No Fun Allowed During The Apocalypse


There is a time to reflect on everything that went horribly wrong during humanity’s existence and it should be considered by humanity while it still somehow exists. On the other side of things, cyclical thinking means no progress is made, so those who constantly dwell on how utterly fucked humanity is will either end up fucking it up even more because they had the bright idea to run out into the future wasteland and gun down anything that moves, or just blow their own head off because nothing worth anything to them was left.

Any being needs to break routine to make progress in life. If you’ve ever experienced the feeling where you’ve worked on a problem for a while, said “fuck this” and went to do something else, then out of nowhere you get a potential solution and hope you can remember it when you do get back to the problem at hand, that’s what that is. Humanity tends to lock itself into cycles, and those have been ongoing since at least recorded history. Because of those cycles, I am also seeing if I can manage to predict when the majority of humanity dies off and the species is at threat of extinction for once. At the very least I can guess that it would be a leap year, possibly within the next couple decades if not sooner.

To keep from killing everyone you see or yourself, you should find a good hobby. That hobby should probably not be killing everyone you see because that’s just counter-intuitive. However if you really need to let out frustration by murdering entire populations in some kind of video game, it’s a start. Maybe then you could figure out your plan to eliminate society in a way that actually works by attacking the root systems and so on because you wouldn’t be acting purely with rage. Somehow even getting other people to play a game that’s hooked up to some genetic calculator thing to solve diseases is what it takes to make progress on a problem.

Any company that puts out a message of support or outright cancels their plans is just acting in a public relations fashion, because they just want to look good and know that it would be difficult to dominate the news with their new products when millions are being executed daily. However you don’t really need anything new to have fun when you need to. In fact I strongly suggest looking into older things anyway. Buy secondhand where you can to save money and resources. Support local businesses that look at people over profit when you’re wanting to go out if it’s ever possible again. The quality there is probably better anyway.