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December 31, 2021 (Originally posted on Neocities)

2021 Year-End Song Thing Somehow

Despite my apathy toward modern pop music in general, I still managed to find some things I enjoy in the mix, and therefore I've decided to review the Billboard year-end list that always comes early December before the year actually ends because fiscal years in the industry or something. I don't know. Lately I haven't really listened to pop radio, but with the way things somehow went, I ended up getting in some VR dancing communities in my quest to socialize not on social media post sites, and checking out the dances brings up recent songs as routines get made for them and so on. So essentially that's been more of my music discovery, outside of genres I normally listen to that aren't exactly pop. Of course I don't know always what's new and what's brought back around but the pop charts defy age sometimes. Oh, and here's Wikipedia's list copy in case you get tired of getting spammed by ads on Billboard and instead want to get spammed by pledge drives.

  1. Levitating by Dua Lipa
    This artist has been hot on the charts for quite some time now, and I hear the songs quite often on the radio, this one included. It didn't even hit the top spot on the weekly charts so I guess this happened from persistence, though not as blatant attempts at persistence as other songs have had, it's just had staying power and other songs from this artist on the same album echo that. I'll say that it's pretty energetic and while fitting right in the pop song formula it's very catchy as well. Also there's a version with one of those baby-named rappers in the middle but that one apparently fell out of favor after some things happened, in addition to the usual radio stations that cut out rap segments anyway sticking to the original the whole time. I've found I also prefer the original that lacks the random rap as well, even from a purely song-focused standpoint. So many pop songs just add in a rap segment for some reason I don't know why, like Rebecca Black's Friday. Essentially I can compare and contrast that song with any modern pop song that throws in a rap segment. Or Payphone from Maroon 5 where Wiz Khalifa just screams out MAN FUCK THAT SHIT. But anyway, this song is a fine enough jam of sorts.
  2. Save Your Tears by The Weekend and Ariana Grande
    On the opposite side of energetic is this slow song featuring someone who pretended to get a face job or something for some reason. Art is weird and fun sometimes. I'm not really a fan of this song due to my general not being a fan of slow and sappy type stuff.
  3. Blinding Lights by The Weekend
    On the not quite opposite side again is this faster paced song that's right out of the 1980s and also last year's charts. You can practically hear the neon through the synths. Not because there's some loud buzzing through the whole song, because there's not. This isn't a weird Chuck-E-Cheese Hooters Sonic concert thing, or some kinda soccer tournament. I can get more with this style now, and if it even motivates someone to perform a sick nasty dab onto the haters with it then go right on ahead.
  4. Mood by 24K Golden In The Ass Tonight and Iann Dior So Playa
    Here's an annoying song, it's just going on and on about being in a mood. What mood? I don't know. I don't really care either. But at least this is short like a bunch of other songs that become popular on the charts. But they did make a longer remix for some reason, because supposedly it needed to be longer. I don't think so.
  5. Good4U by OliviaRodrigo
    This artist kinda just showed up one day with a song other than this and I still don't really know who they are. But at least another song from the artist that I consider better is up higher on this list. It's quasi-Paramore-ish or something like it so there's more rock in this song than an average modern pop rock song. Catchy enough despite the weird lower volume verse segments. Overall fairly decent I think. Also very cheerleader-y.
  6. Kiss Me More Or Less by Doggy Cat and SZASZA
    This song gets so much play and it's been annoying. Lines like "all along my tongue is on ya" and "bury me inside the Gucci store, all I want is a big booty ho" that I've probably misremembered to some degree are all that stand out and the rest is just kinda elevator music.
  7. Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars and ANDERSON.PAK
    This duo apparently calling themselves Silk Sonic because reasons came up with this very 1970s song. Like a bunch of songs in the 1970s though it's a slow soulful ballad kinda thing. Ballads are not exactly my deal but it's produced pretty well.
  8. Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo
    This is the song that came out of nowhere and put this artist on the charts, whoever they are and related to, there was some whole story to it but I forgot because it involved a bunch of celebrities probably. This is a sappy song about getting a drivers license and also being sad at someone or maybe angry, I don't know, it sounds like other songs have.
  9. Montero (Call Me By Your Name Maybe) by Small Nostril X
    Now that Lil Nas X's role as being a rapper who's gay as heck and trolling the charts is clear, I'm sort of getting things. Maybe. As annoying as shoving Old Town Road to the top was before, this song's been better as a song itself expressing feelings and how ultra-conservatives didn't like it for being really gay and also apparently Satanist, despite murdering Satan in the video, and then selling apparently sorta-blood-filled Satanic Nikes which also pissed off Nike. Sounds fun. People from the Church of Satan were cool with it though.
