YouTube and its top layer of garbage


I have many reasons for having ditched my practically non-existent YouTube presence a long while back, but one is that the website is generally unsuitable for use. It pretty much exists as a dumping ground for whatever videos exist because people can’t seem to find a better one though others try to make alternatives. It’s also a cesspool of garbage which all floats to the top and leaves most good things on there buried, so it only continues to attract the worst of people. Popularity inherently breeds stupidity as it draws out the blind-minded rotting sheep. There are meme videos, and then there’s much worse.

There are several alternatives which exist and I recommend using, though they have their weird problems and also are not as popular as YouTube and therefore it may be more difficult to get a following. I don’t see YouTube going away as it’s backed by a megacorporation and so many people use it that it could be stuck in a “too big to fail” situation, despite there being plenty of places for people to upload videos of any sort, they just don’t use them, unless I guess it’s Facebook or Twitter video formats. I could also argue to stop using Twitter and Facebook, but the main alternatives I find are generally worse, so not entirely sure what to do there regarding sites like those. Personally, I suggest getting your own website. Not to blatantly plug Neocities or anything, but it exists. Of course the whole social media aspect of everything these days maybe just makes a moment of online solitude that much more valuable.

YouTube is also a pile of advertising and desperate attempts to make money from a platform which is constantly reducing its fundraising potential as it tries to become Hulu or Netflix or something. Ads have generally stopped working which leads people to plug a random product for the first few minutes of a video as well as the last few minutes of a video and possibly just randomly throughout or just make the entire video an advertisement. There’s a line between a review where the product was provided and just totally selling out, even if in both cases there’s the disclosure of how the company behind the product in question may have supported the production of the video, even if just sending over a free thing. I’d say anyone who regularly gets things like Lootcrates to open on camera and is just somehow impressed by everything in every one is either way too easily impressed or somehow a fan of everything in existence or has totally sold out. Reviews are where opinion happens, your own, not someone who paid you.

If you’re on YouTube, you should look into figuring out how to leave YouTube. Unless they just ban your account for you which they might do for arbitrary reasons including copyright and probably due to copyright despite engaging in various fair use practices. Plus whenever a new thing comes out from the corporations and it gets auto-added to the copyright blockers, it goes back to things that existed well before that work and blocks them because they just remotely sound like something slightly in the work for barely even a second. If noisecore becomes the next major movement in pop music, I can see the system just taking down every single video in existence.

I know of a few video websites, results may vary. Vimeo can host things but they have a strange anti-video game policy for some reason, unless they’ve gotten rid of that and I also don’t know how much it’s enforced. Plus they really seem to prefer the presence of art videos or something. Vidme is another one, they seem to be taking a generally open approach, but viewers just need to watch out for the same potential traps which emerged from YouTube. Dailymotion is a site I don’t really recommend for quality reasons, but at least it’s not YouTube, so if you absolutely must use it if your fair use video doesn’t quite meet up with the policies of any other site. Note that I keep mentioning fair use, I don’t exactly recommend just uploading a lot of things that aren’t yours and unchanged no matter the site, unless it’s somehow a dedicated archive of online content which asks for the preservation of things in a digitized format, and there’s a site for that.