I just have to write about how much I like ducks. They’re weird birds that swim and quack and flap really hard in order to fly. They have flipper feet so they can’t really sit on trees well but they might sit on a roof. They’re also funny when they beak at something to eat it. They also dive in their way with their tail up. There’s all sorts of colors and types of ducks, too, and they might all group together regardless. I like being able to see ducks nearby during the appropriate seasons. You have to watch out for duck crossings. And feed them correctly if you want to feed them, apparently bread isn’t the best option, more natural foods work better. They might eat peas really fast.

There are also geese, which can sometimes be considered ducks from hell with all of their beak and tongue teeth-like structures on some varieties. Mainly they’re just big. Nice enough but they get aggressive so hopefully your path isn’t blocked off by a gang of geese. Then there’s the platypus, which I’m still not sure what it is except good. A beaver duck with poison barbs somehow.