Miss Universe But It’s Just A Selection Of Earth Countries


I forget beauty pageants are a thing until I’m reminded of their existence. I don’t obsess over that, just being some guy, even though I by nature have some kind of appearance preference, but I consider it pretty flexible and it’s heavily weighted by personality. I’m not just saying that, I actually have found people uglier if they’re jerks. It’s also certainly not adhered to the typical societal standards, and it even extends well beyond human life. While there’s plenty to say about beauty standards and what they do to societies, my main thing about something called Miss Universe is that it only covers Earth and not any other galaxies or systems or even planets. And sure, Miss Earth, Miss International, and Miss World were already taken because there’s multiple of these also. There’s other regional definitions available.

The example in Futurama is a base example of how I’d figure an event called Miss Universe would go, outside of giant atoms being stolen and whatnot because ideally the ceremonies go smoothly on a typical year, however that gets defined across many planets. It takes all types, of species even. The current Earth-bound events are at least opening up to transgender contestants, a welcome change that several other gender-specified things could learn about more. Sports are still weird to me on many counts on top of that. Especially eSports in general. Honestly I’m more likely to recognize a name from traditional sports than eSports, and I barely follow either. The most I might know about eSports is there’s someone named SonicFox who is way better at fighting games than I am with a strangely similar handle.

I just wonder when they’ll start holding more officiated Miss Metaverse things because that’s a thing more recently. Given that whole avatar singing competition the Fox network was showing, regardless of however that did, I just wonder what standards they’ll uphold for a supposed virtual beauty pageant. Also given the typical format of avatar used for that very singing competition, if we could end up with not-quite-humanoids such as invertebrates or robots being able to show up, or if it’s another case of a Futurama episode holding a more ideal example of reach for a while longer. Though I do wonder how they’d organize “regional” concepts in a sort of planet-wide network thingy, if they wanted to do the thing where the big pageant has the winners from others. Different servers? Home apps? The metaverse idea they have now is still far from being ideal. Also I’m not sure that it’d make sense to have any prizes distributed through the blockchain. Possibly in theory, maybe not as ideal in practice.