Whatever the flag, whatever the reason.


It’s July, which means companies can finally stop acting like they care about people with rainbows for another year. Also somehow more aggressive than usual United States patriotism. Yet today is Canada Day.

When it comes to pride, it’s not just a month, it’s an all the time thing. I’d like to see a company with the proverbial balls to actually incorporate the rainbow version of their logo permanently and not go back on their words with funding or promoting actively antagonizing sources while doing so. They could even go as far as having any number of pride flags on the flagpoles of their headquarters or branches or whatever other properties companies have. They just also have to have meaningful actions behind their displays or it’s a hollow gesture. I say Pride Month is any and every month you want, just like Halloween is whenever you want and you could even have it be all year.

When it comes to flags overall, I’m not one to really fly one for any country, though. I’m fairly against governments in general, not just particularly bad actors, and I’m sure nationalism has caused more harm than good with all the wars made for establishing a country’s supposed superiority versus whatever motivation there was for the space race. I’m not sure where the Olympics go on this scale, where the idea of games to bring the world together is a good idea but could involve sore losers and sore winners as well as the IOC acting like an inherently corrupt government itself, though not a concept foreign to sports in general. Also the whole performance enhancement cheating potential, also found in other sports.

Flag burning and other desecration is an option of protest, though it’s not specifically legal in many countries, but protesters may not care about legality of that anyway as it’s the point of their message to get across, maybe regarding the illegality of something else. In the United States it’s currently legal unless the Supreme Court throws that out by the looks of how that’s set up, and in that case it would fall into the area where some states may outlaw it unless another action is taken at the federal level, however the hell a government is supposed to work. I still don’t really understand it either aside from how it’s complicated on purpose. In any case, depending on how heated things are, as they seem to be increasingly so, protesters may just turn to burning down buildings instead and skip over the flag thing.

Long story short, whoever gets a day off for a nation-celebrating holiday at least gets it as a day off, they don’t have to do anything promoting the idea of the nation, depending on the nation’s allowance of that. I say, if you have the freedom, take it. I plan to do nothing specifically celebrating the country. I haven’t even done any fireworks in years and that’s also helped save money. It’s mainly just going to be a day where I do whatever and then have to go to bed late because the neighbors keep doing things into the night. I wonder if the neighbors being loud doing their things with fireworks permits someone to do a loud counter-thing, such as playing loud music. One might think that’s an idea. I also wonder if using US flag napkins at the barbecue is a violation of flag code, maybe depending on how they’re printed and how accurately so, though reception to them seems largely patriotic according to reviews I find online.