What are popular games on Steam?


So for some reason I decided to pull up the list of the top 100 games on Steam for today and see if I know what they are and what I think about them and how many I’ve actually played.

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    I once played this offline on a free weekend. You can actually give the bots no weapons so they’ll charge each other and just stare at each other. I don’t know how interested I am in this one since they decided to go the whole “super competitive” path, I prefer the Counter-Strike games which let you screw around a bit and play weird maps if you want.
  2. Dota 2
    I once played the original DOTA. I had no idea what I was doing, except one of the times I kinda did, and somehow the team I was on won. I’m not interested in any MOBAs, generally speaking.
    It’s one of these games where you murder each other in the shrinking circle and then there’s a zombie mode apparently for some reason so then it’s literally like all the other ones. Not interested.
  4. Team Fortress 2
    Apparently people still play this. I’ve played since it was part of the Orange Box. Portal alone was worth that, I also eventually played the Half-Life 2 games. And I racked up some hours in TF2, many of those being actually playing. I wonder how many people here are actually playing.
  5. H1Z1: King of the Kill
    See the Player Whoever Wherever game above, it’s literally the exact same type of thing except this one they split into two games. What the hell is up with this thing being so popular yet exactly the same. I don’t want this one.
  6. Rocket League
    For some reason I’m a fan of soccar. I spelled that correctly. It has cars. Which have rockets. I’m very casual at it though, glad it’s going to have cross-play with Switch since that’s the only option for some of my friends. I like playing Gizmo and Scarab. The weird cars.
  7. Garry's Mod
    I think this is popular because of RP? I’m not sure. Back in the day they did a lot of machinima in this, though, weird random stuff to songs like Scatman. I think a lot of the reason I even got onto Steam was because of this. The Orange Box provides plenty of content for this thing. It’s pretty expansive now in terms of what you can do in it.
  8. ARK: Survival Evolved
    It’s one of those early access survival games which I think is coming out of it soon. Also it has dinosaurs. Not interested, though.
  9. Grand Theft Auto V
    I have mixed feelings about GTA. For one thing I like open world stuff, for another thing I’m somehow not a fan of crime simulators, except Saints Row adds just enough weirdness to make it more fun. I don’t have this one, plus for a while they were pulling a lot of crap with mods and online and money.
  10. Warframe
    I don’t really know what this is, apparently it’s an online third person shooter type deal. At least it’s free, though. Well, as free as games usually are I guess, they have to make money somehow.
  11. Football Manager 2017
    I thought people hated this version. For being exactly the same. They’re all exactly the same, I’m sure of it. It’s spreadsheet soccer simulator that might have graphics somewhere. So pretty much the version of Microsoft Excel with the easter egg with a weird version of Hover crammed in there.
  12. Sid Meier's Civilization V
    It’s turn-based strategy where Ghandi always wants to nuke the heck out of you because of some weird bug. Though they may or may not have kept that and instead made him be overpowered in culture victories or something. I don’t understand this game. I haven’t played it.
  13. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
    This is that one where you’re two teams and it’s kinda like Counter-Strike with more stealth and it’s pretty much an Ubisoft game. Don’t think I want this one.
  14. Paladins
    Apparently this is a lot like Overwatch. I haven’t played that. I don’t expect to, either.
  15. Rust
    Oh look it’s that other early access survival game. This is the one with all the nudity. Not interested.
  16. Terraria
    This is a weird one for me, it looks neat but it also lacks some things that would make me want to buy and play it, it’s pretty much 2D Minecraft but with magic and bosses and other things. I ended up wanting Starbound instead, which I’ll talk about on its entry.
  17. Fallout 4
    I liked Fallout 4. That doesn’t mean I think it’s the best game, but I enjoyed what I played, and I recognize the issues it has, technical and design. I pretty much cleared this one out pretty well, so time to find mods for it and mess around.
  18. Arma 3
    Arma 2 I think had all the crazy mods for it like DayZ and its battle royale mode which spawned infinite copies. This is pretty much the cause of a bunch of things. Also the developers got arrested in Russia or somewhere because they were getting photos of military bases or something like that in the name of accuracy. Don’t think I’ll play this, though.
  19. PAYDAY 2
    I have this because it was given out free, haven’t touched it, from what I understand it had way too much DLC and other problems.
