Picking back up.


Whenever I get involved in something else for a while, I’ll forget what I was doing before, and it takes me a weirdly long time to get back into what I was doing prior. Even though usually it’s some version of playing video games most of the time. And I’m often sidetracked by things. Including other video games. Especially other games. Then there’s the whole thing about going back to specific games where it’s been long enough it’s hard to remember what all the buttons or functions do exactly. Some games just always leave the instructions on the screen because they change context so frequently. Others it’s just meant to be second nature, and it might be that way if playing a number of similar games with similar controls, like first-person shooters or side-scrolling platformers. Also maybe the previous story beats were forgotten over time, though I usually tend to remember the last major thing I did in a game as well after looking at it. I have a weirdly selective memory when it comes to these kinds of things. After coming back to a game, I usually don’t want to restart either because I either still remember the intro fairly well and don’t want to go over something I already generally know, or I’m far enough in that getting back to that point fresh would take quite a long time, and I’m already busy with other games and things that aren’t games, either.

This is also about art. I sometimes draw for fun, but haven’t done much of it in some time. I was meaning to get back into Art Fight this year but this month was such a pain in the ass in a number of ways that I didn’t. So hopefully I’m in it for next year provided society doesn’t completely collapse by then and I end up becoming someone who murders other people for fun and supplies if it went that far. In the process of things I’m looking into a new art tablet, one with a screen this time since I’ve been using a screen-less one since my old DeviantArt days that long since passed, and I’ve discussed the potential with a few people so I at least have some sense of what to look for, but now the connectors are all different so I need different adapters and things because I guess USB-C is now standard, to the point where all of Europe apparently wants everything to have it by law, yet my computers don’t have it. And there’s also this thing where USB-C can do literally everything you can do with a cable so to replace it you end up needing three cables, two for USB and one for video, and apparently one of the USB is just for power which I would hope could come from the computer but if not then I’ve also gotta stick a plug on it as well. Just a bit annoying but it’ll be worth it when I finally pick one out and can get it hooked up with all the adapters on adapters I’m looking at. For some reason modern graphics cards, at least the ones I’ve gotten recently, only seem to have one HDMI and the rest is DisplayPort, which can be converted to HDMI but I guess is the new standard somehow as both PC VR kits I’ve gotten plug into that. I can only guess those ultra 4K mega wide monitors also use those.