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February 6, 2017 (Originally posted on Blogger)

Super Bowl LI/51 Commercial Reviews

Because why not. I did this before, might as well see what passes for advertising these days. Again. Even though I've been more exposed to TV now recently than I have been the whole time I was in college. Again, I'll post them alphabetically in the post because I'm never sure of the true order of things anyway.

So that's all the commercials. Do I have any favorites? I don't know. I found the Skittles one pretty dumb but silly. Also everyone hates Verizon these days. They probably merged too many times. Am I going to get a Switch at launch? No. It's a bunch of money, more games come later, I either have some of them already or want them on something else, also they'll probably be out for a while. If they start bundling or take like enough off the price to buy a game with it, maybe around then, but we'll see.

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