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February 5, 2018 (Originally posted on Blogger)

Super Bowl LII/52 Commercial Stuff

Here we go again. Another year, another football tournament, one of the competitors is the same, whatever. Here's ads I reviewed because capitalism and boredom. Why are there so many.

Just going to call it here, because that's pretty much all the ones I've found and have heard of. If I had to pick favorites, Danny DeM&M and Jeep Goldblum, plus all of the Tide ads, whatever they actually were. The rap battle of Dewritos was weird but I recognized everyone there. If the whipped cream guy actually tried putting it on everything in the house and trying to taste it, that would have been a good ad. Otherwise I don't really know. Aside from the mixed messages of either fresh or frozen meat. Don't be a frozen restaurant, but otherwise, freeze everything, I guess, unless you sell restaurant stuff outside of the restaurant, then you can freeze that too? Also people I know or don't know trying to sell me on premade websites. I'll throw together my own, thanks.

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