I’ve thought about what it might take to move to an isolated area, and one key issue with that would be maintaining supplies. Anyone can stockpile, but that eventually runs out. Depending on how things go, one would need to continue to gather or make their own supplies, and reuse whatever’s possible.

Food is one factor. Storing ingredients can help, if they keep. Getting ingredients is another thing. Plants can be grown in the right conditions per plant, even indoors with the correct setup. If there’s usable land, use that. Meat is another thing, anyone aiming to keep meat handy needs to be able to handle slaughtering. I’m not ready for that, not yet, but I’m still definitely an omnivore.

Water is something else. Filtered and purified, possibly recycled as needed. Ideally have a source nearby and a backup supply in clean containers, as with anything.

At the moment, I’d still have a long way to go for anything isolated, but wherever I decide to settle down, I’d still like to become a bit more self-sufficient. Part of the reason was brought up because of the continued obliteration of recycling programs because everything’s just outsourced as much as possible and nobody knows how to process anything. Another part is purely cost reasons, as is the drive for pretty much everything in the current era.

I could take many things that I regularly have and find ways to just make those myself with as little store interaction as possible. Certain things like pasta or granola, though I could at least break those down by ingredient, it’d be a long while before I would be able to get the source ingredients from plant or animal, if they even were able to grow where I lived. Certain acts like buying non-perishables or at least things that go bad very slowly when stored properly could go a long way if I’m willing to put in the effort, and cooking is generally following instructions, which I’m quite capable of doing, once I know what the terms mean.