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December 31, 2020 (Originally posted on Neocities)

2020 Year and/or World End Log of Popular Songs

Somehow it has been about a year and we're back to having Billboard tell us what's popular. For music in general, there have been some good tracks out. For charting pop music though, I've really only found it mostly average again. Anyone who tells you that this year as well as the last year have been great for pop music isn't quite aligned with my same taste in music. They're not wrong because that's opinion. Maybe if majority influences opinions into a method of assumed truth then maybe I'd be the wrong one. Unless I'm not actually out of touch and it's the kids who are wrong. After all, my Spotify recap sure had some weird stuff on there, including things I'm not even sure I really listened to. Anyway, Billboard's list is built around numbers and stuff, so I'll go over that as determined performance metrics.

  1. Blinding By The Lights by The Weekend
    Since we didn't have one single song dominate the chart for most of the year, the top result isn't as obvious to everybody, but at the very least it's a song I find all right, some sorta 80s style pop song. It certainly could have been a worse song up top, but I could still likely pick a song I enjoy more from what came out this year, provided I search through that a bit. You can't really ask for everything in the face of possible societal collapse, though, so this one is fine. If pop music is moving towards this synth-heavy sound in the face of everything generally being done with computers anyway, it only makes sense to make sure there's actually a good melody to the song like this one seems to have, and then you end up with the 80s somehow.
  2. Circles by Post-Apocalyptic Malone
    But it was just a sex boat. This song has been out for quite some time and it's still this high on the list. I still don't find the vocals to be bad, but they have a hint of a goat chewing on something. It's also a sappy song in a way so I don't really go for those.
  3. Obvious Joke In The Box by Roddy Ricch
    I didn't see Roddy on the ballot this year, but Kanye West was unsurprisingly there. Maybe a write-in candidate this time, maybe in 2024 there'll be a full campaign running against the Juggalo candidates. Anyway this song is full of that onomatopoeia that Childish Gambino previously had while there's a rap about getting lazy, running for president even though I didn't see that happen, and then something about CashApp. I don't even really know what that is but I think it's a way to put money on phones. I still think putting all your money on a phone is weird.
  4. Don't Let's Start Now by Two Lips
    A song that played a lot on the radio and tells someone to not suddenly start caring about someone doing what they want and trying to prevent it because they clearly didn't care enough before. I think. It also starts going "what what" or "work work" or possibly even "wurwurwurwurwur". Maybe not as far as that last one though.
  5. Rockstar by The Baby and Rody Rich
    I don't know how many songs that aren't by Nickelback that we'll get called Rockstar, but here's another for the stack. Somehow this is about being a rock star, but in trap or rap and using guns instead of guitars. I guess it's about the guns they're using in the zombie apocalypse in the video. Sometimes if you look online you'll find people who made songs out of gun sounds they found in video games. But what if they had dogs instead? Dog songs are a good idea.
  6. Adore You by Hairy Style
    The video makes this clear that this song is about a fish. Otherwise it's a love song that's not quite as annoying to me as other sappy love songs but still somewhat in the same vein as love songs tend to be of me not being a big fan of them. But I mean if you want to make your love song notable, making it about a fish is a good go at it.
  7. Life Is Going Okay, I Guess by Future Drake
    A rap song about life going fine. Like those shirts that could be found at airports or malls. Also the video shows this rap duo in a bunch of random jobs, like when Drake started at the bottom before starting on Degrassi. It's a rap song.
  8. Memories by Maroon 5 in D featuring Johann Pachelbel
    I'd rather listen to the real classical music this copies, or at least a version of a song that brings in Pitbull. Dalé. Donkey Kong. MIAMI EQUALS.
  9. Them Bones by Maren Morris
    OW. Wait, this isn't Alice In Chains. This is about the bone structure being the most important thing, and then nothing else matters. Maybe it's an anthem for the skeleton uprising. Be sure to eat the calcium. I think they could have used a metal anthem if that was the case.
  10. Someone You May Or May Not Have Loved Or Used To Know by Lewis Capaldi
    What a sappy song. This is not my jam. This is the opposite of jam. Not even jelly or peanut butter. Or bread I guess. It's just very sappy and I can't stand it. I'd rather have a regular sandwich.
