The thing about Bowsette…


Essentially this whole thing about Bowser becoming a Peach or however the hell that works now has blown up, and I’ve seen enough to figure out what I think, aside from “the Internet is just doing a normal thing that it does”.

So, let’s say someone’s on some site that has art on it, let’s just arbitrarily name Tumblr because why not. If they’re gonna look up Pokémon there, and let’s not count the porn this time, they’re gonna encounter something called a “gijinka”. Long story short it’s some humanized form of a Pokémon, or I guess other things too, but not in the middle where it’s anthropomorphized, they make a point to make them appear very human most of the time.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of the time I encounter one of these “gijinka” people, they’re humanized to the point where it’s pretty much some anime wearing clothes maybe but also hair of some color. Generally an anime. They can get pretty creative sometimes, but I swear there’s times when I’ve encountered one that’s pretty much some incredibly skinny anime dude with no shirt and the pants are maybe down to almost the start of the crotch and maybe the hair is slightly different, so, pretty much if they didn’t tell me it was supposed to be a “gijinka”, I would have just thought, “oh, it’s that dude from that anime I haven’t seen and don’t know about”. I don’t want to be discouraging anyone from doing art, but this is just personal preference, some are just really into shirtless anime dudes who need to pull their pants up a bit. Like with swimming anime or something.

But anyway, my point here is that Bowsette in most cases appears to be either “evil Peach” or a “Bowser gijinka” and also they’ve got monster bazongas. Again, nothing against choices in character design, or large-breasted women, but there’s my thoughts. I’m not exactly into this whole thing in general. But do get creative with the idea, mix things up as you like. I’m not saying to send me porn, I can find that just fine on my own even unintentionally. It’s the Internet after all.

They do have other takes on the character, like Chompette or Boo-ette or… Shy Guy-ette? Shy Girl...ette? Again, it keeps coming down to personal preference and I just see Halloween costumes, and I don’t mean when I’m out shopping lately. Sometimes I like a character a bit closer to their original form. They also do these hyper realistic Pokémon sometimes, and that can be a bit odd to see, but still interesting in how they’d morph into real-world animals. Usually it gets pretty strange because you end up with Pikachu being some screaming yellow dyed beaver or something.