Unofficially Official Privacy Policy

Last updated 5/26/2018

Regarding an actual privacy policy that likely applies to you, please see the policy of the hosting service (Neocities).

This page is only to say that separately from the hosting service's policies, I do not collect any of your personal data through this website. However, I am able to see certain statistics such as number of visits or hits over a period of time as well as any site update followers via the hosting service's dashboard. That is the effective extent of "data collection" through this service which I have access to. I do not gather any information iu a passive manner personally or through scripts on this website. If you have been browsing with JavaScript off, you've probably noticed several things mentioning it, so please feel free to activate it for this site if you wish. All uploaded site scripts are hosted locally and personally checked for possible issues, including custom written scripts by myself.

If I do decide to collect any data, it will be done entirely voluntarily with notice, such as a separate survey asking specific questions. If said survey is located on another site, then that site's privacy policy applies. I will view and aggregate end poll results from such a survey in the most anonymous matter possible, and any published results will be anonymized.

Keep in mind that even though I do not collect random data on you, many things are, for whatever reason (probably profit). Be vigilant. Don't overshare. Sometimes the "smart" option is to get "dumb" devices, even as far as convenience in doing simple tasks, as less chips can mean less crashes.

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