I care so little about Twitter, I don’t even want to bother logging in to delete my account if I felt like doing that.


I’ve been pretty busy with a bunch of things. One of which was a trip abroad, and that worked out pretty well and was quite fun. Nice to properly get out of the house for something other than groceries or meeting some kind of doctor and so on. I’ve been finding games I want to play either already in my collection or new things. And of course work. Haven’t had much drive to update the site with posts while I’m busy with so many other things, but I still have things I want to get out there. I also want to update the front page a bit with some new links or things I’ve been gradually putting together.

So of course some extended rodent who has more money than most families will ever have over their whole life decided he wanted to buy the whole Twitter. To be honest, I don’t like the idea of him running Twitter, but I also don’t like the idea of the current people running Twitter either. I also just don’t really like Twitter anymore, as I’ve said on here at least a dozen times, I’d guess. I’m not even actively on there. The last remnant of what I have on there is the account I’ve just left to report any updates I put in certain RSS feeds. Perhaps that’s how you found this post if you’re following that account in any capacity.

Regardless, I just don’t really care about Twitter anymore either. I’ve pretty much moved past it. Of course in circles random tweets get shared and whatnot. I’m not avoiding it to the point like I’m some kind of indoor-dwelling vampire who can’t even be near the nuclear sun blast of social media. I just don’t go directly on there to click shares or post things. A script handles the in-between from my site and such to the wall of random junk.

I’ve thought of just closing up completely there and deleting the account, if it’s still there and if they even still let you do that, but that’s another step. I’ve practically already abandoned the site and haven’t logged in since February two years back that I can recall. Unless there was just some clarification added on how I’m not there on the profile but that was it. I’m just no longer touching it now.

Other people have moved on, perhaps to other social networks, and either by choice or forcibly, given that auto moderation is pretty broken. I’ve apparently chosen to just exist in a few chats and a VR social app thing in addition to my site and whatever I get up to in games. That’s just what I do now. Given how much work can take out of me some days, glad to not have to deal with doomscrolling being as easily accessible.

Also, there’s still that whole thing about Microsoft buying ActiBlizzard and if that’s going to go through and what’s going to happen to the suits who run the place badly as it currently stands. Probably nothing bad unfortunately. I also wonder if they’re going to try to buy Ubisoft next or if that whole thing about Vivendi is coming back up.

Then I saw a headline for a “gaming” “article” that was so godawful that I was thinking to actually file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if that’s even possible. Not on Twitter of course, it was some other thing. Also the story was just about fart nuts skins so that’s literally just an ad. Then I started wondering how many “gaming” “news” sites I could report through that but I don’t even know if they have headquarters. Also they’re probably under at least six layers of conglomeration. This is why I try to find out about games through people and not whoever’s being told to do a weird press release. Authentic people with actual experience with the thing giving knowledgeable opinions about it, not like “wow this sure is cool be sure to sign up the store with my code so I get money” and they’ve barely even played the thing if at all.