Where to go?


Something that would keep coming up is threatening to move to Canada, no matter what party you’re for, though it makes more sense for liberal parties, given the policies there at the moment. Generally, though, I’ve been looking at options to move to later on when I’m able, depending on if I can get a job or otherwise live normally there. I have options considered within and outside of the US. I’ve been looking at several factors, such as physical and political climate, the expected languages to know, how the government is run and what input the citizens have, the state of video game and Internet censorship there, crime rates relative to the population of regions, generally all things I would think of and then some, just to have a clearer picture.

I only disclose where I live to the country and general region level, so to focus on countries, I’ve thought of several. Canada, of course, is mentioned all the time, for being so close. Not many people bring up Mexico, they’re usually trying to come from Mexico to the US from what I hear, not so much the other way unless they’re running from the police. But some people might want to move to a good part of there, like with any country. Also in general any place with an English-speaking plurality at least ends up in the rankings. It seems similar to the US but different in several ways.

I’ve also looked at Switzerland. They appear to be as neutral as possible overall, not even being part of the European Union to begin with. It’s also landlocked and has mountains around, seeming generally protected except for the fact it’s surrounded by a lot of other countries. They also seem to prefer German and French, where there’s a local dialect of German and French seems to be used for law. It would definitely be more to get used to than Canada. I’m also not sure if they have a ban on violent video games, I’ve tried to find more information but the only articles I’ve found are either in French or dated as recently as 2010.

There’s also Sweden, one of the far north countries that I’ve looked into somewhat, this one is part of the EU however. There’s also the language of Swedish to learn, though it has some similarities to English in some roots. I’ve also considered Australia, though it seems to have film and video game ratings under government control and some games get through censored, plus the prices seem to be higher for any related or unrelated reason.

I still do have considerations for more domestic movement, states that I know of which seem to fit better with the way I am and would consider visiting for vacation, at least. Some of which I may have lived in previously and would go back to if cost wasn’t a factor, but it is. It really just depends on what I feel the need to do and how I’m prepared when it comes time that I have more freedom to decide.