  11. Say So by Dog or Cat or Cow
    A song about cows and anime boobs. Wait, no, this is actually some polished modern disco-esque song that I first thought was Nicki Minaj during the rap parts. I never latched on to this one, it sounds pretty background-y.
  12. I Hope by Gabby Barrett and Charlie Pooth
    Originally this was a country song by the first artist, then this got remade into a second version with Charlie Pooth. It somehow became more generic with the backing track becoming some kind of trap, or maybe just general pop stuff now, that drops whatever intensity the original country style had. Leave it to Billboard to highlight the version I prefer less of a song I'd normally find okay in the original form.
  13. What's Poppin' Gamers by Jack Harlow, A Baby, Tory Lanez with a Z, and Small Wayne
    Here's a rap song with a bunch of people. I keep thinking it's going to become Imaginary Places by Busdriver but it doesn't really improve in that way. I would prefer that song, which is on Tony Hawk's Underground.
  14. Dance Monkey by Tones And Not Me
    This song is about a monkey told to dance. Metaphorically, of course. But the person singing this sounds very squeaky on this song and keeps going OOOOOH and AAAAAAH, so I start thinking maybe this was typed up by a bunch of monkeys inserting their own lyrics. If it wasn't for it being probably very illegal, the prospect of having monkeys type up an album's worth of song lyrics would be enticing, provided the monkeys are treated with respect and compensated properly.
  15. Savage by Megan the Horse
    A rap about being savage, followed by several other descriptors which serve to enhance the bragging. That's a song. I don't know what to think, I'm very middle of the road on it since it didn't really stand out to me at the time.
  16. Roxanne by Arizona Zervas
    An autotune rapper trap raps about Roxanne, who might have put on a red light. And then says Malibu repeatedly in a way that sounds just a bit funny to me.
  17. Intentions by Justin Bustin and Quavo
    Pretty generic pop from a pretty generic-sounding pop person. I mean, graduating from being annoying to just being generic is a step in the right direction, but there's usually more steps. Also Quavo is there for some reason.
  18. Everything I Wanted by Billish Illish
    I still don't really get this style of music that's hard to hear even at max volume because of all the whispering. If this music comes on in clubs, people who normally fart loudly during songs would be exposed. I don't consider that a bad quality, but I really don't get it or feel like this is the type of song I'd go for.
  19. Roses by Saint John
    This sure is a weird Outkast cover, probably because it's not. The song is a trap rap with singing and is a bit slow, like trap rap seems to be. The remix is sped up and pitched up with some extra beat layered on it. The chart doesn't specify the remix, but they probably mean the remix. I thought this was some baby techno featuring a baby because of how much it was pitched up and how little I could tell what was being said.
  20. Hairy Watermelon by Sugar Styles
    We used to be able to touch faces freely somehow but now I've gotta wander around the Icelandic-looking American wasteland with a baby strapped to my chest and hauling a stack of crates five times taller than I am. And this singer keeps going on about eating watermelons or relating some kind of possibly sex to watermelons. I never found watermelons to be that sweet, way more watery. Maybe I was getting the wrong kind. I'd usually be more into honeydew, maybe.
  21. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Lewis Capaldi
    Here's a sappy love song that sounds like one of those songs that I've heard before I switched the radio station because I'm not into it.
  22. Falling by Trevor Daniel
    This sounds like one of those songs that sounds like those other songs that all sound like some kind of song that isn't what I'm into at all. You know, the kind of thing I hear on the radio when I'm changing channels but forget about it immediately until I hear it again.
  23. 10 Billion Hours by Dan and Shay and Jieber Bustin
    I need way less hours of this than even Maroon 5 these days. Maybe zero. Maybe even negative hours. Instead I found something called "10 hours of shreksophone". That should do.
