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December 6, 2020 (Originally posted on Neocities)

Spotify's 2020 Wrapped in a Nice Little Bow of Algorithms

It has been an entire year somehow, and it's been several years since I've gone over my year-end from Spotify from whenever I mess with it and listen to songs there. I was looking forward more to this weird list than whatever one Billboard deems worthy of whatever music I probably wasn't listening to much as I was more focused on not going crazy, as much as I could figure that out at least. This list came out first, so I'm reviewing it first. Next list will be the mainstream whatever's going on in music.

  1. The Girl and the Robot
    Röyksopp (Album: Junior)
    However I found this song, possibly on some suggestion, I certainly got a lot of play out of it. Between the tones, Robyn's vocals, and the overall industrial sort of techno feel, I certainly do like this song. The song seems to be about someone who works too hard, but the video features a robot specifically. One that might be cheating on a human with plants.
  2. Borderline
    Tame Impala (Album: The Slow Rush)
    I've been getting more into this kind of music lately, somehow. I may have first heard this on one of Vinny Vinesauce's BRB things, before Twitch completely wussed out about having any kind of background audio and leaving it at the mercy of even flakier copybots than even YouTube. Then the site proceeded to do even worse things. But about the song, some local stations have been giving Tame Impala more airplay, but none of the Top 40 ones that I can tell. More alternative and indie-type stuff. I don't even know if they were playing this song specifically but there were others from the album. I hardly listen to Top 40 stations these days. The Billboard charts are just full of things I don't really understand.
  3. The Less I Know The Better
    Tame Impala (Album: Currents)
    Another Tame Impala song from another album, I've heard this is a good album for those who are into this artist. I guess I can just call this definitely a Tame Impala song in short. If you're interested in Tame Impala, you'd probably like this song. If not, maybe not.
  4. Happy Up Here
    Röyksopp (Album: Junior)
    I was later looking through their discography and found that I seem to really like the first two tracks of this album, both of which also became singles. I'm sure I've heard this song somewhere, possibly clipped to a commercial. It's very upbeat techno, which fits the profile for late 90s and early 2000s commercials, but isn't so soulless as some commercial-bound songs.
  5. Can't Get You out of My Head
    Kylie Minogue (Album: Fever)
    If you want a classic techno pop song from someone who was in a Street Fighter movie, this is the song. Throughout the song, there's this meowing or quacking synthesizer noise, and I always hear a certain line as "there's a duck" while that's going on.
  6. Beautiful Stranger
    Madonna (Album: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Sndtrk)
    I was sure this was a cover of some kind, but it just sounds like a cover of an existing 60s song and is its own song done in the 60s style, modernized for the late 90s. It's also on an Austin Powers soundtrack (or "sndtrk" as Spotify has it for some reason). And no, she didn't already have songs out in the 60s, her first album was in the 80s.
  7. Ghostriders in the Sky
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (Album: Friede sei mit Dir)
    Here's a hard-hitting cover from a German metal band of a great classic, though the lyrics are still English. Also, when I hear metal covers of this song, I might think of the Ghost Rider movie with Nicolas Cage, which also had one.
  8. Reptiles And Samurai
    Oingo Boingo (Album: Nothing To Fear)
    I uncovered this song when I was looking through an archive of old MIDI files taken from Geocities, under one that was just called "best". Looking at the data in the file I found the name of the song, and then the real one. This is certainly a very 80s and very Oingo Boingo song, somehow covering the topics of both reptiles and samurai in a strange fashion.
  9. Colors
    Beck (Album: Colors)
    For a while I thought this song was saying "the curse" instead of "the colors". The album version is also longer than the one that was getting some airplay on those alternative stations.
  10. Give 'Em Hell, Kid
    My Chemical Romance (Album: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)
    There might be a song in Sonic Forces that's similar to this song, but I've found I like the "original" more. I might still not "get" The Black Parade in terms of its structure and how people tend to hype it up as one of their best works, but I do enjoy some of their songs.
