Never have your life depend on a 2D printer


Printers are such antiquated technology, so much so they’re just getting around to 3D printers. 2D printers still manage to kick around though, and are often kicked around in attempts to get them to work. Basing new technology around old fashioned 2D printers is asking for trouble. It’s one thing to attach a printer to a machine, but to have it integrated just opens up a large spectrum of problems. Think again before having a core system dependent on a printer like that. Don’t trust your life, government, economy, or ideals purely to 2D printers, or particularly “new” machines that focus around them. Maybe don’t trust your government or economy either anyway, but that’s another subject. I’m just complaining about printers this time. The weird thing is they seem to work most of the time, but something breaks when it’s a critical task. Just always have a backup plan.