  24. WAP by Cardib and A Horse Named Megan
    Now this song is a song. The video is certainly something as well, you have a nipple fountain and the house is flooding and there's wall ass and tiger fucking. That's the first 30 seconds. It gets weirder. Then some random part with some woman walking down a hallway where there's no music. But the song itself keeps talking about how there's whores inside of this house. It's from a song that has a "Doo Doo Brown Version". And then the censored versions get even weirder. You go from the straightforward "wet-ass pussy" to "wet and gushy", which the latter sounds like something that should be checked out by a doctor. And I don't mean that in the sense where some uptight jackass who doesn't know how sex works spouting off about women talking about sex being somehow taboo when dudes talk about their schlongs hourly on their Twitter probably when they're not insisting that women live inside of kitchens purely to serve, I mean actual possible medical concern. But if it's normally like that, fine, at least you confirmed that everything's fine, it just sounds a bit off-putting, where the word "gushy" is a bit like the word "wiggle" in songs, it's hard to make it work at all. Also the idea of chewing on genitalia. I don't want to see that, Yung Joc. Of course, there's an even more censored version where it just goes "wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet" for an hour. Any other words are removed, like the repeated "whores" in the track, also "the". Personally I would have put this higher up because it's just such a track, but I guess it came out late in the year so it's lower down. Which of course means it was recreated in Animal Crossing like many other music videos.
  25. Ballin' by Beats by DJ Mustard and Rodddy Riccch
    Some kind of trap rap sing song where once again, the buzzard is on the meat or something like that. I think a whole album's worth of content, at least, could be made of just that exact phrase from every time it's been on songs.
  26. FUCK YOU Bummer by FUCK YOU
    FUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuUUUUuUuuuuUUUUUUUuuuUUUuuuCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU, this that FUCK YOU FUCK YOU anthem, put your FUCK YOU FUCK YOU pants up. So many swears that this song might end up being from Fuckcherry on their Fuck album. Maybe not that many actually. But maybe there should be. It's art, probably.
  27. Blueberry Faygo by Not Insane Clown Posse
    Here's another one of those trap rap sing songs if I'm even close on this genre but likely not. I've only just learned recently about trap existing. Time to fill a pool full of Faygo and diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive in it.
  28. Heartless by The Weekend
    This sure is a Weekend song while he licks an entire toad that may or may not even be remotely psychoactive in some attempt at a parody of a movie based on a book and that Avenged Sevenfold did a song about maybe.
    IT IS TIME TO YELL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA but apparently this song has a video where it's on Broadway and the Hip Hop Musical. Mainly it just looks like a rap video to me. What it really needs is MORE SCREAMING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  30. Love You To Lose Me by Selena Gomez
    To me, this song sounds like Drake trying to talk to a boring robot. BLAH BLAH yeah BLAH BLAH yeah BLAH BLAH yeah BLAH BLAH yeah BLAH BLAH yeah BLAH BLAH yeah BLAH BLAH yeah BLAH BLAH yeah
  31. Good As Hell by Lizzo
    A hot song from Lizzo who also brought us the jam of Juice and the song that went straight to the top after that one despite being an even earlier work not initially on that album Truth Hurts. I keep hearing it as "I am the hair boss". But if someone got sucked into a pyramid scheme, the song to them would be something like "I am a girl boss, check my bank, looking kinda empty ‘cause I'm broke as hell". Friends don't knowingly let friends join pyramid schemes. Friends also don't contact you out of nowhere after never talking to you to sell some beauty product that makes the entire skin fall off in the most shallow way and with the worst timing possible.
  32. Tootsie Roll Slide by Drake
    I could have sworn this was on the list last year because I didn't remember if I already made that dumb joke on a list. Drake wanders around a big-ass house in winter clothes and then mentions the son of someone named Michael Jack. Given the long pause, I would think that's what was meant.
  33. Two My Lips by Break Heart
    A song about staying at home for the rest of your life. At first it was because of heartbreak but now it's because of constant mortal danger at everything waiting outside to murder in cold blood. That can also be heartbreak, as in something ripping it out of someone's chest, probably. I don't go out much so I don't really know what life is at the moment. What this song does kinda sound like to me is Another One Bites The Dust.
  34. Chasin' Yo' by Morgan Wallet
    It's a sappy country song about stuff. Somehow there's a "dream video" which I don't know if that means they hooked up a machine to the singer's mind to record a music video from the dreams that happened. There's not enough utterly bizarre stuff happening for that to be plausible, though. Or maybe the dreams are just not very interesting there.
  35. Savage Love (Laxative Siren Head Slender Clone) by Jerma685 and Jason Derulo
    There's no sirens or Mr. Screamy Hoopla in this song at all. It's some MIDI saxophone. Also Jason Derulo.