  11. Get Low
    Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Ying Yang Twins (Album: Kings Of Crunk – Clean)
    This is a classic crunk song. But why the clean version? And why this bizarre clean version that leaves out half the lyrics? I was trying to find the original radio version, probably. The one I would hear all the time on the radio as well as MTV2 did have specific lyrics made for it, such as spamming the word "skeet" in one part and having the phrase "tig ol' bitties" in another. There are some parts where I prefer the old radio version because of some of these weird changes, something about saying "tig ol' bitties" is just amusing while "ass and titties" just makes me think of another song. However, since the suits running the radio stations eventually figured out what "skeet" means, maybe they didn't want it repeated several dozen times, yet it's still in this edit. Long story short, this song is hard to listen to on the radio now since they somehow "lost" the original radio version.
  12. Hypnospace Is Cool - Xtra Hypno Mix
    Hot Dad (Album: The Chowder Man)
    Hypnospace is really really cool. No, really, I'm going to suggest playing Hypnospace Outlaw once again, whenever the game tends to come up I like to suggest playing it. I even played through the game again recently after the content update. Hot Dad, a star of the game playing as The Chowder Man, provided some great tracks for the game, and this is a styled theme song for the Hypnospace product in-universe. It's not only a good song but can also be taken as a satire toward corporate entities marketing to the youth demographics, as a lot of the elements in that game lean towards. This version also trails off into the word "hypno" being repeated for a very long time as the song disintegrates and fades out.
  13. Nausea
    Beck (Album: The Information)
    Here's a Beck classic. It's about nausea and is a Beck song.
  14. Turn on the Music (feat. GTO) [Axwell Remix]
    Roger Sanchez, GTO, Axwell (Album: Turn on the Music (feat. GTO))
    This song is on a Dance Dance Revolution game I have, I think Supernova. In the game, it's clipped down to the usual 2-ish minutes, but this is the full version. It's a dance techno song.
  15. Go Hard (La.La.La)
    Kreayshawn (Album: Somethin 'Bout Kreay)
    I would call this a classic, yes. Kreayshawn addresses the listener as a "bitch" and challenges them to "go hard" and steal credit cards from their stepfather before burning rubber in the parking lot. Like lalalalalalalalalalala. Like M.I.L.F. $ from Fergie, this is one of those songs that's just terribly good and also good at being obnoxious, something I just look for sometimes. I've also on occasion sang Gucci Gucci to myself anytime someone mentions a designer brand, since the basic bitches wear that shit so I don't even bother.
  16. Ievan Polkka
    Korpiklaani (Album: Manala)
    That classic folk type song that became a meme involving leeks at one point got a metal cover here. And it certainly rocks. I also know of a techno rave version I've thrown into modded versions of Oblivion whenever I play that game with as many weird not porn mods as I can find.
  17. Max Don't Have Sex with Your Ex
    E-Rotic (Album: The Best Of)
    Max don't have sax with you ax it'll make your life complax. A lot of classics come from E-Rotic, even if they're formulaic at times. The guy raps in character, the lady sings the chorus, there's a lot of synthesizers, and then sex moans, it's all very 90s and possibly early 2000s.
  18. Baby Hotline
    Jack Stauber's Micropop (Album: Baby Hotline / Tea Errors)
    Jack Stauber runs an interesting video channel involving acts that look like they're from cursed public access alleged kids shows and is worth checking out. I found this song fun in the original video, and this is the extended version. Sometimes songs from the short videos get extended into EP form. It's a bit like how anime songs get extended out from the intro length, though, because it just gets increasingly weird as it goes.
  19. Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)
    Scatman John (Album: Scatman's World)
    The classic. The legend. The Scatman. The song heard in lots of old Garry's Mod videos because of the frantic scat singing that defined his style.
  20. Day 'N' Nite - Crookers Remix
    Kid Cudi, Crookers (Album: Day 'N' Nite (Crookers Remix))
    The original song is a chill lo-fi hip hop beat to study to, but this amps it up into a harder dance track, complete with alarm noises for some reason. I may have first heard this version in a Counter-Strike Source map involving bizarre physics, because adding physics to Counter-Strike meant having weird minigame maps where physics happen. A similar game to that map, or whatever that map was based on, seems to exist in VRChat. At some point I'd like to dive further into the VR oddness once I get a PC VR kit set up.
