Web 1.9: All the tech, none of the social obsession selling


I’m taking my previous Web 1.5 idea and retooling it into Web 1.9. Essentially it’s a focus on valuable content and not selling one’s self. Most of the developed technology would stay, but there’s no numbers to brag about, and no trackers to sell rampant ad space for questionable products. How to take the web away from a few major content farms and give it back to the people so they can reshape and innovate, if there comes a time where people are given even less control over the Internet. Profiles are sites, not pages, as people can be complex. Not every idea requires a response. Some are better kept less in the spotlight so they can be refined over time. A site is one’s own domain, but of course should probably stay legal within their context.

Regarding social networks, those would have to be defocused, but can still exist. A general forum to announce things and hold discussions, but it’s not a popularity contest. It’s a feeling to want to join in, not one of missing out. Anyone interested in something can find it with a search or a share. Sharing is to help benefit others, not just the poster’s ego. Let others keep bookmarks, don’t farm likes. Arguments are generally fruitless online, and possibly there could be a structure to defuse them and have all sides learn something when common sense is forgotten.

An ability to unify the web, where filtering is primarily done for personal reasons, but otherwise most everything is connected. Private sectors are allowed for security and privacy. Other than that, there are no borders and no limits. Connect anywhere from anywhere to learn anything.