What are popular games on Steam now?


After going through and updating all the posts to add the site icon I added since making my site, as well as fixing some weird formatting on the old Steam popularity list back from 2017, I wanted to take a look at what counts as popular on Steam at this moment and give some brief summaries.

  1. Dota 2
    This is still on here. Great. I don't know how I ended up in the middle of a Dota 2 tournament that one time. Timing I guess.
    This crap's still on here. Wonderful. This somehow won Steam Awards. I guess there wasn't a lot on Steam last year, apparently. Even though there were a lot of indie games that weren't just cheap cash-ins. Everyone left to make their own launchers.
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    This game went free-to-play finally, because I guess all the revenue was coming from knife skins now. I haven't really played though, I have other older Counter-Strike games.
  4. Grand Theft Auto V
    Somehow this is still popular. Then again Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't on PC yet. And if it does get on there, who knows if it'll be on Steam or some wonderful Rockstar Launcher.
  5. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
    Despite needing Uplay to do anything, this is popular on Steam. Some say this is a good game, I'm just not interested.
  6. Warframe
    Actually having played this a bit on Switch, I can see where the appeal comes from. It's free-to-play and pretty action-y. It can also be enjoyed in single player type modes if you want. It's also not Destiny.
  7. Football Manager 2019
    Another year, another soccer/football. Why is boring spreadsheet soccer above exciting rocket car soccer?
  8. Rocket League
    Here's exciting rocket car soccer. I don't play this as much at the moment, but it's a soccer game I like.
  9. Team Fortress 2
    This still exists. Get hats.
  10. Sid Meier's Civilization VI
    I think this is the new one. I haven't gotten into these games. They're apparently very absorbent. Or absorbing.
  11. 隐形守护者 The Invisible Guardian
    This is some kind of Chinese thing, but it doesn't exist on Steam. China is very hard to understand. Not just Chinese, but what the hell China even is at this point. I don't know a lot about foreign countries in general, but I don't think I'd want to live in China.
  12. Rust
    This game apparently used to have real penis physics. Maybe it still does somehow. If not, there's probably a mod. I'm still not interested in survival stuff like this.
  13. ARK: Survival Evolved
    Here's another survival thing. I'm also not interested in this. Even if they do have dinosaurs.
  14. Garry's Mod
    A classic in terms of doing whatever in the Source engine. There was a gamemode mod recently called Jazztronauts about stealing entire levels. It's pretty interesting.
    This game seems neat, but I don't normally get into Monster Hunter games. That said, they do have some cool monster designs in this one. However I'd rather ride them around instead of massacre entire parts of jungle and whatnot.
  16. Hearts of Iron IV
    Here's a strategy game about World War II. Sure. There have apparently been at least four of these.
  17. Sid Meier's Civilization V
    Here's a slightly older Civilization. I don't know much about this one.
  18. Euro Truck Simulator 2
    Here's a hot truck simulator. Apparently people seem to love the European side of trucking more. Maybe it's from there being more Americans having seen enough of America, or just this whole genre being a lot more popular in Europe and they like familiarity, somewhat.
  19. Dead by Daylight
    This is a game where it's a group of players fighting one super player with horror themes.
  20. Arma 3
    This is a military shoot game about super realism unless you add a mod about shrinking circles with maybe one or two zombies across the whole giant map. Or maybe just screw around in a sandbox thing.
  21. NBA 2K19
    I haven't been interested in very many sports games in general. Especially modern sports where it's all about realism and excessive DLC.
  22. World of Tanks Blitz
    A free-to-play MMO about tanks existing. It seems sketchy.
  23. Paladins
    I guess this is like Overwatch but free and not TF2.
  24. Counter-Strike
    The classic and somehow best Counter-Strike with a lot of weird janky stuff going on and probably a lot of Russian players as well. I'd at least pick this over CS:GO and that's free now.
  25. Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer
    I'm not sure what this is supposed to represent but this is probably standing in for a few mods. I'm not sure which ones.
  26. Terraria
    It's Minecraft 2D again. But it's not. This is still going, maybe. I think it might still get updates sometimes.
  27. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    I've played this through the Project Stream thing of Google. It's a modern game. It streamed all right yet used a lot of bandwidth in maintaining the video quality and speed. I haven't gotten into Assassin's Creed much anyway, but I did enjoy flying around as the bird a bunch.
  28. Total War: WARHAMMER II
    This is an RTS game about the Warhammer that's not Space Marines. I don't go for RTS games really.
  29. Ring of Elysium
    Oh great it's ANOTHER BATTLE ROYALE.
  30. The Elder Scrolls Online
    This MMO seems to work. Unlike Fallout 76 ever will. I've played a bit of this over a weekend for free.
  31. War Thunder
    It's free plane shoot game but also tanks. Not from the same tank game as before.
  32. Factorio
    Factorio for my bungholio. Some kinda complex thing about manufacturing but also shooting at bugs that spawn at pollution. I don't entirely get it.
  33. Space Engineers
    This has apparently left early access finally. I forget sometimes games leave early access. I haven't played this in a long time but apparently they have a lot of new things like planets. I should give it another look.
