Internet Tech Cycles


I’ve realized that there’s a repeating sequence of events when it comes to things like websites or browser plugins, and might even just apply generally.

I’ve mainly noticed this happening with browser plugins, namely things such as adblockers and userstyles. It’s also happened with websites, I’m sure, and I think the track that Facebook came from is due to finish another loop if you ask me. Same goes for YouTube. And probably multiple facets of social media. Probably also Wikia, or as it calls itself now, “Fandom”. Which means it’s going to go completely fucking insane, like fandoms do. It already vomits too many autoplaying videos. It sure would be nice to have more accessible wiki software for those willing to stick with Web 2.0, meanwhile I’m fine using new web tech to build an older style site in concept. There’s no need to share everything.

Essentially, if something stops innovating, things just get worse where they are, unless they innovate too much and they get much worse. Like with games as services. Or operating systems as services. Or customer service as a service, not to the customer, but just as a service.