  36. No Guidance by Drake and Not Drake
    I only remember this from last year because of Drake attempting to look like a total dork and the actual dork looking like a total bandanna. Nothing has changed there.
  37. My Oh My Oh My Oh My by Camilia Caballero and The Baby
    The video opens up like it's going to be like the swinging and/or roaring 20s but then it's modern pop, complete with a rap break. That's disappointing. I'd rather see more modern takes on swing. I recommend looking into electroswing.
  38. Dynamite by Beats by Dr. K-Pop
    I throw my ass up in the air somehow, I say day-o, one day sale. This whole K-Pop thing now seems to be another way to obsess over boy bands, they're just from somewhere else again. Also a lot of the lyrics are in English now instead of having random English words mixed in. This is a fine enough party song, all upbeat and such. And I'm not just not saying anything bad about it to prevent from being attacked on Twitter because I don't even use that anymore. It's actually just a fine song. Then someone's going to find a way to attack me because I didn't say it was the best song ever. To be fair, Tenacious D or One Direction don't seem to know what that is either.
  39. Go Crazy by Crazy Thug and Crazy Brown
    Why is the thumbnail for the video one of those bad Photoshop deals with eye graphics pasted on? It reminds me of those BRUTAL NATURE FIGHTS BACK compilations with their badly Photoshopped thumbnails where they just scribbled in red after pasting together stock images of tigers and zebras. The song is general fare for the one guy, but also somehow the video ends with two girls coming from some kind of Hell dimension and then the guys get bad Photoshop eyes like in the thumbnail and run into the Hell dimensions, I guess. What are videos?
  40. High Fashion by Roddddy Ricccch and Mustard On The Suit
    Less onomatopoeia, more mustard stains. It sure is some kind of trap rap thing with singing. I think that's the genre? Knowing me I'm probably definitely wrong, but who knows. Maybe trap music was from last year and now it's some kind of… new word I can't even pronounce. I'm wondering if they're going to get to Music 2.
  41. Laugh Right Now Then Cry Forever by Big Drake and Lil Durk
    Drake says "baby" almost as much as "yeah" in this one. These rappers visit the Nike store to buy Nike stuff in this Nike commercial.
  42. Woah, it's a Small Baby
    Woah, this sounds a lot like other songs I've heard probably, and I'm not impressed by this type of song in general.
  43. Death Bed (Coffee Skull Injection) by Powfu and bebabbebaeuabaeuoeaubebaebuaeuaeoabueaueuoabe
    So it's this sappy rap-esque song. Not for me. Another one of those cases where I can't tell if it's a recorded baby singing in the chorus or just a sped up recording.
  44. Miss In Spanish by Shawn Mawn and Camila Cabila
    This song isn't in Spanish. It's mainly the one word. That's it.
    MORE YELLING. Time to be the highest in the room by climbing a ladder and smoking the entire gamer weeds. Also there's a UFO in the background stacking things to climb even higher and be the even more highest in the room. Don't watch the video on any kind of drugs or you might die. It's pretty disturbing and weird throughout, and also the obligatory Internet mention of extreme maw shots or whatever they're called. I wonder about the photographer who actually took the name Mawshots for a business and is a legitimate professional photographer that isn't focused on just mouths and the marketing behind that. At least he wasn't eating his own burger during those closeups.
  46. Bad Guy by Billie Illie
    If I knew I could get away with whispering into a fan and make a million seller that way, I'd have done that. So this is some kind of genius probably. I still don't get it. Duh.
  47. Mood by 24 Karat Gold N In The Air and iann dior
    This is a song that probably was on the radio, but hardly listening to the Top 40 stations I can't confirm it. It sounds like what's usually on those stations now.
  48. Rain On Me by Lada Gaga and Ariana Grandiana
    Be sure to download the bonus season pass DLC for the Fall On My Enemies mission where you fall onto the enemies and then a guest celebrity is there and says that you did a good job stopping that evil mall from being built before flying off into the sunset and then you learn that knowledge is power. G.I. Joooooooooooooooooooooooooe. Lady Gaga has done so much weird and avant garde type stuff already that if something comes out that's not just utterly bizarre on top of that then I'm not even sure. It does sound like a Lady Gaga song with a guest star.