  34. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    The Witcher is a series I haven't gotten into at the moment. It's Geraldo Riviera fighting everything. Something about using potions right.
  35. Europa Universalis IV
    This is a strategy game about European colonies and stuff. That's about all I can figure out.
  36. Black Desert Online
    I think this game was popular because it has a weird extensive character editor. Maybe there's other reasons but I don't get into MMOs.
  37. Unturned
    This is block survival kinda thing against zombies. You can apparently buy Russia map loot boxes. Maybe this is really popular in Russia.
  38. Dawn of Man
    It's a city builder about going through the ages of mans. Just mans. They split in half to reproduce and invent wheels. This looks like the game that a bunch of mobile ads steal footage from to make it look like their own game isn't some ripoff scam.
  39. Stardew Valley
    Harvest Moon latest version not from "Natume" where they can't decide how to spell their name or to "push the start". They did try to make a new Harvest Moon but it looked like a phone bootleg. So this is the real one apparently.
  40. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
    Skyrim but now with super shaders and other stuff. I don't have this one installed because I already have regular Skyrim installed. And a mod that required another install of old Skyrim.
  41. Farming Simulator 19
    Super modern farming simulator. Farm even more HD crops. I don't really get why this is popular but I have nothing against it. I just wonder who would be willing to really work a real farm.
  42. Z1 Battle Royale
    OH GREAT ANOTHER ONE. This is apparently what happened to H1Z1 after it broke apart. Just go where the money is I guess.
  43. Fallout 4
    This game's still on here. There are cool mods on the horizon hopefully, where I'll reinstall this. I uninstalled for now so I could play some other cooler stuff since I got tired of it.
  44. SMITE
    It's another MOBA. Back when those were super persistent and everywhere, now it's battle royales.
  45. Football Manager 2018
    Spreadsheet soccer but older.
    People keep saying this is good. But it eventually requires a subscription. I might give this a try someday but not any hurry here. There are neat things to it, at least, but I still don't get into MMOs.
  47. Wallpaper Engine
    This is not a game, unless you shoved one into the wallpaper. I'm fine with pictures for wallpaper for now seeing that I don't look at my wallpaper a lot anyway.
  48. Age of Empires II: HD Edition
    Now this game is in HD form. It's a classic strategy kinda thing.
  49. Path of Exile
    Apparently this is a free-to-play Diablo kinda thing with online stuff too, complete with ball meters on the interface. Why do these games have such big balls?
  50. RimWorld
    Apparently this is like Dwarf Fortress with graphics and maybe a little less complexity. I think I'd rather try to figure out Dwarf Fortress if I do that.
  51. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    Somehow I'm not entirely sick of this yet. It's also nice that I have the Enderal mod installed to play with, which has a different take on things, but still in the same engine and sort of playstyle.
  52. Spacewar
    This doesn't seem to exist on Steam, but it somehow does. Apparently it's a weird developer test game, or a secret code for pirating everything. If this somehow hits the top of the charts then a lot of developers or publishers did something really good or bad.
    I'm still not getting into Dark Souls.
  54. Left 4 Dead 2
    This still persists. I haven't had a lot of reason to play though.
  55. Cities: Skylines
    The modern SimCity people wanted and then had to make themselves because companies innovate too much sometimes.
  56. Brawlhalla
    So it's like Smash but not Rivals of Aether, but it has the free-to-play model of rotating through a bunch of heroes every so often, which is like the League game I don't like which isn't Rocket League. But can also just buy everyone at once.
  57. 7 Days to Die
    At this point, an eternal early access zombie survival type of game. Yes, still.
  58. PAYDAY 2
    Somehow this still exists, they keep changing how they want to sell the game, and I'm never sure about the publishers. I somehow have both Payday games for free.
  59. Divinity: Original Sin 2
    This is apparently pretty good, they say like Dungeons and Dragons but a video game, but for real, but it's also a game. You can apparently be a lizard or a skeleton or a lot of other things. I'm actually kinda interested in this, and not just from the lizards and skeletons.
  60. Stellaris
    This is apparently a space strategy game that of course treats space like two dimensions.
  61. Mount & Blade: Warband
    This game exists. It's medieval warfare type stuff. I think I have a game of this series.
  62. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
    It's card games on computers. Use whatever rules Yu-Gi-Oh even has now to fight with cards and probably buy a lot of them also.
  63. Borderlands 2
    I've played a bit of this for a free weekend kind of thing. It seems to work better with other players. I'd really just like to mess with singleplayer though.
  64. Slay the Spire
    This is a game that gets played on Vinesauce a lot. It's something about cards and going up a tower I guess. Of course it's an indie roguelike sorta thing. They have neat characters like some giant whale thing and a robot.
  65. Don't Starve Together
    Survival but multiplayer. Wait, that's been done a lot. But apparently this was much requested for this game. It looks like Tim Burton if he drew stuff, maybe. So that means the main character is Johnny Depp.
  66. Conan Exiles
    I think this game still has a lot of genitals exposed. It's another survival game, but somehow related to Conan. I don't even know if Conan is in the game.
