YouTube, again. Somehow it’s not dead yet.


About all the millions of things wrong with YouTube, from its business model to its business actions, from its creators to its general userbase, I’ve pretty much seen a lot of this coming at this point. Generally, something this big, like Facebook, is going to be used as a tool to eliminate rational humankind. The ease of access to everything on demand, plus complete control over the recommendation algorithm directions, essentially means whoever feels like dumping content on your screen will get it there. And they can and most likely will implant any kind of mind virus through any way possible. This means subliminal, liminal, and superliminal. There might even be other ways I haven’t even heard of that were developed in the past yet didn’t have feasible reach at the time, meant as some sort of psychological warfare tactic from the eras of World War II and the Cold War.

Effectively, whatever forces are at work, and I have a good idea of likely suspects in terms of loyalty, has a goal in mind. Part of this goal involves mob mentality. It’s something that’s easy to do online with the wide scope of communication. Essentially if it’s one against a thousand, to put it in proportion, it doesn’t matter how right the one is because everyone else is convinced that the thousand is right. Ideas are enforced into the truth through inherent evidence in whatever form, and whoever has the bigger population under that belief aims to force out anything conflicting. This is why the spread of ancient ideas long disproven by repeated scientific findings increases, because the mobs are being trained through the ease of backing up their own thoughts through any kind of search. They may also claim seniority as well as patriotism to effectively paint anyone who opposes them for any reason as a disrespectful terrorist.

The content is also influencing any little baby kid who’s been placed in front of a screen to pacify them. By letting the algorithms do the work, children can be programmed through any liminal-class means, no matter the layer, as the video sequence has been gamed. In the old times it was PBS, which has an apparent aim to teach children skills, but through YouTube, it’s another form of PBS, pure bullshit. I have examined many cases of these “kids learn skills funny keyword farming title” videos and it’s very superficial at best. They might teach colors or numbers randomly but it’s a lot of filler. Also the usual blatantly stolen assets from just about anything, unless they manually drew out their copyright violations. They’re also typically from some country notorious for bootlegs, of course. Anything could be shoved into these videos. They could be bot generated, and bot viewed, and that just leaves YouTube’s own bots to push these to the front of the garbage pile that anything worthwhile got buried in.

The social aspects of YouTube are effectively deemed worthless by other developments, between mob mentality and the gathering of criminals determined by a lack of rational sense intent on spreading chaos. I would consider stripping down YouTube to be a pure video host at this point to deter needless chaos farming. Essentially the only way YouTube can work at this point is to be just videos. It’s also the necessity for any other potential video host to survive by taking down the monstrosity’s influence over everything. Of course no other networks are immune to chaotic spread as well, as seen on Facebook and other properties. YouTube’s popularity just makes it a major focus for content intended to destroy in the long term. Its continued dismantling effectively makes it a non-viable income source for anyone who doesn’t have the right strings to pull. That’s why everyone has a Patreon these days.

Looking at what YouTube even might supposedly be, I can really only consider that in the long run, numbers are what kill things. Obsession about statistics in order to be the most subscribed or viewed and basing one’s life around that, plus the gradual increase of general users leading to mob mentality rising. Essentially, everyone is loud online, it’s just that spread makes it even louder. Following can go from interest to blind loyalty without the affected noticing. Everyone also wants money, and some are willing to kill for it, even indirectly. Whatever magic dispenser hands out the YouTube money so many people apparently crave is very much broken, and there will hardly be any ads to power that machine, leaving the gate open for anyone with a few bucks to spare to force their views onto any video before it plays. People such as those who want other people to blow all of their money on a fancy car that they’ll have to live out of until it gets repossessed, claiming it’s a smart move that billionaires do. The difference is that billionaires have the ability to buy multiple fancy cars and still survive, for the time being. Investment is how they became billionaires, most likely, unless it was just inherited or shared by some relative who did the hard work, or inherited it themselves from someone who did, unless they didn’t, et cetera.

It also becomes that the higher up someone is, they generally seem to care less, unless they manage to cross over and divert their riches into meaningful and constructive projects instead of buying another 20 houses to live in. Instead they can make affordable housing or possibly rent or sell at a reasonable rate after repairs. There’s a lot more that can be done. Fame overall, regardless of riches, is the key to a lot, such as on YouTube. With big numbers on display, those get catapulted to the top. The more who are on the top, the harder it is to be found since the top ones get top billing. And the famous think they can get away with anything. Fame and money reveal true intentions and aspects. Someone who goes insane from fame or money may have been bound to go insane later in life anyway, it just gets pushed from the pressure of everything.

Without any sort of meaningful punishment for certain acts, they effectively change the rules of a platform. YouTube doesn’t want to take down any popular channel since those bring in money, as long as ads exist. It takes significant coercing to make them budge even slightly on those. Meanwhile anyone with little influence can be cut with no issue, which is why copyright claims are very lucrative. Either some falsified or possibly real party gets all the minor ad revenue, or competition is eliminated before it makes a footprint.

For humankind to advance, it needs to move past the numbers. Social media needs to be rethought and rebuilt to refocus on a true social aspect instead of numbers and advertising. And there are a million other isues to focus on, once humankind can regain sanity, provided it is not completely overtaken by an unfocused mob mentality unsure where to focus its anger next.