  21. Willy Use a Billy..Boy
    E-Rotic (Album: The Best Of)
    Another E-Rotic song, this time about wearing condoms. The lyrics include the phrase "long ding dong ding-a dong" so this is clearly a masterwork. The video also features an animated condom fighting off sperm. Really, look up any of E-Rotic's videos, just not at any place of work or school or church or with anyone who burns down the building if they even so much as hear the word "sex" uttered quietly under breath, even though this song does have the message of practicing safe sex.
  22. Right Here, Right Now
    Fatboy Slim (Album: Right Here, Right Now)
    A hardcore techno dance beat with intense drum beats and some samples and everything, this is the kind of electronic dance that I'm into, something danceable and hard-hitting.
  23. Teknopathetic - e-Pop 'n' Disco 80's Mix
    SEGA SOUND TEAM, Hideki Naganuma (Album: Ollie King Original Soundtrack)
    It's good to have game soundtracks for easy listening access without relying on some third party upload that might randomly get taken down in a massive strike, like some publishers do, mainly Square Enix, but especially for hot tracks like these. Somehow it's disco techno with robot vocals and, naturally, various samples, as that's the style from this composer of Jet Set Radio.
  24. Hung Up
    Madonna (Album: Confessions on a Dance Floor)
    This is a bit of a retro track, somewhat in the style of the 80s but recorded in the 2000s with the general feel tracks from that time have, but also using a sample from the late 70s from ABBA in the backing track. Maybe it counts as a techno remix of the ABBA song.
  25. Acceptable in the 80's
    Calvin Harris (Album: I Created Disco)
    This song doesn't sound as 80s as others, it really feels like a 2000s track with some 80s composition though. This is a danceable EDM track, unlike some of his later work from what I've heard that sounds pretty like the modern baseline and less like a hot bassline. This song however is pretty nice, and has a weird music video that probably says a lot about society… maybe.
  26. Weapon Of Choice
    Fatboy Slim (Album: Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars)
    This song may be more known for the video where Christopher Walken dances and flies around a building. Generally, though, it's a nice beat with vocals from Bootsy Collins talking about how to attract or not attract worms.
  27. Livin' la Vida Loca
    Hot Dad (Album: Livin' la Vida Loca)
    This is a cover of the Ricky Martin song, but with a different melody and style entirely. It's more like lo-def 80s synthwave or some other term. It's also much longer since it's a bit slowed down.
  28. Slime Boy Color
    meganeko (Album: boy irl girl url)
    Here's some kind of chiptune enhanced song that's a bit techno in structure. Another random find of an album where I actually found other songs than this one that just happens to be on that album.
  29. Gas Gas Gas - Extended Mix
    DO YOU LIKE… MY CAR? Here's a typical Eurobeat track for delivering tofu, which, like a lot of Eurobeat, is just great stuff.
  30. Gangster Trippin
    Fatboy Slim (Album: You've Come A Long Way Baby)
    A hot beat with the good style of Fatboy Slim and the multi-level song structure so the core beats don't wear out their welcome.
    Max Coveri (Album: SUPER EUROBEAT presents INITIAL D 〜D SELECTION〜)
    More Eurobeat, maybe you heard this in a meme from some time ago, but it really fits best in the context of ultimate drift racing. Maybe Ronald McDonald is driving though.
  32. Poison
    Alice Cooper (Album: Trash)
    A classic 80s metal type song. Some element of dark or hair or dark hair. I just find the vocals as each repeat of the chorus builds on the last to be a bit fun.
  33. Girls and Boys
    Blur (Album: Blur: The Best Of)
    This song is about some complex riddle that combines the concepts of girls and boys and possibly casual encounters, but mainly it's catchy except I wouldn't know how the lyrics are actually structured because the main chorus is a tangle of girls and/or boys in various states.
  34. Wonderful Night
    Fatboy Slim (Album: Palookaville)
    I think a short version of this song may be on another Dance Dance Revolution game I've played, if it's not Supernova again. It has an interesting structure and then some major rap breakdown or something.
  35. Mary On A Cross
    Ghost (Album: Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic)
    I saw that Ghost had a recent EP out so I had to check it out. It fits the style that Ghost tends to go for and is a weird lyrical combination of religious imagery and sex and drugs, possibly. Perfect material concerning Satanic stuff.