  10. Peaches by Not The Presidents Of The United States Of America
    I don't know how this Canadian child turned remarkably average pop star keeps persisting but sure. Also this guest stars two other people who could probably carry this song on their own if they got on the charts, but instead they had to ride along with this one person with a name most people seem to know about. Long story short look up the song of the same name by Presidents of the United States of America. It's just better. And it has ninjas that the band fights. Does this video have ninjas? Nope. Just a weird room and sometimes a car.
  11. I Can't Believe It's Called Butter by BTS
    Smooth like butt. Er. Somehow not even getting in the year end top 10, despite the best efforts of overly obsessive K-pop fans pushing it to the top spot on the weekly charts for several weeks, even consecutively, is this song. For those who are willing to own 20 million MP3 copies each if they really want to since Billboard doesn't track local file copying, they sure tried. At least as far as I know, that is, but if they do, I'm about to mass copy some real shitpost tracks. Also it's all in English, because I guess K-pop fans really like English, probably due to a large percentage of them being native English speakers now. I think it's due to those who like boy bands looking at where boy bands are coming from now and just went that way, language barrier be damned, English is supposedly trendy over there so they'll market toward them, right? Well they did. It's an okay song I guess. I just think it'd be more fun if it was called Butt and the lyrics went "smooth like butt". Also whenever I hear about a dance routine for this, I just think of THE Butter Dance. The one with a woman doing a performance art of dancing on slabs of butter and constantly falling over as the floor gets more slick.
  12. Stay by Some Kid Laroi and A Beaver
    So there's this apparent genre which is from whiny-sounding teen-looking people who complain about feelings and stuff, which I guess is appropriate for the Justin guy guest starring here. I don't know what the genre is called, maybe it's called "hyperpop" but I could be wrong given I keep referring to another genre as "sing rap" that probably has another name. Maybe it's just similar. In any case, I haven't been a fan of whatever genre this is, and it also reminds me of nu-metal with its criticisms on how it was music for edgy teens rebelling against homework or something, yet I both ironically and unironically enjoy that somehow. I think this is the part in the music timeline where I complain about what the kids listen to more than usual. I won't call anything from this Satanic as an insult though, because there's actually pretty good music out there with those themes. Anyway, not a fan of this one.
  13. Deja Vu by Not Beyoncé and not from Initial D
    This sounds like Billie Eyelash or however that's spelled or pronounced, except audible. And maybe another instrument or two. It's too sappy for me. I'd rather drift hardcore.
  14. Positions by Ariana Grande
    Get it because it's like sex but also applies to having to play many roles in a relationship. It's a song. It's just there. Possibly rolling around on the floor or in the deep.
  15. Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran
    This is a very Ed Sheeran song, it sounds like a song Ed Sheeran made because he did. At least it's a bit more faster paced. And apparently vampiric.
  16. Heat Waves by Glass Animals
    At some point in the summer EA decided to hold some virtual concerts and decided to put them in the Sims 4 for some reason. For some period of real-world days, going to a location on an in-game weekend would have this concert going on with Sim versions of real artists showing up to sing songs in Simlish. So, provided your Sim wasn't at work or on fire, you could take them there and they could buy shirts that had English written names of the artists on there and other random unrelated items being sold there for some reason and so on. Then they could have "woo-hoo" with random other Sims there before peeing themselves repeatedly in the crowd and maybe dying from embarassment. Anyway this is one of the songs played at that thing. I wasn't really paying attention to it then because I was trying to get a Sim to do things and found it funny how speeding up the game also made the song faster. It sure is a song, and jumping through it to try to find where it gets good, I swear I encountered the chorus a dozen times. I still prefer the Heat Wave song from the 1960s.
  17. Without You by That Kid Laroi Again
    Honestly to me this sounds like a version of Jumper from Third Eye Blind with less production and instruments. And I'm not even a big fan of that song, it's an okay 1990s song, but still, that one tops this one. Also this song exclaims that it's not possible to wife a whore. Who may be in the house. Seven days a week. I would beg to differ, also considering the girl in this sentence likely isn't even up to such activities and this is literally some teenager mouthing off.
  18. Forever After Ever After All After Forever After After Ever After by Luke Combs
    Oh joy, more sappy country songs. It's so sappy I think they forgot to drain the sap from the wood in the guitars when this was made. You could probably make some fine poutine from the syrup leaking from those guitars.
  19. Go Absolutely Fucking Insane From The Revelation by Eyeballs Brown and Eyeballs Thug
    Apparently this was on the list last year. Somehow I like this song less now. Probably from hearing it more than once. More than anything it just sounds pretty generic.
