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December 30, 2017 (Originally posted on Blogger)

Games I Beat In 2017, But Ranked

Here's the other thing I've been doing at the end of the year. Essentially rating all the games I beat in this year in specific order, a reverse countdown up to my top pick. If it's not reversed get a different browser or just imagine it in your head where the last entry is the top rank. Not a lot this year so definitely not a top 10, and even if there were more, I'd just list them all anyway.

  1. Stories Untold
    This is sort of a weird hybrid of text adventure and point and click for the most part, in that whole "weird 80s sci-fi horror" aspect. It's short but interesting, each of the stories involved is something a bit different. It's also a pretty low price so I'd say it's worth a look.
  2. Earth Defense Force 2017
    I felt finally playing through this was appropriate. It's campy sci-fi action with a questionable translation at times but mainly absurd firepower and the ability to be under attack by pretty much everything ever and survive. To think it was possible to actually increase the stakes in later games. This is definitely a game to play if you like to play games.
  3. Pony Island
    Essentially you're trapped with a possessed arcade machine. It gets weirder than that. It goes between trying to beat the game and trying to break it and it's pretty screwy in a good way. This also goes for pretty cheap and I recommend it.
  4. Pokémon Moon
    I beat this, and now the updated not-quite-sequel is out, though I don't think I'll be playing that one for some time, at least. I enjoyed this take on the typical formula being made a bit less typical but still sticking to its roots, plus they do go all out on the story. It's not MGS4 levels of cutscenes, though, but it does take a while before you even get to picking your first mon. I'm glad I picked the one with the moon bat because I really like the moon bat. I was also able to use a team of entirely new mons, many of which were actually related to the Totems, so I must have been picking some good ones.
Not very many this year. I'm hoping to buckle down and really take on the backlog for this next year.

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