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August 22, 2016 (Originally posted on Blogger)

The Real Legit Ghostbusters 2016 The Movie The Album The Review

It's the film that has men's panties in a knot and feminists' bras non-existent, Ghostbusters 2016 Edition, where instead of just having one woman in the main group like I originally thought, there's four and they are the busters. Apparently the movie isn't too bad, and the opposite of bad is good, so it must be fairly good. I haven't seen it yet though, but there's a soundtrack with songs on it and I can look at that at least.

  1. Ghostbusters by Walk The Moon
    Here's the theme song for the movie probably. Maybe. It's called Ghostbusters. It's a cover but at least sounds like the original one. Even having random synth instruments in there, the crowd yelling, and the lyrics. Not bad. Actually a pretty faithful cover.
  2. Saw It Coming by G-Eazy and Jeremih
    So here's a rap song. It kinda sounds like it's trying to tie in to the subject matter but then this guy talks about how he got a Rolex and all that. Sure. Close, but, yeah, at least it's not MIAMI EQUALS.
  3. Good Girls by Elle King
    Hey, I kinda like this song, it's fast paced and sounds great. I wanna hear more from her, I liked Ex and Oh's. Don't know why I haven't really heard much else, though.
  4. Girls Talk Boys by 5 Seconds Of Summer
    Not much of a fan of this band, but they at least did something with this track. Not really a favorite though. They did try a funk thing somewhere in there before going back to something else.
  5. wHo by zAYn
    Like a boat drifting with no direction, it's this one guy who left One Direction. Yeah, sounds like some guy. Pretty meh honestly.
  6. Ghostbusters (Again) by Pentatonix
    Here's... another theme song for some reason, but this time done by the acapella band Pentatonix. This group is pretty rad and they have some mad beatboxing. And this track makes me want to look for Carmen Sandiego.
  7. Ghoster by Wolf Alice
    They left out a few of the letters from the title and came up with this. It's grunge sort of rock. Not bad at all there.
  8. Ghostbusters (Yet Again, But This Time I'm Not Afraid) by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott
    Yeah... So this was among the first songs I heard from this collection and... it's kinda not great. For a theme song. And kinda dull and noisy as a regular song. The background repeatedly goes EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH so much you'd swear the band was Canadian and not Illinoisian. Then there's some rap break thrown in. I've at least liked some of Missy Elliott's and Fall Out Boy's songs but yeah. Not so much this one, maybe if it wasn't trying to be a Ghostbusters cover. And was maybe totally different.
  9. Get Ghost by Mark Ronson, Passion Pit, and A$AP "Fergie Fergalicious" Ferg
    So this might also be a cover of the theme song but it's not really. Like some weird remix. Mainly just using the one riff break whatever it's called. But better done than EH EH EH EH EH EH EH. And still has a rapper but it's less thrown-in feeling, I guess.
  10. Party Up (Up In Here (Up In Here)) by DMX
    Now here's a rap hit. DMX throwing down the mad rhymes and all that. You've probably heard it but it's a club jam staple. I like this one. You can probably tell when an older song in its original form makes it into one of these soundtracks I'm not usually complaining about it. Well, the thing is the better ones tend to stick out in later years, I guess.
  11. Rhythm Of The Night by DeBarge
    Classic 80s hit right here. Totally chill and you've probably heard it somewhere, maybe on one of those mixed radio stations that plays hits sometimes from before you were born or something, unless you were born before the year they start the songs from.
  12. American Woman by Muddy Magnolias
    No, it's not THAT American Woman, this is a different one. But they do kick into the rock, too. Less about what a guy needs and what a woman to watch out for, it seems. It's pretty all right.
  13. Want Some More by Beasts Of Mayhem
    It's a rock song, kinda going back to that 80s style. Not too bad. It's a shorter song but it gets it done.
  14. Ghostbusters (Once More) by Ray Parker Jr.
    Now this is the one you know. It's the original theme song fully intact with the synth backing and the feel-good busting. Maybe it's in the movie somewhere or maybe this is just a bonus. How could I not like this. I ain't afraid of no bed. BUSTIN BUSTIN BUSTIN BUSTIN BUSTIN BUSTIN BUSTIN
Well, there you have it, what some people think is a bad movie just for the cast has a pretty all right soundtrack, some questionable stuff in there but really it fits pretty decently. Who knows, I might see this movie at some point. I'd be more likely to see this than Suicide Squad, probably. And screw seeing Angry Birds. Even if their DVD cover has fuzzy eyebrows.

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