember Much Of This Year Though Some Songs Are Familiar (2/2)

Going through this list I remember when I used to listen to MTV, well more MTV2 since they had more actual music content. Slightly. Also it was mostly rap. Occasionally metal on Saturdays. Not sure how much now, probably next to none. Anyway, song list, and then my coverage.

  1. Get It Shawty by Lloyd
    What is with this vernacular relating to someone’s height maybe? I mean sometimes women can be shorter than men but sometimes they’re not also. Or maybe they wear shorts. Anyway this is sure either an R&B or singing rap song. Yeah. My summary there. That’s it.
  2. Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    FACE DOWN ASS UP THAT’S THE WAY WE LIKE TO JUMP...SUIT. What is this apparatus? A zipper? Sure. Jumpsuits have zippers. This song would play all the time on certain stations, rock ones, and, yeah, it does rock, but it is that kinda pop type rock that would be the type that would chart more on the MTV.
  3. The Way I Live by Baby Boy Da Prince and Lil Boosie
    What are these names? Rap names. Of course. This is a weirdly made rap song. A beat that sounds like they barely tried with it and then some flat singing part for the chorus and then they rap about stuff they do as rappers generally tend to do or at least say that they do. I mean you’d think any rapper with success would probably focus more on the rap stuff and less on dealing drugs or whatever acts that this “hustling” encompasses, considering that if they did actually do so it might not reflect well on a general audience who may just take the rap and bragging rights at face value. But then again, rapping about being a rapper may be redundant, but that didn’t stop any who did anyway.
  4. Shortie Like Mine by Bow Wow and Chris Brown and Johnta Austin
    How many possible ways can you spell “shorty”? Well apparently they were searching the Internet to find more ways and got trapped inside the Internet on web pages. You may find I try to talk more about the video and other things when I encounter these types of songs. I’ll be honest, I don’t find much in these songs sometimes so that’s why I drift.
  5. It Ends Tonight by The All-American Rejects
    I’m not sure why they were shooting fireworks at each other at the start but that looked more fun than this song. I got pretty tired of this guy singing and/or whining in slower songs and stuff back in the day. Still am I suppose.
  6. A Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris
    Alternatively known as “a baby”. Or “hey baby”. Or for all we know this was a long essay before it got shortened to what was believe to be the essentials in the title. Or it’s about a bay that’s named “A” and is so much of a bay that it must be named twice. Well it starts with a little kid that could be considered a baby maybe? Either way this is totally a repetitive rap song as they come.
  7. Because Of You by Ne-You
    This video just starts out like some smell ad. Like perfume or cologne or whatever else people use. Toilet water. Toilet water is poop water. Maybe it means something else in French but I don’t know what. Like toilet water is relatively clean to some other waters but the toilet is just dirty so it’s all weird. I guess they have toilet water be clean so it doesn’t make the toilet dirtier faster but it still gets gross anyway. So about this song it’s some R&B thing where this guy is addicted to this girl and totally blames it on her, or something, I don’t know.
  8. I Tried by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Akon-N-Chipmunks
    Well at least they tried. Is this a “thugs need love” song? A “Thugs-N-Harmony need love” song? I know this guy was around back in the old school era, that’s the most of what I know. I don’t know much about Akon though, just that he’s more recent and all.
  9. Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
    So this is some kind of song that seems to be like two songs and is kinda long. Sorta like how We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions are stuck together, but this is more emo and stuff. Also I like those songs more. But since its release, there are about 81,000 results on YouTube for searching “black parade amv” and about 19,000 of those are also Naruto ones apparently, and about 12,000 are Attack On Titan. At least just going by the search numbers. I also tried searching for Pokémon ones but they’re apparently scarce, must not be edgy enough.
  10. Shawty by T-Plies and Pain
    Again with this business. This time T-Pain is robot singing the word and wants to be a ringtone because he’s a robot and robots beep I guess. Then it’s rap. Rap about sex games and stuff. I guess.
  11. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
    More like boring patrol. You’re not even chasing anything, just laying there doing nothing. It’s like a boring song about being bored. That’s pretty much it. Depressing and boring and just not my kinda thing here.
  12. Beautiful Liar by Beyonce and Shakira
    So these two singer ladies take turns singing on a song together. Not bad at all. They do show off. In voice and in the video they also do some kind of dance thing.
  13. SexyBack by JustinTimberlake
    Apparently he made being sexy a thing again. With mashing keys on a Casio with Timbaland and yelling into a radio. Since this song he pretty much always worked with Timbaland from then on. It’s kind of obnoxious though.