  20. Black Desert Online
    This is that game with that weirdly in depth character editor that lets you do weird poses and stuff as well. However, I don’t really get into MMOs for lack of time and money, mainly time.
  21. Unturned
    This is some free voxel online game with zombies. It looks pretty generic to me, like it came from Roblox without much change to the graphics, but apparently it’s somewhat up there.
  22. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    I enjoyed this game. I got all the DLC for it which entitled me to the super special edition as well but I haven’t touched that. This sure has some crazy mods, though.
  23. 7 Days to Die
    Another early access survival game, how many of these do we have. And how many have zombies. This one does.
    Another MMO, I’ve heard good things about this once since they had to totally overhaul it after the start. Of course I don’t have time for MMOs, and I think this one also needs a subscription at some point. Might try the demo-accessible part, though.
  25. Sid Meier's Civilization VI
    I forgot that V wasn’t the newest one, shows you what I know about this series.
  26. Total War: WARHAMMER
    This is an RTS about the Warhammer tabletop stuff? I’m not good with RTS games, you do too much in them.
  27. Stardew Valley
    Like Terraria, this one looks cool but there’s just not enough to really pull me in and want to buy this one. But it’s probably going to beat out any future attempts at Harvest Moon.
  28. SMITE
    Oh, look, a MOBA, let’s not play it.
  29. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
    I have this but haven’t touched it since I already have regular Skyrim installed. See if there’s crazier mods for it later I guess that take advantage of the new(er) engine.
  30. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    I’ve seen this played, it looks interesting, but for some reason I can’t really get into the Witcher series despite having the other two games for free on GOG.
  31. Counter-Strike
    The original one, I see. I grew up with Source, though, but this one definitely is a big reason for online multiplayer in general.
  32. Euro Truck Simulator 2
    Drive a truck, I don’t get how this is so popular but it’s weirdly intriguing, driving around on a scaled down map to deliver random stuff. I haven’t played.
  33. Europa Universalis IV
    So this is kinda like Civilization but different? I don’t really know.
  34. Hearts of Iron IV
    This is a lot like the above. Weird. It’s even pretty much by the same company.
  35. Left 4 Dead 2
    People still play this. I think they pretty much ended up merging all of Left 4 Dead into the sequel eventually. I’ve messed with this before.
  36. War Thunder
    I’ve seen ads for this, some kind of free online plane shoot game I guess. Like the tanks one but different maybe.
  37. Dark and Light
    Apparently some kind of RPG that’s in early access and currently has crummy reviews. Probably not touching this.
  38. Path of Exile
    Apparently it’s like Diablo but it’s free somehow. Interesting but not sure about it.
  39. Mount & Blade: Warband
    I think I might have this for free, if not this, another game from this series. Apparently it’s a good medieval type combat sorta game. Haven’t played though.
  40. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
    I once played a free weekend of this. I chose to be a weird lizard, because in Elder Scrolls games I tend to go with the lizards. I might have enjoyed it more if it was totally singleplayer and more developed for such, so, pretty much thinking in the vein of the regular Elder Scrolls games. Also, MMOs and time, of course. Yet I’d totally spend plenty of time in a single player open world RPG.
  41. Clicker Heroes
    This is a weird one, how much is a game depends on definitions, it’s one of those idle clicker things where numbers go up. I have this and run it sometimes.
  42. Borderlands 2
    I have Borderlands 1, haven’t really finished it, apparently this fixes a lot of the things the first one did weirdly, especially for PC, since the first one you have to manually change the FOV so you’re not like smashed into your screen. I haven’t played the sequel.
  43. Age of Empires II: HD Edition
    It’s another RTS, but from the classic days. Haven’t played this.
    This is the Dark Souls of Dark Souls or something. I’m not a fan of Dark Souls, it’s too dark and everything. I don’t mind a challenge but this seems weird and clunky from just looking at it. Also I think Dark Souls games use the Oblivion Facegen technology so you can make weird characters which will just be covered in armor eventually anyway, armor that only protects from like half of a hit.
  45. Brawlhalla
    Apparently a lot like Smash. And it’s free. Haven’t checked this out or other Smash-likes if that’s an acceptable term since we seem to use the -like suffix a lot.