  20. Astronaut In The Ocean by Masked Wolf
    This is really only known to me as a meme because of the chorus part. And probably happened as a result of that Ticky Tocky thing the kids keep doing on the front lawn. Also something about trying to avoid saying the term "brain freeze" but in a really roundabout way that uses the words anyway. Also it's short like a bunch of other songs that keep showing up on that thing. Also what you know about rolling down in the deep when the mind goes numb you can call it brain freeze.
  21. 34+35=69 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOW I GET IT by Ariana Grande + Doggy Cats + Megan Horse
  22. What You Know About Rolling Down In The Love When Your Brain Froze Up People Call It Brain Freeze by Pop The Smoke
    Here's a rapper they're probably going to release a ton of material on posthumously and also sounds remarkably like 50 Cent in this. That's all I've really got here.
  23. My Ex's Best's Friend's Cousin's Uncle's Aunt's Father's Mother's Twice Removed Super Cousin Friend Of My Ex by Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear
    A song that is allegedly rock, sure. It also sounds a lot like that one genre mentioned earlier that I don't like but slowed down. And has that artist that was screaming FUCK YOU at everyone in that one song about Hot Girl Bummers.
  24. Industry Baby by Baby Nostril X and Jack Harlow
    Following Nike getting angry at the Satan Shoes and that whole thing, Lil Nas X apparently had a court hearing, but it turns out that supposed hearing was just a big troll and led to this song being released, where the video depicts prison life, including a nude shower dance with many strong men awaiting the rapper's arrival for some hot choreography. If I was going to learn a dance for this song it would be the shower dance. I feel like the video really makes the song, like with Montero. Without the videos I probably wouldn't recognize the songs as much.
  25. Therefore I Am by Billie Illie
    I haven't entirely been big on the songs from this artist, because they're usually so quiet that I feel like getting one of those listening horns like a grandpa trying to make out what the kids are doing these days. I do like the subversion of loud pop that's template though. Also the video is about running through an empty mall and grabbing pretzels. I want to explore empty malls and get pretzels that hopefully aren't terribly stale. And ideally not tetanus. I guess it depends how long the mall is empty, and I try to stay up to date on my vaccinations anyway. Maybe some day later I'll be willing to explore a relatively populated mall again. Just trying to fight society's best efforts to turn me into a total paranoid germaphobe. Maybe next year, who knows. Just not during the winter holiday season. And maybe get some pretzels from somewhere much closer in the meantime.
  26. Up by Cardib
    Here's this familiar lady rapper once again, this time sporting a hairdo with living Barbie heads in it. Because reasons. I don't think I could comprehend why. Anyway this is another Cardib song. And yes, still pronounced "car-dib".
  27. Fancy Like by Walker Hayes
    Here's a song that was written for a commercial, except it wasn't, but ended up in a commercial anyway. Weird country stuff keeps wanting to be rap-like constantly. When it's not someone being really angry or proud about some part of America, or being super sappy about some woman. On the occasion that I would go eat out in a sit-down restaurant previously, I might rarely jokingly call it a fancy outing because it's an infrequent thing. But I didn't write a crusty country song about it.
  28. Dakiti by Bhad Bhunny and Jhay Chortez
    Spanish singing rap type song. Not quite exactly reggaeton sounding to me but sorta? Yeah, that's all I've got.
  29. Best Friend by Saw Eater and Dog Cat Petter
    Two rappers recount their friendship in this riveting tale of… stuff. Just talking about what it is they do. While driving a car made of diamonds.
  30. Rapstar by Polo G
    Not to be confused with all the other songs called Rockstar. Or Rapstar even wherever those show up. One of those trap hop sing songs.
  31. Windbreak Anniversary by Giveon
    It's very sappy. But coming from someone who had to deal with being on the same song as a persistent Canadian generic pop singer, it's all right. I'm just not a sappy song type at all. Even when I'm sad about things. I just get mad instead if I try to listen to them then because they're so sappy.
  32. For The Night by Pop Smoke and Two Babies
    Here's a rap trap song. There are three people on this song. The song is about three minutes long I think. I could continue to list facts about this song but I can't seem to come up with an opinion other than "this song exists".
  33. Calling My Own Phone by Lil TJ and Sixlack
    Somehow when searching this I got a result by Mickey Mouse, and weirdly enough it's a version exactly done in the style of Mickey Mouse. Who sometimes collabs with Elmo from Sesame Street. Because why the hell not I guess. Anyway the non-Mickey version is sure a rap song with a sample of a baby singing I guess.