  36. Two Trucks
    Lemon Demon (Album: Nature Tapes)
    Two trucks having sex, which causes muscles to involuntarily flex. It's the kind of music to get a medical scan to. It's very much the weird style about odd subjects and whatever imagery might fit that. Mainly a truck fuck.
  37. Boomerang
    Blümchen (Album: Für immer und ewig)
    Here's some super hardcore super techno, likely in a happy strain, which goes hard and also harder. This is the real kind of super techno I like to hear and blow out speakers to.
  38. Hava Naquila
    Party Animals (Album: Happy Hardcore Top 100)
    Have you ever wanted traditional Jewish folk music to be set to a happy hardcore beat with intense bass? Well here it is.
  39. Salute!
    666 (Album: Who's Afraid of ... ? (Platinum Edition))
    I don't remember listening to this one but it's a techno beat song with basic Spanish instructions, such as counting and directions. Not as Satanic as I would have liked.
  40. Scatman's World
    Scatman John (Album: Scatman's World)
    The legendary world vision of a world of peace that's also united with scat singing. Ask Google on how to get to the Scatman World. Maybe it needs some dimensional travel.
  41. Witchcraft
    Pendulum (Album: Immersion)
    Intense action music, whatever combination of genres Pendulum tends to do in songs like these, it works. Probably in several movies in the 2000s.
  42. Staple Tape Worms on My Penis
    PASSENGER OF SHIT (Album: Staple Tape Worms on My Penis)
    A classic of apparently "shitcore", this song features loud noise and screaming. I feel like it's the future of music if it keeps shifting in the direction of increased computer aggression. But this was made ahead of its time and is art for it. Possibly also fart.
  43. Fucked with an Anchor for Dogs (Bonus Track)
    Alestorm (Album: No Grave But The Sea (Deluxe Edition))
    The regular version of this song is a pirate metal rant against whoever drew the ire of the crew here, involving a lot of vulgar and violent imagery. Long story short, it's an amazing song and I've found a lot from this band I enjoy. However, this version is for the dogs. All of the lyrics are replaced with dogs barking. Somehow it's still flagged as explicit, so maybe the dogs are swearing. There is another version of this song called Flipped with a Sausage, which is in human English but in clean lyrics.
  44. We Go
    Lemon Demon (not really?) (Album: We Go)
    Spotify seems to have a lot of cases where a song happens to be uploaded under the name of an existing artist, but it's definitely not from them. I've seen this happen with other artists. I have no idea who actually made this, or if it's even the same entity who uploaded it, but it's incredibly generic-sounding EDM-type stuff so I guess either someone didn't realize the name was already taken, like with Trapezoid, or they're very desperate to get people to hear their music while the genre overlap is practically none. I did hear about this one user who uploaded videos of concert footage, but then tacks on their own strange music at the end of the video, which they've filed copyright for, so then they might get some fraction of the ad money that would otherwise go purely to whoever collects for the concert footage. A clever and weird plan.
  45. E-Pro
    Beck (Album: Guero)
    Beck, but with a loud guitar-driven beat where he keeps going nanananana. It's a good one. Especially if you like really loud drums.
  46. Who Do You Want To Be - 1988 Boingo Alive Version
    Oingo Boingo (Album: Boingo Alive)
    This song, which was on a Tony Hawk game, specifically American Wasteland, is a ska-sounding fast-paced identity crisis, possibly driven by the media. I blame the media blamers. But this song's a ride all right.
  47. Kiss The Go-Goat
    Ghost (Album: Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic)
    Never has making out with a Pokémon sounded so Satanic. Seriously, though, this song is some great psychedelic metal. And not about making out with a Pokémon. It's not that kind of osculum obscenum. It seems more about making out with specifically the devil goat usually referred to as Baphomet. And the official theme song of the isle of Baphomette is Dragula by Rob Zombie. So there's not much relation to that, it turns out.
  48. Aquarius
    Party Animals (Album: Happy Hardcore Top 100)
    This starts off like the Age of Aquarius, but through a filter. Then it gets all happy hardcore and the rest of the song is kind of heard through that, but mostly just frantic techno.