  46. Stellaris
    Apparently this is like one of those other strategy games but it’s in space this time.
  47. RimWorld
    Appears to be like Dwarf Fortress in space. But Dwarf Fortress is free and this is not. Of course Dwarf Fortress is the most insane passion project ever and is pretty cool for it. I don’t know if I’ll play RimWorld for now.
  48. Football Manager 2016
    Soccer spreadsheets, definitely lacking in rocket powered cars. No way.
  49. Dead by Daylight
    It’s one of those hunter versus players games, haven’t really looked into this one, though.
  50. Trove
    Looks like generic voxel game but I guess it’s kinda like Roblox, maybe. I don’t really feel this one.
  51. Cities: Skylines
    I played this during a free weekend, I guess if you like city management and trying to figure out what traffic is, it’s a game. I don’t know how I feel.
  52. Wallpaper Engine
    So this isn’t really as much a game as it is a way to put live wallpaper on your PC. Seems neat, don’t know if I really need it since I like reserving power for games and things.
  53. XCOM 2
    I’ve only played some of the first of the XCOM remake reboot whatever stuff. I don’t think I’m ready for the sequel which apparently just throws out anything good that might have happened in the first game.
  54. Factorio
    Factorio for my bungholio. It’s pretty much all about building a giant factory base for some reason and I don’t really know why. I don’t think this one’s for me.
  55. Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition
    Some kind of turn based strategy about ancient wars again. They keep making these. I’m probably not going to play them.
  56. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    I have a copy of the first Binding of Isaac when it was still in Flash for some reason, haven’t touched it, not going to touch any of these.
  57. Starbound
    So this is the Space Terraria I was talking about, it lets you be one of several races, including humans if you really wanna do that, but I like the other options more. I really like the birds and the plants and need to mess around with the others, too. Also all about jumping around a universe of planets and non-planets. I need to revisit this soon.
  58. Gigantic
    This one just came out. It’s some kind of action MOBA? I don’t know what to really think here. I don’t think I’m playing soon.
  59. Crusader Kings II
    More historical strategy games, what is with these, do people actually play entire games of Risk or something?
  60. Don't Starve Together
    It’s the co-op version of Don’t Starve which is some grimdark survival simulator I haven’t played and I haven’t played with a friend either.
  61. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
    This game, like many games on Steam, is here because of memes. I don’t really play dating simulator visual novel types of things, yet I still have to play Hatoful Boyfriend.
  62. Farming Simulator 17
    This one, like the truck game, really popular for some reason. I think I’ve messed with kinda farming simulators before but not this one and not even really like a full version either.
  63. Fallout: New Vegas
    I like this game, a lot of people like it too, considering it to be like a more real Fallout 3 with people behind it also being behind the other Fallout games before 3D. Also a bit more depth to the engine as well.
  64. Darkest Dungeon
    It’s one of these super grimdark roguelikes. I’m not a fan of the super grimdark thing, I find it kinda boring in gameplay. Also not the biggest fan of roguelikes, I wonder if they keep happening because people don’t want to mess with save files as much.
  65. Realm Grinder
    So here’s another idle clicker type of thing. Haven’t messed with this one.
  66. Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™
    This game seems pretty cool. It’s also really trademarked. Maybe during a Steam sale someday.
  67. Elite Dangerous
    Apparently this game is really hard to try to get into unless you’ve played other games like this and somehow got into those. I don’t think I’ll try that.
  68. DOOM
    This is the new Doom where it won’t run on my computer because everything’s too old for it for some reason. At least I can play the old Doom really easily. It runs on nearly anything.
  69. NBA 2K17
    It’s basketball. I’m not really interested, unless the game gets hacked and you have crazy mutant players show up who are all really tall or really short in various ways.
  70. Counter-Strike: Source
    This is the Counter-Strike I’m most familiar with. I’d always play the weird maps but I’d also add in weird skins for more fun I guess. Also I’d replace textures in maps with animated ones.
  71. The Sims(TM) 3
    I’d like to play The Sims (TRADEMARK) 3 but it’s still really expensive to get all the at least major expansions for it. At least I have all of Sims 1 and 2 to play with.
  72. Call of Duty: Black Ops III
    I’ve played Call of Duty games before. Not this one. They left out the campaign on the last gen consoles so I didn’t even check out that. I tend to just play the campaign, mainly.