  34. Beautiful Mistakes by Adam Levine Pretty Much Being All Of Maroon 5 and Horse The Megan
    It's a very planned out-sounding plodding song that's practically its own template of pop songs. Essentially if you wanted a song from the modern Maroon 5 or Adam Levine alone, which are practically one and the same and have been for a while now, this might be what an AI from 20 years ahead might generate. Because currently AI keeps doing some really weird stuff and that's entertaining. Including not being able to read the word "soups", thinking there's an advertised drink called "depresso" in the early 2000s, and somehow inserting a pun involving the "book of the moth" when a bug-themed book is the book of the month.
  35. Holy crap! It's this guy again? Also Chance the Hedgehog and/or Rapper is here.
    The video posted of this song says THE NEW ERA HAS BEGUN (for this persistent pop guy). Not quite verbatim but close. Sure sounds like before though. And somehow this isn't the only collab involving these two. There was that other one with DJ Khaled existing and getting top billing.
  36. On Me by Small Baby
    You ever rap a short song in autotune about sex and money? Well this person sure has. Also somehow there's several dozen songs called "On Me" released in the past few years. Including one with a fish from that extremely popular game about stealing grandparents credit cards to buy the hot skins, one by the small boat, and one involving Scooby Doo for some reason. What is music? Is this music now?
  37. You Broke Me First. By Tate McRae.
    The video description sure lists how the video was made and it shows. Just tape a phone to a car that somehow drove to a roof and try to not have it drive off the roof or get out of frame too much. Anyway hashtag relatable content. Relatable content such as songs that are in no caps and sentences and pretty much go NO U.
  38. Traitor by Olivia Bolivia
    This sure is a song about things. Mainly breakups or cheating or something like that.
  39. Back In Blood So More Like Back In Red Instead Of Back In Black by Poop Shitty and Lil Durk
    I seriously keep reading the artist's name as Poop Shitty. How do you even come up with that name. In this rap song it's suggested for some random folks to grab a glizzy. Which I guess means a hot dog given recent slang I've heard. Maybe they can grab it with the Glizzy Gripper.
  40. I Hope This List Ends Soon, Oh Wait This Isn't Even Halfway by Ggabby Bbarrett and Cchharrllie Pputthh
    This is a version of a song that just decided to throw in this other person apparently. One of those songs that's like a revenge breakup on cheating song thing. But then Charlie is there. To say the word "pooth" or whatever it is that's usually done on those songs. Or scream about becoming Marvin Gaye.
  41. Dynamite by BTS
    Not to be confused with many other songs called Dynamite. Okay well I know two at least. So there's more than one. Another English K-pop song written for those obsessive fans who would gladly buy a billion copies each to show their love of buying the same song a billion times to push songs up the charts. It's an all right song I guess.
  42. Wockesha by Moneybag, Yo.
    A rap song that samples some R&B song from the 2000s, possibly late 1990s, that I can't remember the name of, but I remember it being played. Also it's about dealing with an addiction to cough syrup, particularly in the form of "purple drank". A classic easily accessible and easily abusable thing from the medical system and one that likely brought about the popularity of the chopped and screwed style of music.
  43. You Right by The Dog And Cat Weekend
    This is a song. For a collab between Doja Cat and The Weeknd, it sounds like a song they'd make.
  44. BeatBox by SpotemGottem and PoopShitty or SomeBaby
    There's several versions of this song, and the one with the Pooh Bear is apparently called Beatbox 2? Also somehow some unofficial remix that got stretched out to 8 minutes long was the top result. I don't know. It's rap. It's a song that's not my thing.
  45. Buy Nike Now And Never Cry Again by Drake and Lil Durk
    I did this one before. So I don't need to do it again. In short it's a song from Drake with someone else and the video heavily advertises Nike.
  46. Need To Know by Dog And/Or Cat
    In this distant future, space aliens of the type a dashing space captain would seek to romance are finally able to get the future technology of a PS5. And they still take Ubers everywhere. This song sounds like others I've heard. I know I say that a lot but I've heard a lot of songs. Specifically the slow approaching sex type song.
  47. Wants And/Or Needs by Drake and Microscopic Baby
    It sounds like Drake is talking faster than the track initially. It sure is a Drake song. I wish more of these had official music videos so I could poke fun at those instead of being bored at the song. Even if it was some crusty animation. That would make it better actually, here's just the weirdest CGI attempts.
  48. Way 2 Sexy by Drake and Future and Young Thug
    From the album I guess titled "Twelve Pregnant Woman Emojis" is this. See at least this has a weird cover I can mock. And the fact that this song samples then tries to badly cover Right Said Fred's hit song I'm Too Sexy, which that just increases the intensity of sexiness to where the subject of the song declares even the song can't handle them at the end, this one just kinda ends and then has this weird bit at the end with lasers and a broken tape. What? Why not go back to doing things like smashing the drum machine randomly, that ending is the most interesting part of the song. Also Future is there to go weew weew weew and throw money at TVs. Or in this case attempt to be Right Said Fred.
