Anticompetitive Data Propagation


In the continued on-and-off hell that is this year and probably life in general at the time being, now Vidme is dead. Essentially with YouTube existing, despite being one of the worst websites in existence at this point and of course naturally being owned by a megacorporation, nothing else can survive. The existence of Vimeo and Dailymotion is probably running out as well.

This is one of those situations where I remember that the apparent goal of a corporation is to essentially escape capitalism, which thrives on competition, to become the only option and therefore be able to dictate your life to whatever extent it can. Whether this is video hosting or telecom, they essentially want to become like what China does to its Internet. Or possibly even North Korea, which is so limited it’s technically an intranet, essentially a giant LAN connection. Essentially you use what they want you to use or you don’t use it at all.

I can even compare this to the Apple App Store, which is a walled garden for mobile, but for some weird reason Android seems to be the mobile platform of choice in China, probably because they can customize that platform to the government’s specifications instead of Apple just doing whatever Apple does as a corporation. At the moment here, Apple hasn’t taken over everything because Microsoft and Google exist, and the same for the others in that equation. However, it’s pretty difficult for anyone not affiliated with them and not using their platform to survive for long. Unless you’re Linux, but then again, that’s what Google’s using as a base for Android. And macOS is somewhat Unix-based, just very corporate.

The current argument is to keep the Internet here as a utility instead of a service, given its communication nature. The corporations want no regulation restrictions so they can deliver it how they want, so in order to prevent this, there has to be a penalty for doing so, or else they will do anything they can possibly get away with as long as there are paying customers. The main problem is people are stupid and greedy. And those people tend to head major corporations. The rest of the stupid people will just keep paying for whatever, no matter what it’s doing. Currently I’m working on ditching my current mobile provider but for cost reasons it will be difficult. If I have to drop the Internet itself entirely as well, I will do that. I have other ways of spreading data if I absolutely must get my thoughts out there.

Currently this website can fit comfortably on a floppy disk. The problem is I don’t have any of those really handy and hardly anyone has a working drive for that matter. Then I have a lot of optical media sitting around, blank CDs and DVDs, but again, fewer devices are having those drives, though they still persist. Flash drives are difficult to scale up at cost, depending on the price of flash memory which varies but on a trend typically decreases per storage unit, at the moment things can still be measured in gigabytes. Failing anything digital, there’s just books. Of course it’s easier to make books with a computer and some type of printer ready. If there’s an age where everything that runs on power just ceases to work or exist, there’s just going to be handwritten languages.

Knowledge is important. Essentially you have a locked box and a key. The key is understanding how to get into that locked box and interpret the data. There are many antagonists to keep you from getting in there because they only want you to know what they want you to know so they can control you. In this time, you need to remember to keep your own thoughts your own and not what someone else wants you to think. Weird how I’m telling you this, when you think about it, but the difference here is to not just do everything I say. Feel free to defy anything or anyone you think is stupid. I follow the rules that I feel I can follow without compromising myself.