  73. Pyre
    This came from the people who made Bastion and Transistor. I still need to play Bastion and Transistor probably. And maybe this as well.
  74. The Forest
    Another early access survival game. This one is more horror I guess.
  75. Tree of Savior (English Ver.)
    Looks like a Korean MMO. To the point where you have all the purchasable currency and stuff on the market but you have to remember to pick the right one for your region because it’s weird like that.
  76. EVGA Precision XOC
    Some kind of graphics card configurator? Okay then.
  77. Kerbal Space Program
    I have this one. It’s pretty weird and all about getting to space, maybe. Also science. And build giant exploding rockets for the fun of it.
  78. Geometry Dash
    It’s a shape platform dodge game. That’s somehow a genre now.
  79. Insurgency
    This looks like a new Counter-Strike that’s not Counter-Strike yet runs in Source. And also isn’t CS:GO.
  80. Total War: ATTILA
    Historical strategy game again, but this time you’re someone else.
  81. Medieval II: Total War
    An older historical strategy game, with different stuff, maybe.
  82. Warface
    LET ME SEE YOUR WARFACE. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. So it’s a free online multiplayer shooter, then.
  83. DayZ
    Hey it’s the “original” thing that made all these zombie survival online and shoot each other more often than you see zombies ever like literally five per entire giant map, plus it has the whole fight in the shrinking circle mode where you do the same thing without zombies and less map, there are so many of these now, I don’t like this at all.
  84. Space Engineers
    This still exists. I played it before, don’t really know much of what to do there. Build blocky ships I guess.
  85. American Truck Simulator
    Another truck simulator, if you like being in America more.
  86. Shadowverse
    Is this where characters from Yu-Gi-Oh go when they don’t die? Close. It’s just Hearthstone but Japanese.
  87. Just Cause 3
    I have Just Cause 2. This is the sequel with more stuff, maybe, and there was some weird thing about needing to be online a lot which I hope they got rid of, plus there’s a multiplayer mod for it too.
  88. Company of Heroes 2
    It’s an RTS war game. Again. These keep happening.
  89. Killing Floor 2
    This got out of early access without me knowing, I was sure it still was because games tend to stick in early access for a long time. I think I have the first one for free, haven’t played it though.
  90. Neverwinter
    It’s an MMO based on D&D, so if you have all the time in the world to do nerd stuff, this is probably the thing to do.
  91. Next Day: Survival
    Looks like they wanted to make Stalker into yet another early access survival game.
  92. Portal 2
    People still play this. It is good. I wonder what they’re playing on it though.
  93. Empire: Total War
    It’s another war battle type strategy thing that they have hundreds of on here.
  94. Heroes & Generals
    Some kinda free to play shooter in WWII apparently. So there was no shortage of these even when Call of Duty was going more and more into the future.
  95. Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
    I’ve played Flight Simulator games before, they didn’t entirely work the most stable with whatever I was trying to do on them. I don’t know if this is the genre for me, so I haven’t gotten this one.
  96. Football Manager 2015
    Really, just either play Rocket League or put together a spreadsheet.
  97. Fallout Shelter
    I have this on my phone. I think it should probably stick around on there, though the problem is that phones get really hot, so I guess that’s why it’s on Steam too.
  98. TERA
    Here’s a free to play MMO that I don’t really know much about, looks like fantasy I guess.
  99. Robocraft
    This one seemed neat as it involves building robots to fight in things but apparently they ruined it like many other games with needing too much money, reserving it only for the oil barons who are the only people that can afford infinite microtransactions and not care about it. I think the person with the highest Steam level with the badges and all that might be one of those or an heir to one of those because they have a pet monkey and good furniture that the monkey probably isn’t allowed near much. I don’t know how rich people live aside from they have a lot of things usually.
  100. Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies
    Here’s Counter-Strike again, but this time it has zombies and also Nexon is behind it so it’s free to play but also wants all your money and is very anime. I’d suggest just loading a bunch of weird anime mods into another Counter-Strike by the looks of things, but probably not CS:GO as that’s more regulated for some reason.

So out of this, I’ve only played a few of the most popular games on Steam at the moment. And a lot of the rest I’m not interested in. That sounds about right.