I was kinda right about the emotes…?


A month back I mentioned something about shifting emotes from real people photos to those more of characters or caricatures or even just animals. The latest development in the saga of trying to replace an emote defined by some terrible person who was really only notable for a face they made one time, so I’ve heard, is… slightly interesting. Twitch had these random animal faces for… whatever reason they decided, could have been Old Spice related because there’s also this frog that I think showed up for that. However, this one image of a Komodo dragon making some kind of excited-looking open mouth expression I guess stood out enough to be the next attempt at a replacement after the previous attempt to just have it be a random cycle through more streamers I don’t recognize backfired horribly, because Twitch. I only remember one of them being some kind of cartoon cat that wasn’t quite Garfield, otherwise it was just random people I never heard of.

Currently, it looks like they have the open-mouthed lizard not only in the new place of the ever-changing emote, but also in its original place under its original code. And somehow the images are slightly different. Very slightly, but it’s noticeable at high resolution. I’m not sure why the slight change. But the big thing here is now there’s another lizard instead of a person. I’m not taking this as proof of the Reptilians revealing their true form. I’m more taking it as a sign that maybe I was on to something. No, not a conspiracy. I mean my feelings of not just having random people I don’t know as emotes, rather sticking to either typical emoticons, characters, or animals. And just how I’d do things myself if I was setting up emotes for my own kind of chat on my own kind of site. I’d have an actual mythical creature of a kappa for one thing, and ALF for another. Because he’s back in a certain format. Weird Simpsons references are a thing sometimes. I’ve really mostly used some kind of pink blob, fish, and bees.

In any case, though, I still don’t expect to take streaming super seriously. Still no plans to monetize, but I am looking into some ideas for future streams, possibly as pseudo-commentary on streaming, taking considerations for the robot and what things do. I’ve seen things happen with streamers over the past year or so. Not always bad things, but interesting developments. One I see on occasion seems to have become a furry VR Vtuber in the space of a time. Seeing as I’ve been pursuing this robot thing lately, and I’ve been spending weekend nights in VRChat, I guess we’ll see where that goes. I have played Grand Theft Auto V a bit since I was somehow able to play it after getting a secondhand Xbone. No, I didn’t repeat that line.