  49. I Wanna Be A Hippy
    Technohead (Album: Happy Hardcore Top 100)
    Another fun bouncy song, this time about wanting to be a hippie, specifically one that gets stoned on marijuana. Some may call that redundant, but maybe some hippies prefer psilocybin or LSD, so it seems wrong to assume.
  50. Watercolour - Full Version; Single
    Pendulum (Album: Immersion)
  51. My Favourite Game
    The Cardigans (Album: Gran Turismo (Remastered))
    Yes, it's spelled with a U. That was kind of important in finding this song. On the NA version of Gran Turismo 2, this hot track serves as the intro song. That game has a pretty good licensed soundtrack in the NA version at least, full of hits and rock and such. The soundtrack varies between regions, but I'm glad the one I can most easily play and currently have has such a nice soundtrack to it. That just makes it harder to stream, though, but I'm not sure if I'd be streaming much for car games.
  52. Have You Ever Been Mellow
    Party Animals (Album: Happy Hardcore Top 100)
    Another kinda cover or remix that takes a song and makes it not quite so mellow because it's got a hard techno beat and a fast tempo. I am a fan of this kind of not mellow techno hardcore, though.
  53. Alive & Amplified
    The Mooney Suzuki (Album: Alive & Amplified)
    This song was in several games, such as ATV Offroad Fury games where I heard it, as well as probably some commercials. Probably for some offroad cars. It has a repetitive and energetic chorus along with the rest of the song. Quite a nice rock song to hear outside of games and commercials as well.
  54. Hard Times
    The Jetzons (Album: The Complete Jetzons)
    The original Ice Cap Zone, a song that at the time wasn't released and ended up being adapted into a Sonic game but eventually got a release. It's at least as hot in its original form as it was in a Blast Processing format, if not more so. Sonic 3 and also Knuckles sure feel like a high point for the games.
  55. 2k9 battle jam
    meganeko (Album: boy irl girl url)
    Another complex chiptune techno type thing that feels hardcore and may have been in NFL 2K9 if football wasn't monopolized by the Madden series, the same one that breaks through computer monitors with a demonic screech.
  56. Break Stuff
    Limp Bizkit (Album: Significant Other)
    IT'S JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS WHERE YOU DON'T WANNA WAKE UP, EVERYTHING IS FUCKED, EVERYBODY SUCKS. And then you scream into a baby's face as it briefly looks like it's about to give you an offer you can't refuse because facial animations. That's how VR works, I guess. Anyway this is a Limp Bizkit classic about generally being angry about everything. That's nu metal, probably.
  57. Love Everybody
    The Presidents Of The United States Of America (Album: Love Everybody)
    A great band with a great song and that's the gist of it. You've got to love everybody and make them feel good about themselves, that being the arc advice.
  58. Brain Power
    NOMA (Album: Cytus II-Neko (Original Soundtracks))
    I don't know why trying to look up this song normally keeps turning up short versions, but it's the song to spam vowels in chat to before the stream gets annihilated by some copybot that thinks it invented Mario.
  59. 400 Bpm Madness
    Frankentek, Epic Aggressive (Album: Addict Recordings - Sons Of Terror - The Netherlands)
    Here's a really bizarre song I found when I was trying to find the fastest BPM song on Spotify. It's somehow death metal screaming, opera, and some jackhammer beat. Whatever genre this is or isn't, this is probably ahead of its time for when Top 40 music gets to hardcore noisecore.
  60. All The Things She Said
    t.A.T.u. (Album: 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane (10th Anniversary Edition))
    I mainly like the main chorus where it keeps saying the title of the song, and then part where they scream as loud as possible THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. Maybe songs need more yelling sometimes. A classic from Russia from a band that was at Eurovision in some past year.
  61. Canned Heat – Remastered
    Jamiroquai (Album: High Times: Singles 1992-2006 (Remastered))
    A hot disco jam about having heat in a can and the need to dance because it's lighting the heels on fire. This really shows the jam in Jamiroquai, but several other songs also do. I guess it's a fitting name.
  62. Drinky-bird
    Lemon Demon (Album: View-Monster)
    A fun and bouncy instrumental track named after those weird birds that might be able to press the any key. Or sometimes Y.