  49. Telepatía by Kali Uchis
    Yes the title is Spanish for "telepathy" according to the translation. Now this is a chill track. Yeah I actually think I kinda like this. It's got the flow, sounds like space without being corny about it, which that can be a good thing even if done corny, it's just a tad short, but at least that means it doesn't go on for too long. I say I don't enjoy sappy songs, but slow isn't sappy, it's just relaxed here. Like how I've managed to get into the likes of Tame Impala lately.
  50. Whoopty Scoop, Scoopty Poop, Poop, Poop, Scoopty Whoopty Poopty Scoop Poop by CJ, and not the CJ who's an influencer and whose relationship status with a certain sculptor is still officially unconfirmed
    This "Real CJ" as described on the channel is apparently addicted to blue cheese. Honestly could be worse as seen in songs above. Oh wait that means money. Oh well, was hoping there was some weird lyric in this that was just like "I like cheese". Anyway, this sure is rap. And this Real Legit Authentic CJ won't take random women to a steakhouse apparently. Unlike the Applebee's ad above.
  51. Lemonade by Bitcoin, Gunner, Don't Oliver, Navgtr
    The video opens up with a yellow variant of Oompa Loompa murdering a fish with canned lemonade. Then the artists cruise through an ocean of lemonade that totally wasn't desert footage they put effects on. And don't worry, that one guy you might think would make a video like that involving such a volume of "lemonade" is headed to prison and has nothing to do with this video. It's just a weird video and I guess the term of lemonade is used as a sort of jewelry slang, like ice or whatnot. But what even is the intro of the video and what kind of name is Internet Money anyway?
  52. Good Days by SSSZZZAAA
    It's an okay song. The video ends with another song involving pole dancing at a gas station for some reason. Because why not. It must be one of those "full service" stations the jokes would go. However it's not a place like that, the marketing was along the likes with "Gas 'n' Ass" just to have something to do while the car refuels. Visitors can even try the pole themselves provided they stay fully clothed. Company policy. Regardless it's been interesting for business. I sure just made up some weird lore for the random ending of a music video.
  53. Starting Over by Chris Startoverton
    Sure, sappy type of country. Not nearly as sappy as other country songs lately but still in the zone. At least they've got a jam going. More just relaxed country than sappy because this is certainly listenable. So maybe not sappy then. Just touching. And jamming.
  54. Bodyodyodyodyodyodyodyodyodyodyodyodyodyodyody by Megan The Stallialliallialliallion
    This song is very much for a sex dance, describing curves and whatnot with a hardcore strip type beat with sex moans throughout. Certainly is a Megan joint here. I've even seen a dance routine that involves gratuitous ass gyrations and vibrations. I've also seen a routine from that same group that somehow combines the Dora the Explorer theme with Nicki Minaj's Anaconda. And then there's that Havana routine they did that ends with an ass wall. A whole wall of asses. For just over 2 minutes. And it won over 36 million views, including those who were "just here for the choreography". It's talent all right, that can't be denied. The official music video has similar events.
  55. Willow, But Not That One Movie, by Taylor Swift
    A song that isn't the overly aggressive punch along the likes of Bad Blood but more like the country this artist came from. I'm still not really a fan of this artist's work, just that one line in that one song long ago where who wears short shirts devolving into becoming Satan or however that went.
  56. bang. by AJR
    This song isn't Wham! and I'm not sure why it comes with an exclamation point. Here's what I think about this band. I thought this band was one person, but it's three. It seriously sounds like the music I've heard by them would be made by one person in a mixing studio. Like what apparently counts as Maroon 5. But it's three brothers performing different roles. The music they make that I've heard lately I can only describe as "Millennial music" from composition to lyrics. Unless they're "Gen Z" which would make it a technicality. Honestly I don't give a crap about that generational thing anyway because it really just comes down to how old someone is at the moment. Even so, it's practically music by (generation) for (generation). Hashtag relatable content strikes again. And it's not even interesting like Billy's Eyelash type of stuff, and more artists are being pushed to be like that than this. This song is just annoying. Like their other recent singles about being slightly less sad than usual or committing arson at the White House or whatever the hell that was. Which apparently was made as a theme song for the sequel Super Size Me somehow got, and that one didn't even feature some guy vomiting after eating a dozen meals at once at the Cluckin' Bell.
  57. Better Together by Luke Combs
    Oh boy, actual sappy country. Hard pass on this.
  58. You're Mines Still by Yung Bleu Cheese and somehow Drake
    Autotune singer sings about how someone is a set of dug-out regions each holding a collection of minerals to be extracted by a set of workers utilizing digging and processing machinery. Or some kind of love thing, I don't know what's up with the title.