  67. Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition
    Here's a strategy game about Rome. There you go.
  68. DayZ
    This somehow still exists. There are a billion ways to play a zombie game on a giant map with about 5 zombies across the whole map. This is one. It came from ARMA II.
  69. Crusader Kings II
    I have this for some reason. I probably got it in a pack or for free. But they have a DLC expansion that adds animal kingdoms now. So if I get into this kinda strategy, there's that.
  70. Kenshi
    Some recent RPG with all kinds of possibilities it seems. Building stuff and being someone.
  71. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    I still haven't played the original Binding of Isaac I have from a pack. I don't know about getting into this one or its many remakes and expansions and such.
  72. For Honor
    This still exists. I have a copy for free that I haven't played. People seem to enjoy it though.
  73. Tom Clancy's The Division
    This game which is somehow getting a sequel about squad stuff.
  74. VRChat
    This seems interesting, but I don't have VR, however it doesn't require it. So I'm not sure when I'd get into this, but I could maybe. VR might be more immersive in the random weirdness, and probably preferred.
  75. Dying Light
    I keep forgetting this game exists, but it's still being played. It's a zombie survival with darkness making super zombies. So I guess like Dead Rising sort of. But not.
  76. Killing Floor 2
    The sequel to Killing Floor, where you don't kill floors, but weird creature monster not quite zombies.
  77. Company of Heroes 2
    I somehow have this. It's a WWII RTS. That's about it.
  78. The Forest
    A survival game that can be made more fun in co-op so everyone can become horrible cannibals together and just carry around too many body parts.
  79. World of Warships
    It's that tank game but boats now. Also seems sketchy.
  80. Elite Dangerous
    This game is about giant space doing stuff and looks pretty sketchy with how it's doing. I keep hearing things that say yes and no at the same time.
  81. ATLAS
    It's a pirate MMO from the Ark people who totally botched the launch and everything after that I guess. I'd like to see a move away from half-finished MMO type games in general. They're scoping way too big and not having appropriate time to fix things, early access or not.
  82. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
    Here's a game you don't play so much. It's an idle thing after all.
  83. Warhammer: Vermintide 2
    A game about fighting hordes of rats but it's also Warhammer somehow.
    An exploration game where it seems the greatest threats are weird plants and fall damage. Also build a bunch of space stuff.
  85. XCOM 2
    A strategy game where the previous game died so it became the bad future for this game. XCOM 3 will probably feature an even worse future from where this game dies. It will probably end up just being one person punching swarms of aliens by XCOM 9.
    I hear the remake for this is really good. Resident Evil seems to have made a lot of a comeback going to survival horror instead of really bizarre plots in an action shooter. While also having some room for wacky stuff on the side, too.
  87. The Sims(TM) 3
    The Sims (TRADEMARK) 3 is still probably the best modern Sims, and there's only 4 Sims so far. 1 and 2 have their own stuff which is good. However I've still yet to buy this mess of a how do I buy this and have enough packs but not spend a ton for stuff I don't use.
  88. Darkest Dungeon®
    Here's another super dark roguelike thing because indies.
  89. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands
    This game with at least 60 DRM layers apparently has eye tracking functionality. I'm not sure why. I guess so you can buy more things to stick into the computer.
  90. Realm Royale
    Here's YET ANOTHER battle royale again.
  91. The Isle
    So it's Ark but not I guess.
  92. Oxygen Not Included
    A base building survival kinda thing where there's also fluid dynamics regarding air and temperature and other stuff. Looks like a cartoon.
  93. Grim Dawn
    A Diablo-looking thing but it has bars instead of balls.
  94. Far Cry 5
    Somehow this is on the list but not that new spinoff sequel. That seems weird. I haven't gotten into Far Cry. I didn't even really stick with Blood Dragon for long.
  95. Kerbal Space Program
    A classic space simulation where you can also just decide to make weird rockets that are shaped nothing like rockets and mod nukes onto them for some reason.
  96. Subnautica
    This is a water survival game that also has a story to everything, and is actually pretty cool. It has a sequel of sorts in the works.
  97. Deep Rock Galactic
    Early access about space dwarves fighting everyone and mining everything. Not quite Dwarf Fortress, being an FPS and everything.
  98. American Truck Simulator
    A truck simulator, but America. They're slowly adding the western US states through DLC, but I don't know how they'll connect Washington for anyone who doesn't have Oregon, or if they're going to insist on buying multiple states to connect properly.
  99. Fallout: New Vegas
    This is still on here. It has a bunch of mods available, of course. It also involved Obsidian so it's a bit more like older Fallout while in a newer Fallout engine style. People involved with the old Fallout want to make a game like this apparently, but a different IP entirely, so hopefully that works out well.
  100. Tabletop Simulator
    You can still play a lot of board and card games online in 3D. A neat idea for sure.

Those are some brief thoughts of a list I grabbed from Steam’s daily stats and sorting by most players today. Also I seem to be getting more tired of phone games. Unrelated but it’s coming up more lately.