A TV streaming thing, finally.


I’ve recently gotten Netflix here. It’s interesting, finding all the shows I was told about over the past several years, and then deciding if and when I’m going to watch them, sometimes even in what order. Of course it’s not every single show I was told about, because they’ve been scattered across several thousand other streaming services. It’s also easier to jump into shows that don’t have a required order for just quick sessions.

Two Netflix-specific things I’ve been watching are Love Death + Robots and Black Mirror. The former is a bunch of animated shorts, supposedly done in the vein of the Heavy Metal movie, but with a lot more CGI features. The order is also supposedly randomly determined for that show, and it does vary. Somehow the first episode on my list ended up being a more lighthearted post-apocalyptic scenario focusing on a few robots, and the last episode was some odd artistic statement story. Also an episode focusing on the number 13 wasn’t the 13th on the list. In the middle of that, a lot more violent and sexual shorts. I’ve noticed these Netflix shows seem to have a lot of sex, or at least the ones I was watching. I guess it’s like how people say Game of Thrones is, where people do something and then there’s full nudity. Nudity and sex to the level of I’m not even sure if TV-MA would actually officially cover this if the ratings matched those of the FCC guidelines. But maybe it does, I don’t know. Something about premium channels.

I’ve only watched a selection of Black Mirror episodes so far though. They seem to have thematic connections of mind uploading and full immersive VR magic, at least the episodes I’ve seen. Also something about society probably. Overall the shows have been weird so far, but I’ve also been catching up on We Bare Bears since I’ve been meaning to. I’ve noticed that the rating for that show simply says “fear”. Just fear. Maybe the scariest content rating I’ve seen, indescribable fear. At least on the mature shows it lays out sex and violence and smoking.

I have other shows on the list to check out, but of course in between me being busy with a bunch of other things. It’s mostly animated things I have bookmarked. At least the Xbone is pretty good with Netflix too, while I’m also busy looking at Game Pass for a few months from the introductory price. That whole sort of thing there, subscriptions being the new way to sell things. I see it more as a way to try out a bunch of games I wasn’t likely to get around to soon otherwise. Also a nice bonus to have it come with Gold as well, so I can at least keep a few older games from it. Not any native Xbone titles though, it seems, those claimed through Gold need a current subscription to play them. Classics, though, I’m all for. All I need to do is watch the bandwidth given that there’s a few giant games I might want to look at. Even if it’s super brief. I only wish the streaming games worked on the console or PC as well, because it would be possible to save a bit of bandwidth doing it that way with a wired connection, but more for the really big ones.

However, when it comes to buying games, I still tend to do that. During sales. Like the one now. There’s usually a sale somewhere.