Buy Nothing On Amazon Day…s


So while everyone seems to want to stop supporting Amazon’s terrible things they do, but still buys things through Amazon relatively often, they also have this Prime Day thing where they really want people to spend a bunch of money on their subscription even more than usual. Their “free” fast shipping and arbitrary discounts on random items are their main motivator here. I already hunt for bargains and shipping has been pretty fast anyway without any extra subscription stuff. In fact shipping in general has been pretty good for things I’ve been getting elsewhere on average. Essentially trying to use the site as one of the “unwashed masses” without this premium subscription could get annoying during this day that keeps getting extended into several days. Sure, there is a trial, but remember to cancel it early if you don’t want to pay proverbially from various orifices later. Long story short, support small businesses and the like, treat couriers and workers with respect, I definitely don’t use Amazon enough to make a subscription worth it as much as it costs anyway, other remarks. I just wanted to poke fun at this corporate holiday in a way reminiscent of that thing where that one group pokes fun at the day after US Thanksgiving. Happy late Thanksgiving to the Canadians by the way.