  59. Every Chance I Get by DJ Khaled babysitting for a Baby and a Durk
    Clearly the best because it's announced at the start of the song, here's a rap song. Honestly not the best song in my opinion but it's nice to see DJ Khaled yelling somewhere in a song from time to time. DJ Khaled is quotable across songs. I wonder when DJ Khaled will collab with DJ Khaled.
  60. Essence of Wizkid, Tems, and a Beaver
    This song existed in a form where it was just Wizkid and Tems hitting up this hot Nigerian beat with some singing and it all fit together decently. So why then was someone from Canada imported into this, particularly that familiar guy, the one who's not Drake? It doesn't exactly fit. I don't even think Drake would have fit either. They're trying to make Justin like Drake, both Canadian, just by being added to songs at random. Throw a dart at the board of recent artists, there's your next collab. Is that what they want to make Canadian music out to be, just endless collabs? Like how if someone tries to listen to Mexican music in the US, or is even just randomly flipping the radio, they're probably going to end up on a radio station that plays essentially just one genre of it, then they might think that's what all Mexican music is. I mean, it's good music, but that's not all Mexico does. I still don't know how that one constantly beeping song got popular to the point where it apparently always plays when getting a taxi in GTA V.
  61. Chasing After You by Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris
    Great, more sappy country. Again. I guess that's what happens when you end up picking up the sap-at-the-bottom chart yogurt analogy. At least it's not Greek yogurt where it's made of concrete powder. I said it, I'm not a fan of that style of yogurt. And if the chart was like that then I'd consider not even doing one of these year-end lists. I sure put off doing this one and was wondering if I'd even cover this one in last year.
  62. The Good Ones by Ggaabbyy Bbaarreett
    See I thought this was Good Ones by Charli XCX, because I can at least see that song being fun from its hard-hitting dance beat. And the song about not caring about blowing up a car with a bridge is a non-guilty pleasure since I don't tend to feel guilty for enjoying music because what's up with that. But no, this year-end chart let Good Ones go in favor of this one. Can you guess what genre this is? If you guessed that it's more sappy country then spot on. A little less sappy than above but still. Time to power through on five wheel drive. Yes I added another wheel because it means MORE POWER.
  63. Leave Before You Love Me by the Brothers of Joans and the Mallow of Marsh
    I don't even know what kind of music this big bucket head even makes but this song sounds like it could have just been billed under the Jonas Brothers. I know I put Joans above but I'm leaving it. What did having this dead-faced marshmallow even add? Just the name? Like DJ Khaled including the top billing? Just without yelling? See the yelling's the fun part. That way you know the buzzard is on the beat or something.
  64. Glad You Exist I Guess by Dan Plus Shay
    This song exists. I know I probably say that a lot but this song itself exudes a sense of apathy in that same exact manner while acting like it's a love song or something. They don't even care about listing how many people are in the world, just "a couple billion", give or take. Don't worry about the numbers, stuff is just there. It exists. Like this song. And these artists. And my lack of caring about any of that.
  65. Lonely by Lonely Beaver and Lonely Blanco
    Not to be confused with the clown rapper version by a baby, who is not to be confused with Insane Clown Posse by any means, this is another song. Fitting the pattern, a very sappy one about being so loooooOOOOOoooooooooooooOOOOOoooooOOOoOoOOOOooOOOnely while in baby form in the video.
  66. Beggin' by Måneskin
    BEGGIN! BEGGIN STRIPS! IT'S NOT BACON IT'S DOG FOOD! The classic from the Four Seasons covered by an Italian band with a Danish name because Eurovision. It's a faster paced version of the song with more rock to it. And it's from several years back. Not as far back as the original, of course. It's pretty good, but being a cover of an already good song it's hard to mess up. Possible, but one would have to try too hard or not at all.
  67. Streets by CatDog
    It's one of those sex strip type slow songs. Yep that's all I've got.
  68. What's Next by Drake
    Not alien sex. Because this isn't a Kanye song. Who is doing who knows what now. For Drake, maybe just more terrible pickup lines responding to women who really don't like to talk to him and either claim or state that they're lesbian. Anyway this is rap. Not the rap where makes that terrible comeback line but it's a rap.
  69. Famous Friends by Chris Young and Kane Brown and not the other way around
    For some reason the song plays because the country singer told Google to play it. And it somehow was marked as a sponsorship. It's about people who are famous in a small town because country is about small towns, when it's not about being sappy lovers or being mad at liberals or trying to be rap or so on. At least this is a country song that sounds like a country song, and that's good.
  70. Lil Bit (not referring to a rap name) by Nelly and Florida Georgia Line
    On the other side there's this. It's a rap type song that happens to involve alleged country singers. It's a pop country thing at most. It is not the type of country I can enjoy.
