So I decided to make a Cohost page anyway.


After being asked about making a Cohost account some time ago, I thought it over and decided I might as well reserve a spot on there before it gets even busier. Of course I managed to get my usual handle on there as well and was eventually allowed to post. It turns out that CSS is a thing you can add to posts on there, and I can only hope they keep that feature around and some people don’t screw it up for everyone.

After staying away from social media for so long, it seems weird to make posts on something. I’ve written these pages on my site for a while now with my thoughts about whatever while most others just dump that on a site that begins with T or maybe an F. For now I’m probably sticking with these sorts of pages on my site for the most part, but if I feel like dumping out some weird meme that doesn’t quite fit in the usual places then maybe I’ll make a post. Or whatever the occasion really calls for. All I’m fairly sure of is that in a couple years I’m probably spending a good part of the first bit of that November away from nearly everything for my own sake and sanity, but I’d still want to be reachable in case someone needs help from me specifically, just not occupying myself staring at the everything going on that I’m not really able to affect.

The question here is that if social media can actually work at a large scale without corporate interference. Servers take power and parts to run, which cost money, and that has to come from somewhere. Even if the power part can end up being self-contained through some localized system using solar and wind for example, that still takes something to set up. Cohost does have a subscription plan for support, and it’s less per month than whatever Twitter Blue is trying to sell, plus has the added bonus of not just throwing money at a corporation that already has enough money. In fact it’s pretty comparable to the Neocities support plan, though as that’s a web hosting service, they’ve got a bit more going for it at the moment. I don’t know if Cohost is offering some kind of arbitrary checkmark like Neocities is now, if that’s still a selling point. Apparently it is on Twitter, because people are definitely willing to spend money on a joke so that “official Nintendo” can swear a lot or whatever it is. It’ll be really “funny” in a couple years when someone claims they’re the “official God” account and orders everyone to summon Satan or whatever the equivalent act will be, and it somehow works.

In any case, I’m really just here and doing whatever it is I do. And that’s about what I want to do. I try to find something fun to do every day and enjoy things overall at least in the face of the potential that things could go horribly wrong at any moment. If I get the opportunity to travel somewhere then I’d like to take it whenever I can. Visiting more places outside of my usual scope has been a long-running desire of mine and the sooner I can act on it the better.