General Trash


I keep thinking about ways to gradually reduce the amount of trash I generally make, finding what spends a lot of wrappers and working on eliminating that, and so on. Using things that make sense to be reused, like handkerchiefs instead of paper tissues. Trying to not use straws despite them being forced upon me since people just assume everyone wants 6 straws for an open glass. Attempting to remember to bring some utensils so I can eat cake off the floor if I just happen to find it. Although I’ll probably get handed a bunch of plastic utensils anyway. Just minor things to try to break out of the societal habit of tossing everything.

This is even going to extend to food, generally stuff that comes in wrappers individually that I have often, so I’ve gotta learn how to cook more, and hopefully have it be cost-effective as well. For whatever reason, the methods you would think would be cheaper often turn out to be more expensive, such as using recycled stuff, or cooking a certain meal for one night instead of getting it from a fast food place. If things like that were cheaper, people would do them more. Instead I guess I’ll just do whatever the hell I do and not be sure anyone else will do anything different than the usual as well.