  71. Thot Shit by Megan of Stallion
    The video is somehow kind of a Fight Club parody, but instead of the types of chaos involved in that regarding various excretions going into rich people's soup and splicing in subliminal dicks, it involves surrounding some old guy with a number of twerking workers everywhere he goes because he posted a terrible sexist comment on the video for Body(odyodyodyodyody) on YouTube. Then they turn his mouth into something wet and gushy. It's a bit horrifying, but fitting. Maybe it's also a bit like Inglorious Basterds in that respect. Except they didn't turn his mouth into an asshole to reflect such a status. It's certainly a ride. It's that same energy from WAP where it's emphasized it's not just guys who get to rap about their sexuality and how much sex they do and so on. This artist takes that idea and runs with it.
  72. Late At Night by Roddy Ricch
    Somehow this video attempts to be a Thriller parody. Sort of. At the end mainly. But the song isn't. It's one of those R&B type tracks.
  73. Kings & Queens & Jacks & Bishops & Aces & Jokers by Ava Max
    A dancing pop song about queens ruling over kings and sounds like another older song I've heard during the chorus, but I can't quite pinpoint which it is. I had to look it up and it's apparently styled after a Bonnie Tyler song that became a Bon Jovi song. I wasn't thinking of You Give Love A Bad Name though.
  74. Anyone but the Beaver
    Is this a Rocky reference? I don't know. It's another song I don't like from an artist I don't care for.
  75. Track Star by Mooski
    A song from that "sing rap trap" genre I keep misnaming together. Including squeaky baby noises. Because songs just keep adding those for some reason.
  76. Time Today by Yo Moneybags
    It's rap. Maybe trap. Is the difference the drum beat? I don't know. Maybe it's both.
  77. Cry Dababy by Stallion, Megan The and Baby, Da
    A collab rap song where a toy store happens.
  78. All I Want For Christmas Is This Song On Repeat For Months On End Until Christmas Actually Happens (Not Really But Wouldn't That Be Something And Some Stations Come Close) by Mariah Carey
    Yep, the essential classics right here. Number 1 every year every winter every time from now on. I wonder if this album's on the Monster Rancher re-release catalog and results in the same monster showing up as before.
  79. No More Parties by Coi Leray and the Smallest Durk
    This seems like mumble rap where the mic keeps randomly cutting out almost like it's sounding like the censored version. But there are swears so it's not. Also some boobs are blurred out because of a logo on the top being worn on them. Not because they're boobs.
  80. What's Your Country Song? by Thomas Rhett
    Obvious "not this one" joke. At some point in the past I also figured out what the phrase "When's your Dolmio day?" meant, and it refers to a brand of spaghetti sauce from Europe and Australia that's so unhealthy it should only be eaten once a week at most, so they made it the slogan to dedicate a specific day of the week to indulge. Just drink the whole can if you must. Or jar. Whatever sauce comes in. For all I know it's in a bag. Grocery bag.
  81. One Too Many Sappy Country Songs by Keith Urban and P!nk
    Though this isn't really a sappy song and more of a pop country thing. Because Pink with an exclamation point has to keep making songs and country wanted a way to reach the kids or something. They're not doing this because they're married though, it's not one of those songs. They're both married to different people.
  82. Arcade by Duncan Laurence
    Somehow this is what won Eurovision in 2019. Måneskin won 2021 with a song other than the one above. But back in 2019, this was the thing. A song that seems extremely dramatic for losing a bunch of pennies in an arcade. So being sad at Pac-Man or something. Also somehow a metaphor for love. Which would be more like gambling I guess, unless someone's got the hots for Ms. Pac-Man. I mean would a conceptual song about trying to date Ms. Pac-Man but dealing with a rival lover Pac-Man be better? Maybe? It'd be weird at least. Maybe some kind of parody.
  83. Yonaguni by Bad Bunny
    This sounds very bored at the start, just going yuhyuhyuhyuhyuh for a minute. Then it's reggaeton. Then getting a Pokémon GO tattoo. Specifically that, of the logo. In the end, becoming an anime and singing in Japanese instead of Spanish. Yes I'm describing the video again, the singer does literally become anime. Also the song is kind of about an island in Japan. I wonder if this is the song that would have come up if this artist got on that Pokémon 25 album earlier this year, but instead we got a weird Pikachu impression from someone else. And that's still funny.
  84. Good Time by Niko "Hey Let's Go Bowling With The" Moon
    More pop country wanting to be trap, including a shorter version of Pharrell's hat.
  85. If I Didn't Love You by Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood
    Sappy country but it's loud.
