Undefinition by country


I can no longer say that I would truly belong to a country. Even though I hold registration, currency, and shelter in a country, I cannot say I am of that country. In this world, we typically have physical selves for some finite time, and those physical selves must be located somewhere. The physical body allows the mind to interact with the physical environment, and in return the mind must remember to maintain the body. If the world was not physical, no such body would be needed, and minds could possibly interact freely. There are metaphysical layers on the physical dimensions, however, which could begin to approach a singularity if allowed to do so. Perhaps it is some subconscious fear about losing self-identity that causes humans to push each other further apart the closer they get, and the aspects of social media have amplified this. If someone does not fully agree with you, why would you want to even be with them if you can’t fully connect?

There are arbitrary borders laid out all over in the physical world, defined by what constitutes things such as buildings, properties, and countries. The further away from one’s self these borders, the more physically non-existent they become. Governments may order barriers between countries, but this is hardly ever done out of interest of safety, rather to keep goverments in control of where people can go. But what decided these borders in the first place? It was a meeting of minds to define where the country exists in the world.

It is one thing to indicate region with a border, but enforcing these borders is generally a step beyond what is necessary. Borders should only be placed between regions if safety is truly threatened, such as a global plague or active terrorist groups, and should otherwise remain open, as they are otherwise effectively non-physical. All a border should typically do outside of emergencies is to help identify a location.

The mind can transcend imposed physical borders held within the body, including aspects of gender and attraction among others, but there is some refusal to allow physical borders outside of the body to fall overall. While I think going so far as to have houses without walls is very unlikely due to defiance of the need for shelter, and property ownership borders falling is also about as unlikely, the next step could be to defy countries. The Internet has this potential, but it is held back by business interest and controlling governments. As well, there are language barriers to cross, which is a difficult one to manage. Compromising on a single language destroys culture, so efforts to converse between languages should also take a priority. Machine translation has improved significantly to the point of being able to translate nearly real-time, but is not perfect by any means and could cause dangerous misunderstandings. Someone wishing to frequently deal with certain languages would fare better learning those themselves.

To defy government along with the countries and have this work would be difficult. Pure anarchy would not be maintainable, and people would likely gravitate toward leaders out of habit. With this in mind, humans should form groups instead of borders, with no one or many rulers. Each person is their own. These groups will only be sub-groups of larger groups, so even those not sharing all of the ideals of one group can still coexist without fighting over territory or law. The lines defined here will connect instead of divide. The largest one humans could form, as far as the planet, would just be the human species, or some other transcendental form if attained. Once that is settled, then they could extend to an even larger group, that of the galaxy, provided that life extends that far.

In this idea, regardless of any feelings for or against country policies, the country itself, the people within the country, address and citizen registration, and even mannerisims and behaviors with which I was raised, I defy my association with any country, as I can metaphysically exist anywhere I can find myself exploring or discussing. I am still currently physically located in the continent of North America, but this should never be a limiting factor of true reach. If I move my physical home elsewhere, it is only to help my mind by helping my physical self, and currently that mandates paperwork due to the countries and their governments involved. Moving to a “better country” in my idea is to continue to push borders. Without the idea of countries and their arbitrarily enforced borders holding us back, moving would be much simpler, so to choose a home on a global network as easy as it can be is only the sign of emerging ideals. If only the humans holding steadfast on the idea of forcing everything down to the physical level would cease and allow progress to happen as nature intends.