  49. For The Night by Poop Smoke and Two Babies
    Yep, this is trap. Complete with the autotune moans for some reason like trap songs just have. I have no real thoughts towards trap done like this. It's usually just me wanting to move on to another song.
  50. RITMO (Bad Boys For Life) (Bad Boys II: The Soundtrack) (Shake Ya Tailfeather) by Black Eyed Peas Minus Fergie and J Balvin
    The Black Eyed Peas are doing more rap-focused things without Fergie, while Fergie comes out with the likes of M.I.L.F. $. Somehow I would prefer to listen to the latter because I can appreciate a song that somehow exists in the way that one does. This song is a lot of Spanish and also samples the Reebok or the Nike repeatedly, about to the point of it being annoying and just wanting to listen to the original song. Meanwhile Fergie's works can be annoying in a way where they're actually fun.
  51. Heart… ON ICE! by Rod the Wave
    Here we have singing over a trap type beat. I would consider this one not bad, actually. It's a fine song, almost like a lo-fi thing where it's not loud and made of autotune.
  52. Nobody But You by Blake Shelton vs. Gwen Stefani
    A country love song, also Gwen Stefani is there because they might be a couple or something, I don't really keep track of celebrity marriages and such. It's… a country love song. I have not been a big fan of country love songs, but this could have been a lot sappier, so at least it's not so sappy as others.
    If only this song wasn't so empty and a commercial. Not even one for trampolines.
  54. Come & Go by Juice World and Marshmallow
    It's only been a year since this rapper passed but it's felt like three. It also feels like three times the songs have come out posthumously than during the living career. It's mostly been structured as collabs from what I can tell, as for anything composed posthumously, maybe having the previously recorded but unreleased material being enough for several albums, even without collabs for all I know. Naturally, there's a lot of conspiracy theories involving this, and of course some people want to connect it all the way to Satan and the Illuminati, which is probably stretching it. However, several of these collabs were started on during the living career, it turns out, so it's not all just using previous material to make new songs. Long story short, the nature of this collab is having the vocals done by Juice and then Marshmallow tries to put together some underlying track in some mainstream EDM type style, but there's some rock pop influence as well. I don't know if someone with a bucket strapped to their face would be able to rap clearly anyway, but then again mumble rap exists. I have to say with some consideration that this track isn't just a lot of spaced out fluff like Marshmallow's other stuff can be, it seems fine enough to me.
  55. Truth Hurts by Lizzo
    Truth Hurts but every line ends with the Minnesota Vikings. You might think that would be a thing. I can't seem to find it. However this song's still fine.
  56. Insert Joke About The World Actually Ending by JP Saxophone and Julia Michaels
    Here's a sappy crappy lovey dovey ooey gooey vomity blomity song. If you're going to make songs about the apocalypse, at least have them be funny or ultra metal.
    The good thing I can find about this modern trap trend is that the songs seem to be really short. Maybe not short enough for me though, because they still feel long. I am just not into this stuff.
  58. Yummy Babies by Justin Baby Eater
    To promote this song, this pop-type person posted a bunch of pictures of babies tagged with "yummy", implying cannibalism. Probably. All for some worse than mediocre pop song. The word "yummy", like "wiggle", does not work well in songs. No amount of eating babies or giant insects would help with that, I think. This is a dumb joke and I actually don't beliebe this even though there's actual conspiracy theories of course, but that weird promotion angle at least isn't the later desperate attempts to hack Spotify, which is a joke in itself.
  59. Several People Band by Old Dominion
    This band is made up of more than one person, therefore this isn't a one man band. You totally messed this up. Except somehow this song is about not wanting to be a one man band. So maybe they didn't mess it up. However, it's a sappy country song, so I'll count it as nothing I want anything to do with. I would rather have a regular one man band here. And not in the modern pop sense where it's one person under a name formerly shared by a band. The whole strapped together kit with all the drums and bagpipes and such.
  60. Got What I Got What I Got What I Got What I Got What I Got What I Got What I Got by Jason Aldean
    Another sappy country song, lumping together toward the bottom of the list like lint in a dryer. For some reason this also has a trap drum beat. This isn't Florida and/or Georgia so I don't know what they're trying to do with this one here.
  61. Sunday The Best by Surfaces
    This is a casual party song made by happy young adults who seem like the kind of people terrible YouTubers want to look like, except not terrible. The video also takes place in a stable time loop where it's always Sunday. It's a feel-good song, not quite incorporated, but still nice.