  86. Talking Knife by Drake the Drake and 21 Savage Pilots and Project Postman Pat
    Another rap collab song from "Twelve Pregnant Woman Emojis" where the video is weirdly edited stock footage from old horror films mostly.
  87. POV by Ariana Grande
    This is an Ariana Grande relationship song. Yeah. It's a song. I honestly haven't gotten into these.
  88. Just The Way (Uh-Huh Uh-Huh) Parmalee Anderston and Blanco Brownco
    I see, it's more sappy country. Related result, sappy Bruno Mars song.
  89. Steal My Lungs by The Weekend
    Out of the modern music scene, I do like this retro style when it's done right. And this sure seems like it. Sure kicks more butt than that other song called Take My Breath Away.
  90. We're Probably Good Here, Thanks by Dua the Lipa
    There's some kind of island groove to this song, and not just because the first line is "I'm on an island". The whole song makes it, and it's one of those non-ferocious breakup songs too, with a reminder to not be jealous of an ex finding someone else. I feel like there's more hit potential for this one. Also the video involves lobsters on a ship resembling but possibly legally distinct from the Titanic.
  91. Helluva View by Eric Church
    I'll be honest, I don't know what that cartoon series that's a spinoff of a cartoon which may or may not be extended into a series is all about except people seem to find it popular. Something about demons or something. Anyway this is country. Kinda sappy I guess.
  92. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee
    A new returning holiday classic has entered the year-end. This one is a rock and roll track in the original sense, and the song's length fits the modern music trend of short songs. It's a fit. Put that in your stocking and smoke it.
  93. Put Your Records On by Mitt Romney
    Of course the first result is the older song that's probably the one that comes to mind when reading that title. Fitting since this is a cover of that. And I guess they wanted a cover that involved a trap backing beat with sorta autotuned vocals that sometimes sound like they come from a can. And then the song kinda breaks at the end. Apparently this is called "bedroom pop". I wouldn't have guessed a genre name like that.
  94. More Happier Than Ever Before by Billie and the Eyelashes
    You can tell that this song's from the real Billie because you kinda have to turn it up to hear. Which makes it really funny when this song actually gets loud and implodes your speakers. And it's actually mastered in a way that's completely blown out when that happens. I may not really be a fan of the specific music here but I do like the approaches taken.
  95. Single Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting by Cole Swindell
    Country song. Not sappy, not really pop, sounds like country. And it's not angry at people randomly. This seems okay to me.
  96. Things A Man Oughta Know by Lainey Wilson
    Country song. Kinda sappy, not pop, sounds like country. But it has a bit of edge in that she knows what she's doing. Fine I guess.
  97. Throat Baby (Go Baby) (Pokémon GO To The Throats) by BRS KSH
    It's a rap song about soliciting oral sex. And not about something from Death Stranding. What a weird game, I should get back to that one. I don't think a human can become pregnant in the throat, and the Jimmy Neutron show only shows one human alternative as ass pregnancy. Maybe some other species has throat wombs. Anyway the remix version showed up above this version and the video for that is just vore for a significant portion of it. Somehow a slightly recurring theme in rap videos. And then a woman actually getting pregnant in the throat before the doctor vapes all over the place. I'm pretty sure none of this is medically accurate and nobody here is actually a practicing doctor.
  98. Tombstone by Rod Wave
    Not to be confused with the peperony and chease version from some kid named Andy. This one is way more serious. It's a rap song about the street life and growing up. Then the video is about a kid in an abusive family who gets murdered by the police who thrive on murdering children. It's pretty much taking things at their hardest and wrapping them up in just under three minutes.
  99. Drinking God And Talking Beer. Amen To That Brother. by Chase Rice and Florida George Line
    A song about celebrating life and considering one's "church" to be a communal gathering of friends discussing life and also the Bible. They also claim to have had a possible divine intervention during songwriting about soon having a lot of time to sit around doing not much before the Great Plague of the 2020s happened preceding the song's release. It sure turned out better than the last collab, Cruise. Also this sure is juxtaposition.
  100. Todo De Ti by Rauw Alejandro
    Some kind of Spanish language disco. And then a dog barks during the chorus. It's a nice song. If this retro disco wave thing transcends languages I'm all for it.

Well, that's another list done, and just in time. I went hard at this toward the end of the year from lack of motivation, but there are some good songs on here. Also glad to have another angle on music discovery with the whole dance community thing since the endless loop of pop radio is tiring enough to deal with. Plus the radio keeps making the songs messed up and weird sometimes, and not just removing swears. I typically don't listen to pop radio, more specified into classics or rock or alternative and such. We'll see how I feel about doing another year-end song list when that list happens. If I won't be as last-minute on it perhaps.

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