It's a place all right.

September 14, 2020 (Originally posted on Blogger)

New review blog location! Yes, it's moved again.

I'm pretty tired of dealing with whatever "changes" they're making to the editor that makes it hard to... well, edit. Therefore, the new location of the review blog is on my website. If you click that link, you'll be right at the review blog part of it. It's just easier for me to deal with the HTML part once on my own terms instead of having to undo an accidental new paragraph when I just wanted a new line through a dozen steps. I'll set up a specific RSS feed for that part of the site once I get a new post on there, but for now, it's just a mirror with fixed links. Again, just go to the review blog part of my website and you're good. I'll leave this blog copy up for now at least, but it won't be getting updated.

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