I’m not a Chainsmokers fan.


I finally have to just go on about this group who makes EDM and I hear their stuff all the time and it was annoying the first time and it’s annoying when the same printer-sounding song is being played on 5 radio stations at the same time. They started out with something that is very much not a song, some beat they made up while some dumb chick talks about how much of a dumb chick she is so she takes photos of herself constantly. I know it’s supposed to be commentary but it’s not good at it especially when the video they made up also capitalizes on it instead of ripping on it even more. It reminds me of something that came out around the same time which was just some clip of a song while someone said the name of a celebrity over it and there was nothing else to it. Pretty much highlighting the worst of EDM there. And then it continued in some direction.

They started making things which resembled songs more, but still not great. Not even good by my standards, and I’m someone who keeps going back to listen to MILF Money out of how terrible it is. This is when it started sounding like someone punching a Casio to death or a printer printing a really long and boring essay. Somehow these were getting to the top spot on the charts because either people stopped trying or the popular radio stations were just trying to find the worst things to make popular next to it so it somehow stood out. I know a lot of this is personal taste but this is my personal thing here. Generally speaking I listen to a lot of oldies and classic hits and rock. This is none of those, not saying I don’t like anything from EDM or other genres I don’t enjoy much of I don’t enjoy this group and their work. I went through a phase where I listened to Deadmau5 a bunch. I still think some of those are all right, though generally still feels a bit like background music.

I started thinking about other songs that have happened recently and their somehow need to just EDM-ize everything. You have songs that just break down and it’s some garbled clip over some synthesizers for part of it out of nowhere. It’s like dubstep but somehow more annoying because it’s just always on the radio. I think we’re approaching the point where either this phases out or we progress entirely to noisecore.

I don’t know why but I’m also reminded of this one foreign band called Edelweiss who supposedly followed this manual to pop song success to the letter and became a weird phenomenon for a bit. Of course their songs, as weird as they are, I’d still find more entertaining.

I’m wondering if I could somehow capitalize on this EDM thing or just intentionally make trashy music and sell a lot. If I could get a hit, someone with little musical talent, even if it was just a one time thing, which I’d be fine with, then that’s a pretty weird state for the music industry to be in. Meanwhile we’ve got other things that aren’t explicitly pop to listen to at least, coming out with new things. Independent and such. Or not so independent but just not pop enough to be on pop radio. More like poop radio. Sometimes something good comes on there but you have to sit through a lot of the junk first. Or keep changing channels. Or lower your standards. That part’s hard for me. I’m stuck with older songs a lot of the time.