Avoiding falling for the fall sales


I’ve just decided I don’t want to be buying anything from Steam or GOG or even Humble for at least a year from now, and of course we’re right about to head into the sale season. I’ll consider it an exercise in building willpower.

Like many other PC game players, I have a giant backlog of things I don’t even know when I bought or got for free somehow or whatever, and I’d like to at least give the majority a shot. That’s a major reason right there. Another is that I’m tired of dealing with the crap they’re doing these days what with Steam not knowing what it’s doing, and neither does GOG, as far as site design and social media teams (the only thing I could find offensive from their accounts though was the blatant lack of professionalism, even for some kind of “business with attitude” account like some have), and Humble just seems way too industrial now since IGN took over and they’re pretty much a glorified Steam key seller (not reseller, they actually source the keys instead of getting them from some guy in an alley and they’re all in Russian and half are used or something to that effect). I have other ways I can give to charity, of course. And last is budget, because of course. I do need to make sure I have that all in order, especially considering I’m now active on the Switch and that was a sizeable dent even if I did get some deals.

So that’s it. If they’re giving away games for free, I might grab those, but otherwise I’m hanging on to my cash. Of course I’m also wanting to focus on older things like physical PC releases before they were all just glorified Steam keys and actually came with the game and more retro type stuff you don’t find at GameStop unless it’s online. It’s more fun to look at things in a store anyway, even if I am at a store where I can’t afford much of anything such as Best Buy.