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August 22, 2016 (Originally posted on Blogger)

Welcome To Blog Heck

Hi, I figured out my Blogger/Blogspot/Whatever thing and here's a cool thing where I can type words onto the Internet. Anyway I opened this up to kinda have a more specific place to post my reviews of random things such as music lists and video games so it's not surrounded by reblogs of a bunch of stuff. Just makes it easier to find. Also that Google breaks less often than Yahoo does, so yeah.

Anyway if you want further updates on reviews, I recommend following this blog, and I'll post something for the Tumblr followers as well. I'm not really abandoning Tumblr though, I just would rather have the reviews and other writings all posted here. I'll also work on importing those articles over here when I can and seeing if I can pre-date those so everything's in a nice order.

Now I'm just going to screw with this editor a bit to see what it can do.

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