  63. Herz an Herz
    Blümchen (Album: Herzfrequenz)
    Ultra happy techno hardcore here. Maybe you've seen a pattern where I was on a bit of a kick in that genre. I blame this French web radio that plays some good techno dance classic hits for pointing out some hot tracks.
    HOTEI (Album: エレクトリック・サムライ)
    An interesting cover of the Led Zeppelin hit mixing electronic and metal coming from an artist that had music in Kill Bill.
  65. The Concept of Love
    Hideki Naganuma (Album: Jet Set Radio Future SEGA Original Tracks)
    UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF LOVE. Jet Set Radio and its sequel have the real hot tracks, and Future hasn't been re-released to my knowledge. However if you have an original Xbox or possibly a 360, it's not as hard to track down as you'd think. Still, it deserves a re-release, since the previous game got one.
  66. Boss Fight
    Damjan Mravunac (Album: Serious Sam 3 (Video Game Soundtrack))
    Another hot video game track, this time being a string-filled showdown track against some fast-paced FPS boss. Serious Sam is a strange series, it's well-known but still pretty indie, and it keeps jumping around in time. It also has interesting menus I guess, and possibly weird mods that might get people banned accidentally.
  67. Beef Zone
    Vargskelethor (Album: Beef Zone)
    Finally makes a year-end list. This is a hit track from the uncle of destroying Windows, composed in some weird techno program called eJay and enhanced a bit in post, including a shredding metal guitar solo. Somehow it's inevitably about rancid beef. The successor about milking pigeons is also a hot jam to experience. Keeping in mind these songs are coming from someone who actually is part of a legitimate metal band but also composed a full album of an increasingly broken Ghostbusters MIDI.
    A hybrid metal and electronic track that doesn't involve rancid beef and sounds more like floppy drives. The music you'd hope they'd include in one of those AAA games about techno hackers taking down corporations, which are made by corporations, so they'd maybe have some redeeming quality.
  69. Maniac
    Carpenter Brut, Yann Ligner (Album: Maniac)
    Some nice cover that makes the dance song a bit harder sounding with intense distortion. Even the interlude with normally the Chopsticks-style part is brutal.
  70. Sine 20min (100Hz; 0.1amp)
    Spotify (Album: Home Thing)
    If you ever want to play a low bass tone for 20 minutes to test out how sub your subwoofers can go, this certainly is something. Sometimes on Spotify I look up random tracks that they "made" that tend to be stuck in things like playlists to break up the music in those a bit. Finding random stuff that counts as "songs" but isn't so much a song is one of the ways I try to break Spotify. It looks like it worked slightly.
  71. Hypnospace Is Cool
    Hot Dad (Album: The Chowder Man)
    Another version of the Hypnospace theme marketing song, this time without crust compression, less instruments and weird additions, and a little less hypno hypno hypno hypno hypno hypno hypno hypno. I guess it's a "cleaner" cut?
  72. Pizza Heroes (Bonus Track)
    Lemon Demon (Album: Spirit Phone)
    This song is about always delivering. Always. Delivering. Pizza anytime, whether or not it's on a bagel. Regardless of any possible conditions that might prevent it in the first place.
  73. Waka Laka - EMC2 Mix
    Jenny Rom, Zippers (Album: Speed Revolution, Vol. 1)
    This was on one of the Dance Dance Revolution games I have. I forget which. But it's a weird and overly energetic song, like the songs I like in DDR. It's something where you can set the difficulty to max and only some dance wizard could hit all the arrows.
  74. Work It
    Missy Elliott (Album: Under Construction)
    Is it worth it? Then it should be worked on. Put a thing down to flip as well as reverse it, then do that to the vocal track to demonstrate. It's a classic 2000s rap song.
  75. Miracle
    Caravan Palace (Album: Chronologic)
    From the artists with some hot electroswing tracks I can certainly jam with, this is a single from their latest. It still has electroswing elements but there's a bit more modern techno with all that echoing to this track. It's still a nice track.
  76. Who Do You Want To Be
    Oingo Boingo (Album: Good For Your Soul)
    So this is on here again, but it's a fairly different arrangement from a different album. The one up higher was on Tony Hawk, this one's different. And sounds a bit quieter. The loudness wars were a thing with a number of albums, but mainly the trumpets stand out much more this time.
