Ad Placement


It’s not a new thing, but more than ever everyone wants to load more ads into things. It’s get bombarded or pay a lot for every year you want to avoid ads. Some even have ads while it’s paid for, such as Hulu or cable TV in general. YouTube people are putting ads directly inside their videos because YouTube is very unreliable with payouts while they keep adding more ads to their page which tend to contain cryptocurrency miners or are some sort of subliminal superliminal messaging.

Also some streamers will do sponsored streams where they showcase a game they got given in order to show it off or something. It’s important to not go full sellout just because they get paid. And not to deal with companies that will sue because something bad was said about the game.

There’s also phone ads. Those are getting excessively long. And they keep using falsified footage. It’s one thing to have a cutscene, it’s another to throw a crappy UI made in MS Paint over top acting like a phone will show those graphics with no problem. Phones are incredibly unregulated and it shows. As far as frequencies they use and all those technical details, sure, there’s standards, but that’s about where they stop.

Mobile ads are also really unregulated on websites made for mobile because most of the screen will be ads, unless you immediately get redirected to a virus download page because they can’t be bothered to actually test that the website works.

There’s also the case of limited commercial interruption brought to you by something. Like God of War, the new one with the dad and the boy. Of course it just happens to be on an episode where there should be commercial breaks. Or don’t make the episode. As I said before they can just have it peter out. I don’t know much about American Dad though since it’s on cable now. I think generally it was considered “better Family Guy” but no idea now.

Adblock exists, of course, and there’s definitely counters to it, but those counters get countered, and so on. I really only recommend it in general, if you like and trust a site and it won’t bombard you with CPU and bandwidth-sucking ads that play way too loudly, it’s probably okay to have adblock off there, but don’t trust blindly. And be ready to enable adblock again in case something goes terribly wrong.