The worst way to make a game come out


Given how Epic is intent on buying out any game that’s going to release on Steam, and even ones that already have been out on Steam, I had a weird thought earlier today about if they had other goals in mind aside from attempting to become a monopoly. Since they’ve been attacking Valve’s service, what if their ideal outcome was to have every game ever on Epic, and when it would come to Steam only having Valve left on it, Epic would offer the biggest totally-not-bribe ever, somewhere over a billion dollars, and the intent was to come out with Episode Three finally. And not just that, but Half-Life 3.

Of course actually having that plan would require a less crazy boss ideally. Also ideally, there’d be better ways to come out with good games that don’t require tearing apart the idea of a game from fun to money, or reducing the number of platforms they can come out on in a scorched-earth manner. I could go on about having excessive DRM layers including having to log into a separate service or jamming in microtransaction currency, all for a singleplayer game at that, but that’s another subject.