  62. Godzilla by Eminem and World of Juice
    This is the second Juice collaboration on this list. Eminem just keeps on showing up, too, though not as often as the late artist it seems at the time. This is the usual Eminem rapping really fast and having some humor angle at points, including vomiting up Legos. Also beards.
  63. Bandit by Juicy World and YoungBoyNeverBrokeEverAgain
    Didn't have to go far for the third song on the list with Juice in a collab again. It's a rap type song about being bandits I guess.
  64. PartyGirl by GoLiquidPapery
    This song sounds like it's the bass boosted version of itself because it keeps peaking any time the bass thing happens. It also sounds very bored. Also the shirt says that drugs are bad but there's a lot of drug use in the video. I guess this means it's bad somehow. Also a bunch of random videos of women using phones.
  65. Die From Having A Mortal Kombat Character Perform A Fatality By Ripping Out The Heart by Maddie & Tae
    Sappy country song. That's really what I get from this.
  66. Popstar by DJ "We're Probably Great I Think" Khaled and Drake
    And we all just wanna be big pop stars looking at photographs that make us laugh. There's this weird self awareness from a DJ Khaled video that's making this yelling producer out to be like a stalker who spams Drake's phone. Instead the video features the guy who made Yummy somehow in the video part of the video, one who seems to be looking for more exposure than Drake would be at this point, where having Drake is exposure.
  67. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey
    THE LEGEND RETURNS ONCE AGAIN. For the first time on the Billboard year-end chart even. Naturally it peaks in December, as it did once again this year. I've even gotten a copy of the album myself. This song is also the focus to an alternative to Whamageddon, where normally someone avoids hearing Last Christmas by Wham!, but called ApoCareypse apparently. Still, this year was easy mode for either case considering if someone doesn't normally listen to the radio outside of driving a car, and especially for those not wanting to crowd into malls. Anyway, relatively modern Christmas staple. Really, finding fresh and specifically modern Christmas staples is difficult given Christmas is built on traditions and time testing those.
  68. One Of Them Those There Girls by Lee Brice
    Country song by some guy. That's this. Not overly sappy, not really standing out to me in country either.
  69. Hard To Forget by Sam Hunt
    It's hard to forget if you're hardly aware a song even exists in the first place. But later, probably. I don't know why this country song has some kind of hip hop partially trap beat. It's more distracting because the synth drums are way louder than most things. It's sort of like when you find a MIDI somewhere of a song but the drum track is about five times as loud as all the other instruments. And the person is replaced by some random instrument.
  70. One Margarita by Luke Bryan
    Also two, then three, then SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS. Everybody. That song with Lil Jon and Laughing My Fucking Ass Off is much more of a fitting party drinking song. This song is just casual dad country that plays on yachts rented by nuclear families when the kids just want to go home and play whatever meme game is current. At least play some Steely Dan.
  71. Panini by Old Town X
    Chowder returns. Well, maybe not to Cartoon Network, but the year-end at least. Cartoon Network is still busy showing a bunch of Teen Titans Go reruns, maybe not to the point where it's a massive wall of the show like before but at least there's a little variety.
  72. Hot (Girl) by Young Thug and Gunna
    Unfortunately the video for this isn't a timelapse of a video game girl becoming a mass of hairy polygons because of an animation error. But it does sound like a dog barking and panting. Also people are just on fire and the fire department specializes in slime for some reason. I guess this counts as a rap trap type song.
  73. I Hope You're Happy Now, BITCH by Carly Pearce and Lee Brice
    A country duet that's also about being broken up. Okay then. It's a song.
  74. Emotionally Scarred by a small baby, which just sounds messed up when you think about it
    There's a goat in this video, but the goat's not the one sing rapping even though it kinda sounds like it. They're just both tired of being tired and also tired of being tired of being tired as well, and they're staying in the house that is a white cube.
  75. Suicidal (Not Beautiful Girls) by YNW Melly and JCE World
    The fourth Juice song and collab on this list, it's a rap type song with singing. It's a remix of a previous song, so now there's two people in this.
