The thing about November


Some say that February is a drag, but I maintain that November is the most depressing month of the year to me, at least from what I’ve encountered, and I think I have a few reasons why that seem to stand out.

December comes around after and feels like a bit of relief since they go ahead and make it all “magical” and whatnot, plus it’s not much longer before the end of the year. I feel that December is when all that Christmas music should start, though if you really like jumping the gun, sure, there’s Thanksgiving as the start point, but I still think the longer it goes the more grating it can get. If you do it occasionally throughout it’s not so annoying. We’re almost through another year, at least. I’m not saying to get depressed, I’m just trying to find ways to stay up in the down times as they come up so I don’t fall into a worse situation and don’t find a way to climb back up. Knowing the causes helps come up with solutions, and knowing you do have things, not necessarily “things” but just anything, to actually be thankful for, the supposed point of Thanksgiving, puts things into perspective.