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July 23, 2017 (Originally posted on Blogger)

1976 Year End List Review Thing: Deep In The Disco Edition (Part 2)

Here we go, it's this again, lots more disco to come among other funky business. Here's where the list is and below is where my list is.

  1. Dream On by Aerosmith
    DREAM ON. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. The lead singer has a giant mouth. So they can yell more. There was a weird Skittles commercial about that and it was freaky as hell. The Skittles imploded but the mouth made of Skittles was still alive somehow.
  2. I Love Music by The O'Jays
    If the music doesn't fit, you must... listen to it anyway? I'm not good at references. I like old music, when it's good. Funk and soul and stuff.
  3. Say You Love Me by Fleetwood Mac
    When the lights go down, it's Fleetwood Mac. No cheese here except any that might be found in most any 70s song, probably.
  4. Times Of Your Life by Paul Anka
    Not just one time, times with an s so it's plural. So maybe not the one you think of initially. Also that one might be "Time Of My Life", not "Times". The cheese might be here if you're not into ballads and stuff.
  5. Devil Woman by Cliff Richard
    She's just a devil woman, a woman who is a devil. Some kinda groovy guitar going on here. It's a jam all right. Reminds me of Evil Woman just for the sake that it's one letter off at least.
  6. Fooled Around And Fell In Love by Elvin Bishop
    This time, Elvin has entered the building. This was in that one movie, you know, the one movie. There was a tape. It had songs. There's another one. It's a love song of some kind. But also found a weird as heck video that doesn't fit it at all.
  7. Convoy by C. W. McCall (the C is for Convoy)
    So a bunch of trucks happen, they get together and they just start breaking everything because they're trucks and they have reasons, also it became a movie. Also back in the day people would talk a lot on CB radio. They didn't really have the Internet back then. They used actual letters and maybe ARPANET was starting to take a more public shape for all I know.
  8. Welcome Back by John Sebastian
    Welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back welcome back. Kotter. This is the theme song for that show.
  9. Sing A Song by Earth, Wind, Also Fire
    Sing a good one. This is a good one. That funky groove that makes the era. Not much else to say here, I like it.
  10. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel, Because You Hit Every Branch On The Ugly Tree (Wait That Didn't Come Out Right Let Me Start Over) by Tavares
    More funk. I'm glad funk music didn't smell because it's good. You can dance to it. And be sweaty. And that makes people smelly.
  11. I'll Be Good To You by The Brothers Johnson
    The 70s sure were funky. Get down tonight and all that. Get down every night back then. Songs like this lighting up the charts, I think I'd take that over a lot of things.
  12. Rock And Roll Music by The Boys Beach
    So the Beach Boys were around for some time. They still are in some form. This is a cover of a Chuck Berry song that was also covered by the Beatles. It sounds like Beach Boys all right. Well before they wanted to take you to Kokomo which apparently doesn't exist unless it's a secret government island base and if so it only technically doesn't exist and all those places in an awkward 80s style.
  13. Shop Around by The Tennille Captain
    This kinda sounds like it came from the 80s. The verge of weird synth stuff that took over the 80s. It's like music from the future.
  14. Saturday Night by The Rollers Bay City
    If you forget how Saturday is spelled, this song is for you. If you forget what order the days come in, I still don't think I'd recommend that one song. But if you like decent old music, this is a song.
  15. Island Girl by Elton John
    This song is not 10 minutes long and is really island-y. The slide guitar only seems to have about one note. I wonder if they could repurpose this song for a product called the Island Grill. Also for some reason there's sci-fi alien music in the middle. Is the girl secretly an alien? Is the island secretly in space? Did the aliens build the islands? Is this secret alien island Kokomo?
  16. Let's Do It Again by The Singers Staple
    It's a song about doing it. Again. What is it? What is it. But it was sampled in a remix of It Was A Good Day, the rap song about a date that was narrowed down through various context clues.
  17. Let 'Em In by Wings
    A song about people ringing the doorbell that sounds like it was taken from a church or a fancy house. And he lets in a whole marching band for some reason. And then the song ends before it ends because the fade out stopped before they just CRANK UP THE VOLUME TO BLAST THOSE LAST COUPLE NOTES AND BLOW OUT THE SPEAKERS.
  18. Baby Face by Wing And A Prayer Fife And Drum Corps
    There's certainly more instruments than those, it's some disco version of an old song. More like Funk And Disco Corps.
  19. This Masquerade by George Benson
    This song goes. And goes. They kinda just hit a thing and went with it. The instrumental of the short form might play in some dentist office.
  20. Evil Woman by Electric Light Orchestra
    A good classic, I like this one. Then a bunch of ladies called The Pussycat Dolls took part of it and wanted to sing about swear words, but before checking I thought it was the one where they wanted to take off their buttons because they're really similar in structure, they also both have some kinda guest rapper.
  21. Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am by Silver
    This isn't Suffragette City, though. It's more of a love song, I guess? Except also just throw down in bed.
  22. I'm Easy by Keith Carradine
    Not sure if this is something you'd brag about in this day and age. It's more about tender loving or being really unsure, though. A ballad kinda thing.
  23. WAKE UP EVERYBODY by Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes
    Order a wakeup call for everyone in the hotel at weird times. This song isn't about that though. Of course. I just keep making things up here because when the music's all right generally throughout I don't have a whole lot to yell at.
  24. Summer by War
