Is the end of everything more of a when or a what?


Regarding the end of the world and/or humanity, I tend to more focus on the what more than the when, as the best I could come up with is a rough estimate considering I’m not a clairvoyant. I could come up with a lot of scenarios regarding the what, but as to when they’ll play out, no idea. You could argue it’s a Heisenberg-esque scenario, but not really, that pertains more to motion and location, and while time is possibly motion through the fourth dimension, this is more common sense than anything.

When discussing conspiracy theories, common sense isn’t often at the forefront. That being said, whenever supposed evidence is found for the end regarding the when, it’s hard to believe, unless some country or group comes forward with a specific date they plan to blow up the planet and they can provably have those weapons ready and armed on that date. But again, that becomes more of a what as well. Personally, as I’ve mentioned, I think if humanity doesn’t obliterate itself, the planet will in an ever increasing stake at revenge, as it would seem. But again, that’s a what. I don’t know when, except for what could be happening now to further the destruction. I just figure it’s an increasing chance and something more ongoing than a single cataclysmic event.

A lot of the theories focus on this one event which wipes out everything, instead of it being more of a gradual process. Possibly the word “theory” is too much for these, more of an anticipated guess as science doesn’t often play a factor in these, unlike certain other real scenarios, world-destroying or not. What’s even worse is if they figure out a specific time, then what time zone? Is it localized per time zone? Can you stand on the edge of a time zone and watch the world end before running across it into the “future” where the end has passed and you can rebuild society? If, say, a giant secret planet built by some secret organization or however the hell that goes shows up to smash into the world, are its time zone chunks going to crash into our time zone chunks and somehow all the cratering will be localized?

I think they just like going with the bigger Hollywood disaster rather than a more real and believable incremental one as things continue to deteriorate. It’s a lot flashier. Maybe they just want to induce panic. Maybe they’re just straight up crazy.