When mobile games could immobilize


I’ve spent a lot of time at places just checking into phone games. It really should just be for that occasional downtime, but I’ve realized that some are becoming a lot more drawing in by constantly having something going on, and I don’t really have the time to be messing with them in the level that they’d want.

I have all sorts of things I’d like to do, such as my job, of course, as well as keep the site updated, make games, and even play full size games on consoles and PC, but the way phone games can impose these days seems a bit weird and out of what a phone game seems to be to me. Usually it’s the ones with some kind of random draw mechanic, the always troublesome loot crates and related. Seeing as those really want people to spend a lot on those random draws. Of course this stuff leaks into regular games because it sells and they just want to do what everyone else does because publishers know games make money.

So when I’m talking about these phone games, it’s not all of them being terrible. I have to say, picross seems to work very well on phones and it doesn’t take much in the app itself, just have a decent control method and don’t spam ads right in the middle of a puzzle. I’m more talking about the ones where you do something and maybe you get a reward for it but generally it’s the infinite grind. Seeing as I have a bunch of RPGs I want to get to, I’d like to spend that time having fun and making actual progress with notable characters and such. And maybe making a game with hopefully notable stuff in it too. But that’s going to be some time.

I’m just finding mobile games to be too demanding somehow. As in literal demands, ones such as “there’s this event, we’ll give you a bunch of stuff if you do it and also playing through it all will take a lot of time even in one session” and I can really only take so much of a phone game at a time. I think my phone also has its limits as it can get pretty warm after a while. With Smash on the horizon, that’s going to be a big focus. I can fit in some picross here and there no problem but big long events in phone games are going to have to be put on hold.