  14. Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
    Apparently this was a song on... Eragon? Really? First I forgot that got a movie, second why this song for that? Oh, some fantasy deal about dragons, it needs the girl who sung about skating. Also Eragon is just “dragon” misspelled, spread the word a bunch. Also this song feels pretty average I suppose.
  15. Let It Go by Keyshia Cole and Missy Elliott and Lil Kim
    How did Frozen go back in time? Oh, wait, this is something else. Something very else. This is more about letting go of some messed up dude who wants to be “fronting”, probably, or something similar.
  16. Apologize by Timbaland and One Republic
    It was too late this year, and it was too late the next. Screw this.
  17. Bubbly by Colbie Caillat
  18. Like A Boy by Ciara
    This kinda reminds me of If I Were A Boy or whatever that’s called by Beyonce. But this one says 2007 in it. Literally. She just says 2007. That’ll keep this song current. Actually, yeah, this is a lot like that song. And came before. Weird. This somehow happened.
  19. Who Knew by Pink
    There’s at least two sides of Pink songs, crazy party hits and slower mellower things about other things that happen in life. This is that other one.
  20. Never Again by Kelly Clarkson
    Most charts have a Kelly Clarkson song. That’s pretty much a given, practically. This one’s a fierce breakup song. Like more of a response to one though. Like, hope your life sucks and if this new lady doesn’t just go along with the plan that she screws you over royally. Yeah, you can see why she keeps on going with the hits here.
  21. Promise by Ciara
    Well, she sings. That’s this song. She sings about things. Love, maybe sex, I don’t know. It’s a singing song.
  22. Bed by J. Holiday
    Some R&B singing about not just a bed, but what he wants to do on the bed. Practically step by step. And then the chorus is a bunch of lines repeated. Yeah. Not my kind of song here.
  23. Throw Some D’s by Rich Boy and Polow Da Don
    The video for this is just somehow way too widescreen, or at least the one I found, like the title is completely cut off. That or they edited the text wrong because the video is pretty much in frame. Look at my report card, throw some D’s on it. I was just playin’ kids. Y’all know I made straight A’s. Listen to Soulja Boy Tell Em, stay in school. YYAHYHGAGALGDKJSGJSLFJSLDKJFLKSJLFJSDFLJSDFLJDLJKF
  24. Rehab by Amy Winehouse
    They tried to make her go to rehab, and she said no. And then she died. This actually happened. At least this is a pretty true song about true things that happened. She actually went to a rehab place and said hi and then left. Well, overall, this is an interesting song, rooted in truth, the cold hard facts and all that.
  25. Big Things Poppin’ (Do It (DO IT NOW (Before The Moon Wanes))) by TI-TY
    And now we’re just back to rap. Also this song is actually called Big S*** Poppin’. More like Big S*** Poopin’. More like Big Poop. More like Big Giant Diarrhea Turds Shooting Out Of A Giant Butt. There’s also apparently a TI and a TIP. I think they’re the same person? But different? Is this like that Blurryface thing but on some kind of rap album with rappers instead? Who knows. All I know is HE RAPS.
  26. No One by Alicia Keys
    No one sure stopped this song from getting big the following year.
  27. The Great Escape by Boys Might Like Girls If They Want And Don’t Think They Have Cooties
    Here’s some pop rock song by some guys who like girls probably, so they say. So, yeah, not much to say about it, I forgot about it so I guess it’s forgettable?
  28. 2 Step by UNK
    What is a 2 step? Is that just walking? And why is he doing the Will Smith thing about getting jiggy? This sure is rap.
  29. Walk Away (Remember Me) by Paula DeAnda and The DEY and The MBD
    These two people are going to remember each other. Just like Samus and that one dude with the visor. Some singer with a rapper. Is this “thugs need love”? I don’t know.
  30. Go Getta by Young Jeezy and R. Kelly
    Go getta and pee on her. Okay, enough of that thing that happened for now. This rapper thinks he’s other rappers, like Will Smith. Everyone wants to be Will Smith, I mean, he’s successful I guess, but a lot of these rappers swear a bunch sometimes. Like Eminem. Also I thought the audio was broken at first but it’s just quiet at the start. Now I just wanna see what happens if Will Smith writes a rap for all of his movies like the old days.
  31. Here (In Your Arms (And Not Your Butt)) by Hellogoodbye
    What a big dorky song. Just a song about being inside someone’s arms with love and stuff by people who sing with a Casio. That’s about it.
