To Make A Personal Website


I continue to insist that the best way to put your thoughts and ideas out there is to have a website of your very own. Sure, a bunch of people are on social media platforms, but those are a constant cesspool of… whatever a cesspool is filled with. I’m not sure what “cess” is. Probably something similar to trash or human waste products going by context alone. Even if you’re a good being, which I hope you are, you may not have as much spread as some controversial jerkass. Regardless of how social media tends to generate ad revenue, people may just need their own space without so much pressure. No worrying about so many numbers. If you want to be concerned with page views, sure, but it’s just one number compared to dozens on a social media platform. Most importantly, it’s customizable to a varied extent, way more than what your average platform will let you do, essentially limited to an icon and maybe a custom color or description.

If you don’t know HTML or CSS or even JavaScript in some cases, there are site building templates to get started on how you might want your site to be laid out. Some hosts specialize in these, while others allow you a bit more customization with custom code. I do suggest at least giving some basic tutorials a go, as on hosts that allow it, you can extend out to some crazy potential, just please keep your site at least usable even if it is abstract as hell. I don’t want to be one to stifle creativity, but a typical corporate website tends to make terrible decisions you may want to avoid. On the other hand, feel free to clash backgrounds and text and GIFs in any way you want.

I can’t really suggest content for your website, that’s on you. Maybe you could do things you couldn’t really do very well on a social media platform in general. If you want to write things up randomly or make parody pages of some sites or just post art, that’s just a few things out of millions, at least. The general considerations for your content are the usual, minus the automated watchdogs that might destroy your account if you use certain keywords regardless of context. Instead that just comes down to if your chosen host has any terms to follow. Generally, avoid things that are incredibly illegal in most countries or are incredibly inconsiderate if you can help it. Think before uploading. If you really want to upload some questionably legal stuff in the name of “taking down the system”, well, that’s on you to handle any consequences. If you want to be an asshole or even a psychopath, which I’d prefer people not be, there are sites like that too. Those types of people are what social media tends to prefer anyway, but at least those negatively inclined who do focus on having a website instead aren’t being sold as attractions. And at the very least, it’s easier to avoid those websites because people aren’t seeming to share those around so much. It’s much easier to share posts made on those platforms, and somehow very easy to share a bunch of garbage that does nobody any favors.

If you want others to visit your website, just get the URL out there. Don’t spam it. Let your friends know, stick it on social profiles you already have, maybe hook up some mechanism to post to those accounts when your site has an update so whoever does know you on those platforms can at least be aware you have an active site. Even if it gets to the point where your social media accounts have just become update feeds for your site because you decided to keep your content on your (and possibly the host’s) terms.

My main suggestion is really just to give this personal website thing a go. Find a decent host that can meet your needs and then add your content, template or not. If you need help setting one up, reach out to someone or some kind of tutorial. Maybe look at other sites, even their code, and do things they do if they seem good. Try not to steal all the content, though, that’s what those “relatable humor” sites tend to do and there are at least thousands of those.