The “Nutboy” Incident


So apparently things are happening in Pokémon GO, but I haven’t played in a long while since it’s lost interest in my local sphere, but locally in general it’s picking up since I’ve seen packs of people looking at their phones. It’s apparently normal for people to be looking at their phone while out and about, but a sign of it being a GO thing is that there’s a group doing the exact same thing.

For whatever reason, intentional or not, this false Kecleon was showing up in the data and in the field, but catching it just turned it into a Ditto. This may have been intentional, or a weird glitch with pretty specific error handlers, but I’m betting on intentional. If it was unintended, they should keep going with the narrative that it’s intentional and roll with it.

Whoever this not Kecleon really is, I’m calling them “Nutboy” for now, partly for Korok reasons, partly because if you’ve seen this weird monster already then you probably know why. Long story short, if secrets start coming out early like this and it is unintentional, roll with it and keep people involved instead of looking incompetent. Just like with supposed leaks in previous generations where soon after an official video was released, or maybe that was just happenstance anyway with plans to release that video soon enough when whatever magazine was scanned.

However if this turns out to be a secret commercial for the successor to the Vita, since this is also a nut you can play with outside, that would just be weird.