  32. On The Hotline by Pretty Ricky
    I don’t know if it was the video I found but the bass was blown out to all hell. I guess this is about phone sex. And blowing out your speakers by having the bass all the way up. So you can’t hear the phone sex. Good thinking.
  33. Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani
    What the hell is this song. Some yodeling thing and then some robotic talking over some drum beat. Did she try to become Lady Gaga before Lady Gaga? I still prefer when she was in No Doubt.
  34. Cyclone by Baby Bash and T-Pain
    And the girl is still spinning at like 160000 RPM. Forever.
  35. Break It Off by Rihanna and Sean de Paul
    I can really only tell about half of what Sean Paul says usually. So this is pretty much a club jam. That’s about it.
  36. First Time by Lifehouse
    This sounds like that kinda whiny music that would just be on the radio and I’d just jam the buttons really hard to change it fast because he just sounds constipated. I really can’t stand this.
  37. Ayo Technology by 50 Cent and Justin Timbaland
    Is this the name of some company they made up which makes sex tape cameras? And touch screens that touch women? And X-ray cars? They’re also tired of using this inventive perverse technology and want to just get with the women directly, yet they’re just using it all the time with multiple women, like what the hell is even going on here.
  38. Outta My System by Giant Bow Wow and T-Pain and Johnta Austin
    Rapping about a girl and stuff. Pretty much. I couldn’t stick with this one.
  39. Blood Drops On My Axe by Taylor Swift
    I just want this song to be more metal, I guess, otherwise I don’t want to listen to it. Someone do just a ridiculous metal cover of it but it’s not even close and it’s about demon slaying and stuff.
  40. Shut Up And Drive by Rihanna
    This song sounds a lot like another song I’ve heard but I can’t quite pinpoint it. Maybe it’s Blue Monday. Yeah, it was probably that one. Something to do with chord progressions. Anyway here’s a song either about cars or sex. Or sex in cars. Or sex with cars? It could happen. There was that one guy who went to get it on with this helicopter. Also that thing about the dragons. Anyway, there’s like 10 more songs and I just need to get through this.
  41. Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    I haven’t heard much from these guys in a while. And they’re even still been putting out music. How have I not been at least checking that out? I should do that. Too much pop here and not enough rock stuff, at least see what style they’re going for now. Anyway, a bit of a gentler tune on their album which was two discs.
  42. Money Maker by Ludacris and Pharrell
    So you have two pretty good rappers on this track. And it’s about butt jiggling. Also are they really censoring words like “between” and “behind” on this video? What’s up with that? Also I’d think they could pull off an even better song between the two of them, this one’s mainly okay.
  43. Kiss Kiss by Kiss Brown and T-Kiss
    KISS KISS KISS PISS PISS PISS. Annoying dumb song.
  44. Far Away by Nickelback
    Also known as where people tend to want Nickelback to go. This song’s pretty meh. Slow and all that stuff. Constipated lover sounds and stuff.
  45. Rock Yo Hips by Crime Mob and Lil Scrappy
    Really loud cheap sounding drum beat? Repetitive weird musical overlay on that? People rapping about a butt? Yeah, this is rap around this time. That’s pretty much it.
  46. Lovestoned by Justin Timberlakeland
    A pretty good jam I guess? Well it has a good backing beat and stuff. But then the video becomes another song. Like the song was before but all slow and sappy-like. Then it’s pretty eh. I guess.
  47. Better Than Me by Hinder
    These guys sound weird doing slow songs. They sound much more metal-inclined but it sounds weirdly whiny when it’s not that.
  48. Paralyzer by Finger Eleven
    Still not a dick joke. Somehow.
  49. That’s That by Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly
    A song about what dogs do to fire hydrants? No, okay, I’ll stop. For now. But there’s a girl in water in the video. How do I not make pee jokes? Also there’s one more word in the song title. It’s the S-word. But that’s more associated with poop, not pee. Dang it this is hard. But Snoop is pretty cool at least. It really is more of a Snoop song.
  50. Same Girl by R. Kelly and Usher
    Peeing in a movie theater while the usher just tries to drag them out of the theater and not getting peed on either. Gross. Okay, I’m supposed to review songs, not make a lot of pee jokes. So how does this song sound? Oh, these two guys are fighting over the same girl. That’s kinda funny. I guess.
Okay, we’re finally done with this list. Now all that’s left is 2006 and that’s it for the official Billboard site lists. Then I have to figure something else out. I still have some plans up my sleeves which may exist or not.

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