  76. The Biggest Picture by The Smallest Baby
    Here's a rap song dedicated on the ongoing and effectively eternal racial injustice that humans commit against themselves, especially with consideration toward law enforcement inequality. It also reminds me of a song that came out in the late 1980s called Fuck tha Police by N.W.A., a song that is doomed to be eternally relevant as long as society exists as it does now. The song was said to have come from the fallout of an incident of a group member firing toward civilians with a paintball gun in drive-bys, resulting in the police forcing the group to the ground at actual gunpoint. The song is structured as a court case with the group members posing as judge and prosecution against a police officer representing the law enforcement system. It is a classic song to play on blast when driving by a police station as desired. It was also apparently played for about six months on an Australian radio station, and live performances of the song might somehow cause arrests if performed when police are present due to the lyrical content and people just not getting it as government tends to not get things. Long story short, some might say that all cops are bitch-asses/bastards/other b words, but just three letters for three words make the point more succinct.
  77. Only Human-like by Joan Ass Brothers
    Shit on the floor and eat the diarrhea and vomit when you're drunk. Moo moo moo moo. The dog cat is also a cow.
  78. The Who by Poop Smoke and 50 Cent and Roddy Riccher Than 50 Cents
    Is this about that Ric Flair drip from before or that band that does the CSI intros? 50 Cent is here, with his jewel-encrusted skull and everything. Maybe this is about that DJ Whoo Kid who played like the Robin to 50 Cent's Batman in Blood on the Sand. Maybe someday we'll get the complete trilogy of the 50 Cent game anthology, with two remasters and the epic conclusion.
  79. Prove The Sum Of 2 Integers by Professor Baby
    The backing track is lagging, they should upgrade the RAM. Anyway here's some kind of trap song.
  80. Stuckwitu by Ariana "Pussycat" Grande and Justin "Dolls" Bustin
    The sequel to the probably hit Pussycat Dolls song, not the one where they keep swearing about body parts, or where they're farting fire inside a condom, or even the one talking about how they wanna have boobies. This time it's some attempt at a duet where two pop people are trapped in the same house, even though they're not. There are no doors or windows to escape from, except there is a door and a window because it's a recording booth.
  81. Mood Swings by Poop Smoke and Small TJ
    In this sing rap song, women walk around with no pants. That's the one notable thing I got from this. The lack of pants. But only on the women. The guys aren't walking around in their underwear. I should note that in games where you can be completely nude from the bottom down, I often consider doing that. Like in Morrowind. Or Cyberpunk if I ever played that.
  82. I Demand That You Be Sad Right This Instant Or Else by Halitosey
    From the makers of someone in Michigan and Fuck Them All comes this. It's another song from the same artist. It sounds like a song from this artist.
  83. Cyoar by Poop Smoke
    How this song sounds like it's peaking and the first part with the low pitched talking reminds me of Eddie Rath. You know, the rapper who rapped about Naruto and anime and manga and such? From the Spotify list I just did? Also this song is about a makeup brand or something like it. Some kinda fancy brand. Like Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada, the basic bitches wear that shit so I don't even bother. Also it's just expensive.
  84. Supalonely by BENEE and Gus Dapperton
    When I looked this up, one of the first results was "Tiktok dance", so wild guess on how this got on the chart. Tiktok songs aren't always terrible ones, Fleetwood Mac showed up pretty recently. This also isn't terrible. It has the core structure of a funk groove and the vocals are vocals and not overly autotuned moaning. I'd have put this up higher.
  85. Even Though I'm Leaving, I'm Still Luke Combs
    It's a slow country song. I have nothing else on this. I don't usually listen to slow country, and not often country in general. Maybe the most I'd listened to country at once was playing Fallout New Vegas.
  86. The Scotts by The Scotts and The Scotts featuring The Scotts and introducing The Scotts
    This song, actually by Travis Scott and Kid Cudi (whose real first name is Scott) shot up to the top of the charts briefly because I guess a bunch of kids playing a game about farting nuts counts as streaming. It's a rap song. Also Roblox had some Lil Nas X concert where it was apparently possible to spam some kind of dolphin move to go hyperspeed. Then they hosted a Ready Player Two event. I'm only wondering if there will be a sequel to the game Ready Player Fuck. I also wonder if Michael Scott would show up on a remix of this as Prison Mike.