  77. Beautiful Way
    Beck (Album: Midnite Vultures)
    Around a minute and a half in is probably where that 30 second clip that came with some version of Windows starts. That's about where I know this song from. When Windows Media Player had those weird Winamp skins.
  78. Lose Control (feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop)
    Missy Elliott, Ciara, Fatman Scoop (Album: The Cookbook)
    The music makes you lose control to where a triangle vibrates. Or some blue hamsters frantically scurry across a synthesizer. Another classic 2000s rap track from Missy Elliott, but also with other people showing up this time.
  79. Burp in Your Face
    Burp Band (Album: Burp Songs Vol. 1)
    So if you don't already know, I look up some strange things on Spotify at times, just to see what the limits of weirdness are on the site. This song is a bunch of belching to a beat. That's it. It's like the fart songs you can find but it's belching.
  80. Horse
    Salvatore Ganacci (Album: Horse)
    This is a strange electronic song with a hardcore beat and this constant moaning type noise, and it has a very strange video to match. I think it says something about society, at least what I think, maybe. It's hilarious and sad but weird and satisfying. It's maybe about revenge for the sins of humankind.
  81. Space Magic
    meganeko (Album: Nascens)
    I think I was trying to find other tracks from this artist I might like. This one isn't quite up there, though, it's a bit too modern EDM for me. If that broken-ass Cocket League game wasn't so embracing of the crummy side of modern EDM, maybe it'd still have a redeeming quality, but I think the only time it really had great music was when they took a song from Top Gun. Then they replaced it with a crappy cover. Maybe a sign of things that would come.
  82. Why Can't We Be Friends?
    War (Album: Why Can't We Be Friends?)
    A 70s hit about trying to be friendly despite things. Somehow Smash Mouth covered it and it was also played in honor of docking spacecraft between the US and Soviets in the midst of the Cold War.
  83. Show Your Ass
    J-Kwon, Eboni Eyes (Album: Hood Hop)
    J-Kwon made a song called Tipsy and I think that's all that was known about this artist, that teen drinking is "very bad" but having a fake ID somehow cancels that out. It's a rap song that kinda sounds like farts in the background that also slightly sounds like Tipsy and has someone else on it.
  84. Chop Suey!
    Nekrogoblikon (Album: Chop Suey!)
    This is a weird cover. It has elements of electronic, trap, and also metal for a lot of it. It kinda sounds like a mess to me, but maybe I forgot what this cover was so I may have tried looking at it a couple times.
  85. Who's Up?
    LunchMoney Lewis (Album: Who's Up?)
    This artist, who hasn't come out with any full albums that I can tell, sticking to EPs and singles, I keep looking for another hit jam since I first heard Bills. This one's all right.
  86. Itachi
    Eddie Rath (Album: Naruto 2009)
    If you want a rap song about Naruto stuff that has peaking audio and samples from Naruto, this is the jam for you. And so is the rest of the album. It's the style of almost asking a question in the middle of most of the lines. I just find this whole existence of an album incredible. Even the most recent album I found from this artist seems to have nerdcore elements.
  87. Heut' ist mein Tag
    Blümchen (Album: Für immer und ewig)
    A song that's been on the internet involving a meme about things that became a legitimate concern later, but is also a hardcore techno type song. There was a segment of the internet involving upbeat fast techno and flashing imagery when a lot of this type of music was big.
  88. Hot Girl
    F.C.F. (Album: F.C.F. Eurobeat Hits)
    I don't know if I was looking up Eurobeat or the Hot Girl song from Hot Dog King. It doesn't feel like drifting as much as other Eurobeat.
  89. Ding A Dong - Ding A Dong Mix
    4 Tune Fairy Tales (Album: Happy Hardcore Top 100)
    A weird super techno rave song where it sounds like they took the vocals from one song and replaced the backing track with constant banging techno rave drums. Not that it's a terrible thing to do, because sometimes you might need a song that goes BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. I LOVE YOU KITCHEN GUN.
  90. Manganime
    Eddie Rath (Album: Naruto 2009)
    In this song, Eddie Rath asks if you want to see manga and/or anime. Probably Naruto ones.