    So when I search this I get the result for some anime movie called Summer Wars. But this is the kind of music you can play from a lowrider car. Go slow and low and easy. It's like it would be easy listening that's not hard to listen to in a way.
  25. Let Her In by John Travolta
    Not wanting an entire marching band to bust through his door, he's only wanting one woman to enter. His life apparently. On the side I see a song by Peter Frampton called I'm In You which isn't on this chart but I have to point it out because of the name mainly. Make sex jokes or something.
  26. Fox On The Run by Sweet
    Here's a song you might think was from another band and may have been Band On The Run but not really. It also sounds like the intro to You Spin Me Right Round so maybe that took from this. It's also on the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Apparently not in the film itself, though, it was on trailers.
  27. Rihanna by Fleetwood Mac
    It turns out this isn't about that lady who keeps making songs for some reason while slowly becoming less coherent in pronunciation, but... kinda just about a name in a book one time?
  28. Got To Get You Into My Life by The Beatles
    So the Beatles were still here and not all doing their own thing just yet. A joyful kinda song. Apparently it's about marijuana. What songs aren't. Puff The Magic Dragon apparently.
  29. Fanny (Be Tender With My Butt) by The BGs
    A groovy ballad. With all of the pitches possible. Which are up there.
  30. Getaway by Earth & Wind & Fire
    They sure had a lot of good songs. Groove for days with the discography. Possibly a disco discography. The special effects in that video are definitely something.
  31. She's Gone by Hall Of Oates
    She sure is gone all right. A bit of a slow jam.
  32. Still The One by Orleans
    Still having fun with The One. Then they start doing all the Matrix stuff. It's a song about a happy couple, good for them. Instead of breakups and stuff.
  33. You're My Best Friend by Queen
    A song all about best friends. You've probably heard this on countless commercials or touching things for sitcoms or trailers.
  34. With Your Love by Jefferson Spaceship
    A bit of a smooth song here, like you'd sleep after this, maybe. Or do something before sleeping. Like brushing your teeth. Or sex, I don't know.
  35. Slow Ride by Foghat
    Often associated with smoking weed every day. Maybe it's the band's name having "fog" in it. Or taking a slow toke on a joint. Or the alteration of the perception of time while under the effects of drugs and stuff. It's a bit not entirely that. But could be perceived as such easily.
  36. Who'd She Coo? by The Ohio Players
    Is she a pigeon? Did she do something with a pigeon? Is this the kind of funk they play in Hatoful Boyfriend? I still need to play that.
  37. The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy
    The boys are back, apparently. So much so they have to whisper it directly into your ear. This was the frontrunner of ASMR. Also they kinda just ramble into stories. And then have a guitar solo thing going. Kinda.
  38. Walk Away From Love by David Ruffin
    I guess this is a song about walking away from love. See also on Wikipedia: You Can't Walk Away From Love. Which came a lot later. Like in 2001.
  39. Baby I Love Your Way (But Live) by Peter Frampton
    This time he really did come alive. That album was a pretty big deal.
  40. Young Hearts Run Free by Candi Station
    It's that funk. How many times have I mentioned funk for this year. Maybe it's enough for a whole year. Just don't confuse this with Young Turks which talks about hearts being free and someone firing a baby from their womb at high speeds which was probably the basis for several Xbox Live Indie Games.
  41. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka
    Huh, this song's from the 60s. We're not there... yet. But of course this newer version picked up some kind of romantic cheese along the way. That's the 70s/80s/90s/and today for you.
  42. Money Honey by Bay City Rollers
  43. Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker (Just Rip Off The Whole Roof (Burn Down The Entire Roof And Nothing Else))) by Parliament
    TEAR THE ROOF OFF THE MOTHER... sucker. This is pretty much a quintessential funk song that talks about having aforementioned funk while being said funk.
  44. Junk Food Junkie by Larry Groceries
    Some kind of parody joke country song about injecting Twinkies directly into your eyeballs or something while nobody's around.
  45. Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again by Barry Manilow
    Some kind of song about trying to get feeling again, maybe in the legs or something after sitting funny. Don't be afraid to catch the feelings.
  46. (I Wanna) Rock And Roll All Nite (And Party Every Day) by Kiss
    This is a quintessential rock song about rock and roll all night, I guess. Also parties every day. Kiss certainly showed how rock could be with a lot of hair and face paint and spiky armor and stuff. Definitely major 80s ahead of its time.
  47. Disco Duck by Rick Dees And A Bunch Of Idiots
    Here's a song that's really dumb and may have led to everyone burning all the disco eventually. Also apparently since it was from a radio DJ other radio stations couldn't play it because they thought it would be advertising for a different station, and he couldn't even play it on his own station, and ended up getting hired by another station anyway after that one fired him. Also it had the chance to be on Saturday Night Fever but didn't. What a weird story for such a dumb song. TAKE IT AWAY SCOOT.
  48. Take The Money And Run by Steve Miller Band
  49. Squeeze Box by Who?
    Oh, THE Who. It's a song about a box that squeezes. But it might also mean sex because IN AND OUT LIKE SEX AND BURGERS GET IT. It could honestly be either case. But at least it doesn't just yell out TITS.
  50. Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In L.A. (And Your Boots From LA))
    From the album Rhinestone Cowboy. DUN DUN. It's like the Beverly Hillbillies but not really.
Okay, that's a weird attempt at the 1976 list, I guess. Next is... who knows at this point, this thing took so long to go through and try to find thoughts on songs that aren't as bad as songs can be now. Disco was just fine. I find I have more to say on songs that are really good or really bad, though. Depending on when I review next, could come easy or hard.

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