Lizard People


The conspiracy theorists who think that the government is run by lizard people, I instead now think of as backwards optimists. Sometimes I think that if things were run by lizard people, they might actually be run at least a little bit better. It just depends how much of being human is tied to actual humans. Maybe I’m just bored of humans that much.

The theorists seem to want to take down the supposed lizard rulers. I would rather install them in the first place. When it comes to species I would take over humans, and not counting robots, it often comes down to reptiles or birds. They’re pretty related, so I guess it makes sense. Birds can fly, though, for a large part, but if lizards flew, they’d likely end up as a pterodactyl or dragon. Unless all they did was glide. I pick lizards when available, like in Elder Scrolls.

One of the few times I learned something real from conspiracy theorists was that LCROSS existed. It didn’t blow up the whole moon, though. It had something to do with finding water on the moon, I think. I also remember someone was denied a high five.