  91. Ghost
    Mystery Skulls (Album: Forever)
    I know people I might know have heard of this artist, and maybe specifically this song. It's some kind of interesting… techno disco? There's also a song called Don't Fuck With My Money about not fucking with money.
  92. Driver
    Pendulum (Album: Nothing For Free)
    I was seeing if any of Pendulum's latest was something to check out. Well, if you like Pendulum, this is a very Pendulum song. A bit like when AC (Lightning Bolt) DC released their most recent album, or Greta Van Fleet still sounding a lot like Led Zeppelin. Knowing a style is something that can keep the fans around, as opposed to going in such a bizarre experimental direction where people aren't sure if they're listening to a bootleg that's been faked under an existing artist. Such as when every metal song was by Metallica and every parody song was from Weird Al in the Limewire days.
  93. Pack Up The Louie - Caravan Palace Remix
    Caro Emerald, Caravan Palace (Album: The Shocking Miss Emerald The Remixes)
    A modern swing track that's been remixed a bit in the electroswing style of Caravan Palace. I have said I've been looking for more swing style music to make an impact on the charts, if modern music isn't going to just fully become noisecore or the 80s again.
  94. Night of Fire - Christmas Version
    Niko (Album: Bratt Sinclaire Eurobeat Style Vol.7)
    This is Night of Fire, but all the lyrics are replaced with Christmas style ones in a strange way to make a holiday song. How timely. Same song, different words, still something to drift to, except the drifting might be unintentional due to the icy roads.
  95. Speedcore Salvation 600 Bpm
    Round Wave Crusher (Album: Brainwash: Lost Memories)
    I was still looking for even higher BPM songs just to see what was on here. Trying to find the point when a jackhammer beat becomes a buzzsaw instead. I think slightly faster than this and it might get to that point. If you want to test your sound system and annoy the neighbors all at once, speedcore in general might be an idea.
  96. We Be Burnin'
    Sean Paul (Album: The Trinity)
    I was trying to figure out what version was on here, specifically what they're burning. Turns out it's the version where they're burning nothing in particular and hopefully not the women mentioned in the song. So pretty much the radio version.
  97. We Dem Boyz - WawMart Studios
    WawMart (Album: Wally World 3)
    This is… a rap song. Maybe I was looking for the song where you keep having to hold up because they have to say that they are the boyz. Instead I find this weird cover where it's a Photoshopped WALL-E made blue and wearing gold chains in front of a misspelled Wal-Mart. And it may or may not have explicit content because there's a big NO before that label. And maybe Soulja Boy is on this album somehow. I don't understand rap.
  98. Dreamscape
    009 Sound System (Album: 009 Sound System)
    All rise for the YouTube anthem. This probably ends up being the solution to getting claimed on everything, just put some weird slightly off-key ghost noise techno over everything. Otherwise you're expected to hunt down several hundred MIDIs to play instead.
  99. Ghostbusters - Ultimate Version
    Vicky Psarakis (Album: Ghostbusters (Ultimate Version))
    I don't know if I'd call this the "ultimate version" when an album like Super Ghostbusters exists, as well as Bustin', but it's a nice enough hard rock or metal type cover.
  100. Get Busy
    Sean Paul (Album: Dutty Rock)
    Shake dat ting Miss Calacutta, shake dat ting Miss Annabanna, shake dat ting your dadadada, doing it on Rebecca? I think even this song is somehow on a DDR I have. I guess it makes sense because I still am hardly able to tell the lyrics, like a lot of the songs on there. I think at some point I was looking up 2000s rap and such given how much of that was on this list. Nostalgia for the days of getting an MTV2 bootleg before actually getting the satellite channel, I guess.

That sure was a list. After seeing that, you might wonder if I'm qualified in any way to review actual modern pop music. I'm not too sure of that myself, I just like to pick out odd things here and there or just see how deep the weird tracks go on things with a lot of music, while also not being stuck in what the industry tells me to listen to. In the case of any video or stream that might use music even briefly, they don't seem to want me to listen to anything. Anyway, the next list will be all about songs that got popular largely from big labels, corporate radio, and lots of streaming, which includes random meme dance recordings but not any kind of other content ever, such as video game soundtracks, because that's somehow incredibly illegal.

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