On the Precipice of E3 Once Again


I have been quite busy since the last writing on here, with work being especially packed and my methods of decompressing being time spent watching random things on streaming services and occasionally broadcast TV as well as a number of nights doing whatever it is I do in VR. I have to also set aside time to consider robots, of course. I haven’t had much time to coherently produce my thoughts into written form, but I do want to get something in before the chaos of the return of the E3 block.

In the midst of a supposed transition to supposed normalcy, I’ve been getting caught up on things like typical physical organic maintenance checks following the double-shot of science against an ongoing plague. I’m feeling just a bit more confident to go into stores once again while still taking whatever precautions I was before. And on top of that, workplaces really like having people in the office from what I can tell, but I’m going to hold onto whatever flexibility I can in the process as far as working from home while still taking the usual precautions in the office. I feel paranoid yet as if I’m acting reasonably. That feels somewhat normal for me.

E3 this year is a digital thing, and I wouldn’t reasonably suspect that they’d try again for anything in-person for about 5 years out, but you never know with big business. And of course, their attempt at setting up a virtual conference convention experience is going terribly because for an organization deep in the tech industry, they have no idea what they’re doing and I’m sure it’s mostly suits trying to point the way once again. Really, they could have just had someone throw together a 3D virtual world with video players in about a week and it likely would have turned out better. Devolver did something like that once because of course they did. My plan as usual is to just watch whatever streams I can and see if I can find anything worth looking forward to.

Am I looking forward to anything? Pretty much nothing other than seeing any possible awkwardness in the presentations. I have ideas for things that would be neat to see if they end up going well, but I just tend to keep expectations low, also given that several publishers have stated up front that they’re not showing anything from expected next installments of major series. With how the cryptomafias have a stranglehold on any new hardware, trying to push any next-gen exclusive stuff right now is going to fall flat if it’s due anytime soon. I still feel lucky on getting the PC together that I did, and it should still run recent things for the time being if I’m wanting to play new PC games close to release, which is either very rare or something related to Game Pass as long as I have that active.

Aside from that, I really just want to do my own stuff more. Trying to keep the hang of 3D modeling as I work on a robot or something else, and maybe put together a game with some of my things. I have a lot of ideas I’d just need to make usable. As well as game ideas, I have been going back and forth on a VTuber sort of thing if I wanted to do any streams or video production once again, if I felt like having some visual representation of myself show up on the content. The avenues are there if I choose to travel them for the hell of it.