Some Show Endings


I was thinking about the Simpsons before, but my main issue with that is that it’s gone on way too long since they seem to have run out of jokes. Maybe now it’s just a show about the oncoming approach of Armageddon or something. What if it was that, for its final season?

Here’s what I’ve thought of regarding what would be its final season. Some kind of foreign invading force shows up in Springfield, they show up at the door of the Simpson house, scream at them in some language, then they fire “warning shots” at them. Homer dives to try to block it, but instead they just all hit Lisa, and then the show continues to get worse as the invading force takes over every aspect of life, and there’s not even music anymore, just background nothingness, and Homer eventually just decides to walk into the reactor core at the nuclear plant for some reason, maybe something about superpowers. They might still attempt jokes at this point. Maybe Homer says “it should have been Bart” instead of Lisa when that happens.

It turns out that he had just gone into a coma since he did block the shots, and the family is okay, but the invading force still took over Springfield. Homer decides that there’s one thing to do, and leaves for the nuclear plant. He’s too dumb to figure out how to sabotage the plant directly, so he decides to work normally, which sabotages the plant to explode, where he runs and grabs the family and they head to some other remote location before the whole town explodes. Then the animation quality degrades as they move further out and find an abandoned house to settle in, until it’s just a bunch of stick figures on paper with no animation and only one person reading lines, not even voice acting. Then they just leave the studio and it holds on a shot of the studio with the lights off for however much longer the episodes need to go on for.

I’ve also generally stopped watching South Park, but since then, I’ve also figured out endings for that show as well.

One scenario involves a single episode that gets played as many times as there are episodes in the season, but each airing is slightly different and the kids start to notice, until at the end the episode is entirely different, and it ties back into the episode where they learn Earth is a TV show, but it got stuck doing reruns, and they finally decide to cancel it for real this time because all the viewership dropped off and there’s something about the spinoff on Mars they wanted to put all their focus in.

Another scenario involves the town slowly getting replaced by more generic NPCs until it’s just the four boys left, and it was an experiment to exchange minds into synthetic bodies because the outside world was obliterated without their knowledge, because the connections to the outside were cut off and it was a last ditch effort to preserve what was left of the human race before they died off to the virus and radiation and everything else that happened all at once. Then the show becomes a really long art film with stock footage and experimental music, until the last 10 minutes where someone in a cloak walks down a long and dark hallway until they reach a plug that they unplug. Somehow, this episode would be different for every single person that watched it when the cloaked person reveals themselves and talks about why they did what they did.

There’s also Family Guy, but as much as I care, that show can just peter out in the end. Eventually maybe people can move past it. But I doubt that. Among a lot of things.