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January 28, 2019 (Originally posted on Blogger)

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Well Weezer is still around and making albums apparently. And this one's all covers. For some reason they just decided to make a while bunch of those. Enough to fill a whole album, apparently. I'm going to look at this not-quite-blue-not-quite-green album.

  1. Africa
    I think this is what started the whole cover thing, or maybe the rest were just laying around, I don't know. For some reason people really wanted this song made. Then they made it. Then Toto covered Hash Pipe at a concert apparently. Weird happenings. However this one got played on the radio way too much. And I realized I liked Toto's version more. I also like AFRICAN'T by TOTO IN HELL. The Weezer version here is okay, it sounds very much like if Weezer covered Africa. The instrument chosen for the interlude, some kinda synth keyboard, sounds a bit off for the song but very much like Weezer. Of course maybe it was a synth in the original song but different.
  2. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    Here's a song from Tears For Fears that was also covered for Bioshock Infinite. What a weird game. This sounds if Weezer covered the song, but also starts out like a Beach Boys cover band. It's kinda just there.
  3. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (These?)
    This song from Eurythmics was also covered by Marilyn Manson. Beyoncé did a song with a similar name but that one's totally different. This one sounds a lot like the original but Weezer is there instead.
  4. Take On Me
    This song by A-Ha is great and was also covered by Reel Big Fish. This cover by Weezer is all right but pretty soft rock.
  5. Happy Together
    This song from the Turtles was featured in the first Super Smash Bros. commercial. Weezer covered it. This definitely sounds like a Weezer song. A bit different from the original but still pretty in line.
  6. Paranoid
    Here is Weezer trying to sound like Black Sabbath and that's very weird. Weezer doesn't normally use this much distortion, maybe, but I don't know. It's also really weird from the Ozzy impression. Weezer wouldn't eat a bat, they'd get some tofu substitute with hummus or something.
  7. Mr. Blue Sky
    A classic from Electric Light Orchestra. That song was also of course featured in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. This seems like a step for step cover, like a lot of these covers have been. It also sounds like they keep bouncing a dodgeball or kickball or whatever. The song generally is so good that even an average cover sounds pretty good. However the opera singing part at the end on this cover seems a bit phoned in.
  8. No Scrubs
    I don't want no scrubs. A scrub in the tub is a rub a dub good for me. Something about the passenger side of the best friend's ride. A song from TLC. Why is Weezer covering this? It pretty much sounds like they pasted Weezer on the original.
  9. Billie Jean
    I poke my head out of the gutter for one freaking second and fate shovels shit in my face. Go get some sleep. What are you gonna do. I'll drop by your office tomorrow and we can start sorting this mess out. Then the classic song by Michael Jackson plays. Unless it's a recent update on Steam in which case a bunch of stuff is missing. Anyway here's Weezer's version. Generally if they didn't try so hard to make the cover sound like the original and threw in more rock guitar and such, it'd work out a bit better. Make it more like a Weezer song and less like Weezer doing a song.
  10. Stand By Me
    A song by Ben E. King which also somehow ties into a movie from a weird story by Stephen King that doesn't involve possessed stuff for once. Apparently this was covered by Florence + The Machine for Final Fantasy XV. What a weird game. Now here's Weezer's version. It's all right. Sounds like Weezer cover.
So long story short this album is okay I suppose, and generally sounds like Weezer attempting to sound like other bands half the time and themselves the rest of the time. When I think covers, I think putting more of a spin on the songs, and less duplicating. This isn't one of those bootleg albums that sells for 99 cents on iTunes and acts like it's "just like the real thing with soundalike artists". It's also not some kind of parody. As a dedicated cover album, would have been cooler to really Weezer it up. Out of these the most Weezered would be Africa.

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