  87. Juicy by Juicy Cat and Juicy Tiger
    After scrolling past someone who screws around in VR I guess, as well as the Notorious B.I.G. song of the same name (which is a fine hip-hop classic), I found this weird-ass video about a cherry ass and then a watermelon girl gets cut in half, and then a rapper gets mixed into lemonade. What is this hell. The music is about the usual I guess.
  88. Fine, Be Like That, Kane Brown, and Swae Lee, and Khalid
    This is an all right song, it's a bit of a slow jam but not so down either to bed or in mood. It's just like a song about stuff maybe. Supposedly this is part country but it's barely even there. It's maybe just a single guitar relegated to the back of the underlying track. This is really more of a pop track than country at all.
  89. Homesuck by Kane Reference
    It's a slow and sappy kind of country song. And maybe about the military coming home whenever they do that, as much as some people tend to not want that to happen.
  90. Rags2Riches by Rod2Wave and A2R Son2Son
    This is a song that peaks too much and is a trap rap. It may also feature Lil Baby and sometimes not ATR. Maybe even both somehow. Rap is incredibly fluid I guess in the number of additional rappers.
  91. Bluebird by Miranda Lambert
    A country song with the singer in a cage that spins around. The cage should spin around really fast so it can get into the Beyblade tournament.
  92. Wishing Well by Juicing Well
    The fifth Juice song on this list, but this time not a collab. It's also not the Terence Trent D'Arby song. It's also not a Jojo reference. For any Jojo. Not even that one girl who was on a bunch of merchandise at some point. This song is from a posthumous album and features Juice in 3D form being attacked by emojis. It also reminds me of the Lucid Dreams song a bit. I wasn't a fan of that either, though.
  93. Does To Me by Luke Combs and Eric Church
    It's a sappy country song featuring general social media and selling guitars to pay bail.
  94. P*$$y F@**y (Over The Wounter Non-Prescription Medication) by Jhene Aiko
    I don't know what a pussy fairy really is. Do they live in a cat? Do they leave cats under pillows in exchange for teeth, or vice versa? I hope it doesn't involve extracted genitalia being left in random places because that's about the sign of a serial murderer. Oh, right, the song. It's a song. It's a slow jam type about sex stuff.
  95. ily by sily mily and emily
    I was waiting for someone to sing in some young whiny please-date-my-acoustic-guitar college kid voice over the sample but it never happened. Maybe they forgot? Or I guess this is some kind of EDM then, in that case. Not the worst EDM I've heard, but it is pretty repetitive and low energy.
  96. More Than My Hometown by Morgan Wallen
    Sappy type country. It tends to collect toward the bottom part of the list.
  97. Lovin' On You by Luke Combs
    Not as sappy but still kind of type country. It still tends to collect toward the bottom part of the list.
  98. Recite The Sum Of These Improper Fractions by Professor Moneybagggggggg Yo
    I guess this is rap. There's also a remix but the list only showed the original.
  99. Slide by H.E.R. and Y.G.
    This sounds like a quiet rap song. I think.
  100. Wakemdown by NLE Choppa and Rodddddddddddddy Ricccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccch
    I don't know that this would be considered the sequel to Wakidow by UNK. This rap song isn't even close. According to some comments, Justin Being Relevant apparently had some post involving the Wakidow song, and I've only just found that out. Shows how much that random pop person influences me, as in I just make dumb jokes occasionally then go back to video games.

Well, I guess that's another list of songs done for another year that somehow happened. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about poop music now. I accidentally typed "poop music" that time but I'm keeping it. It's really just mostly trap rap and then some sappy pop, and finding the rare thing I find okay or even decent maybe. And it's been this way for a few years at this point, it seems. It's all been draining. I still somehow managed to make dumb jokes this time. We'll see if I do another one of these in a year, depending on where pop music ends up. Maybe I should look to review more albums at least, if not instead. For now, though, I'm moving on next to another year-end list, this time of video games, something that tends to interest me more, but even that modern angle feels like it's slipping as well. No idea what to expect for next year. I expect to not buy any new consoles at least. I just put together a fairly modern PC after all, for the sake of VR, which I really hope there's a good future on, given it's either expensive or owned by Facebook as the main options. I feel like VR is more of a generational jump, even though it was doable on the PS4 prior. But that's games. This was music. I tend to prefer other music.

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